Ingredient Round Up: June 2015

June 22, 2015
Add some functional, sweet and savory ingredients to your products with our monthly product round-up.

Sour is the new sweet is the new red

Between market research that shows consumers turning from sweet to tart flavors and the fact that snacking occasions are on the rise, tart cherries are a key ingredient for both semi-sweet and savory products. Consumers also are looking for naturally functional foods or foods that have inherent benefits versus those that are heavily fortified. Montmorency tart cherries (also called sour cherries) are available in dried, frozen and canned forms, in addition to juice and juice concentrate. They're packed with anthocyanins, which have been shown to help exercise recovery, sleep, heart disease, arthritis and gout, and pair well with numerous other ingredients and flavors.

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Cherry Marketing Institute; Dewitt, Mich.

Rice-based bulking agent adds nutrition

Proryza Platinum is a new, rice-based nutritional bulking agent, an addition to the vendor's Proryza line of natural and ecologically sustainable plant protein ingredients, which have a balanced composition of proteins, complex carbohydrates and heart-healthy oils. Proryza Platinum is rich in micronutrients such as gamma oryzanol and tocotrienols and adds nutritional value at a competitive price. In addition, it adds pre-biotic dietary fiber to any formula. It's suitable for formulating into protein shakes.

RiceBran Technologies; Scottsdale, Ariz.

Tamarind seed hydrocolloid debuts

Glyloid, a tamarind seed gum, was just introduced to the U.S. market. This hydrocolloid was designed to enhance mouthfeel, viscosity and pour in dressings, sauces and beverages as well as to improve mouthfeel, ice crystal size, stability and shape retention in frozen desserts. The U.S. supplier represents DSP Gokyo, the Japanese developer of this ingredient, which was launched in Japan 50 years ago. Glyloid received FDA GRAS status in 2014. The functional ingredient works well on its own or in conjunction with other hydrocolloids to provide far-reaching benefits.

Socius Ingredients; Evanston, Ill.

Pea protein

The company’s pea protein can be added to a variety of functional foods and beverage, including fruit juices, smoothies, energy bars, confectionary, salad dressing, soups, stews and waffle and pancake mixes. Made from whole dried peas, the protein is 80 percent organic, gluten-free and lactose-free, making it ideal for vegetarians and vegans in need of a quality plant-based protein. Pea protein provides nine essential amino acids and lysine, which helps keep the immune system in shape and plays a vital role in collagen formation necessary for healthy skin and bones.

NP Nutra; Gardena, Calif.

Low-toxicity antimicrobial

The CytoGuard line of antimicrobial products has been shown to achieve a 4 log reduction (or 99.99 percent) in reducing pathogens, including salmonella. It reduces pathogens while itself having a low toxicity profile. The antimicrobial properties of CytoGuard are derived from its action to cause disruption or instability of the plasma membrane lipid bilayer of the microorganisms, altering the metabolic process and detaining the cellular cycle. The clear, flavorless liquid is a clean label solution that is effective not only against salmonella and listeria but campylobacter, E. coli, yeast, molds and lactobacillus. And it's especially timely in light of the recent USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service proposals to reduce salmonella and campylobacter in chicken and turkey products.

A&B Ingredients; Fairfield, N.J.

Freeze-dried summer berries

Use summer berries year-round with the company’s freeze-dried blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and boysenberry ingredients in various dices, slices, powders and granules, depending on the product. When piece identity is unimportant, a drum-dried blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or blackberry may be used, and are available in flake or powder forms. Many of the company’s freeze- and drum-dried products are offered organic or conventional, while all are certified Kosher. The summer berry ingredients offer a longer shelf life and easy handling and storage, making them ideal for trail mixes, baked goods and frozen desserts in addition to flavoring shakes, ice creams, yogurts, cocktails or in nutritional supplements.

Van Drunen Farms; Momence, Ill.

Cheese starches

The company’s line of non-GMO starches are said to help optimize costs and improve functionality of imitation, processed and analogue cheese. The Precisa 600 series reduces the use of dairy proteins, helping manufacturers save 15 to 25 percent of overall formulation costs while achieving desired melt, stretch and shred properties. The starches also address other needs, including viscosity control, elasticity and spreadability, optimized firmness for shredding, a slower or faster gelling rate and improved melting and emulsification, making it ideal for pizza cheese, block cheese and cheese sauces.

Ingredion; Westchester, Ill.

Hemp protein powder

Add nutty taste to functional foods and beverage applications, including shakes, smoothies, nutritional blends, baked and prepared foods and salad dressings, with hemp protein powder. It’s 45 percent organic. Hemp seeds are a good source of high-quality protein and other vital nutrients including 21 known amino acids, essential fatty acids, omega-6, omega-3 and both soluble and non-soluble dietary fiber.

NP Nutra; Gardena, Calif.

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