Ingredient Round-Up: March 2015

March 12, 2015
Add flavors and functionality to your formulations with this month's ingredient round-up.

Tart cherries are trending

With snack consumption on the rise and sour flavors trending up, tart cherries are a stand-out superfruit in the snack aisle. Snack makers are clamoring to create healthier options and have discovered tart cherries can help deliver on both taste and nutrition. Montmorency tart cherries, the most popular variety grown in the U.S., are packed with anthocyanins - natural compounds that provide the ruby-red color, distinctive tart taste and potential health benefits. Tart cherries have been the focus of numerous scientific studies, including research on exercise recovery, sleep, heart disease, arthritis and gout. Luckily, these super fruits are available year-round in dried, juice, frozen and concentrate forms.

Cherry Marketing Institute; Lansing, Mich.


Non-GMO emulsifiers

An addition to the company's non-GMO emulsifier portfolio, Emplex Non GMO emulsifier delivers functionality while also being suitable for use in non-GMO formulations. The product can be used in applications ranging from yeast-leavened bakery products to chewing gum, pancakes to pastas, and powdered beverage mixes to dehydrated potatoes. The product is said to be ideal in baked goods, where it improves dough tolerance through the manufacturing process and improves bread characteristics like loaf volume and crumb softness in baked goods.

Corbion; Lenexa, Kan.


Dried and frozen kale

Easily add nutrition, color and stay inline with trends with dried and frozen kale. Rich in vitamins A, C and B6 plus fiber, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, kale is now found in pureed baby foods, stews and soups, green drinks, nutritional supplements and crunchy veggie chips. The company’s Freeze-dried Kale is available in diced and powder forms and IQF Kale is conveniently available as coarse cut and fine cut, and has multiple pack size options. Kale ingredients also are offered as conventional or USDA Certified Organic.

Van Drunen Farms; Momence; Ill.


Vegan proteins

Derived from ancient grains flax and chia, the company’s HarvestPro range of plant-based ingredients includes protein crisps and protein powders, which can be incorporated into a wide range of applications, including beverages, bars, baked goods and gluten-free foods. The portfolio includes a quinoa/chia/sorghum crisp, a chia/amaranth crisp and an organic quinoa/flax crisp, which can enhance the flavor, texture and nutritional profile of bars, clusters and cereals. In addition, the product enables on-pack labeling of ancient grains, tapping into the increasingly popular trend.

Glanbia Nutritionals; Fitchburg, Wis.


Butter flavor collection

The Butter Dish flavor collection provides flavors and textures of full-fat butters with its Brown Butter, Butter in My Coffee, Nut Butter, Savory Butter, and Strawberry Butter flavors. Available in several formulations, these flavors can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications. Grass-fed butter is en vogue as a result of the Bulletproof Coffee trend while the vegan lifestyle and dietary restrictions are making nut butters popular. According to the American Butter Institute, Americans have been increasing their butter intake, and consumption reached 5.6 pounds a year in 2012 versus 4.1 pounds in 1997.

Comax Flavors; Melville, N.Y.


Non-GMO frying oil

Sustain is a new, non-GMO, zero trans fat, high-performance premium sunflower frying oil. It's a blend of mid-oleic and high-oleic sunflower oil, and hits the triad of key targets for oils: satisfying consumer health concerns, surpassing restaurant performance requirements and meeting industry sustainability goals. It has an extended fry life, a light and clean flavor that lets the true flavor of the food come through, and little to no polymerization, which means minimal gumming for easy fryer clean up.

Stratas Foods LLC; Memphis, Tenn.


Quick Salmonella results

InSite Salmonella is the newest addition to a line of rapid microorganism tests. This rapid and convenient colorimetric Salmonella species test for environmental surfaces is a self-contained, ready-to-use swab test that contains a specialized liquid medium which changes color when Salmonella species are present in the sample. A color change from purple to bright yellow indicates presence, with positive results in as early as 24 hours from sample collection. The all-in-one test device eliminates the need for sample preparation materials, saving material and labor costs. Other environmental Salmonella species test kits require several complicated steps including measurement and mixing of media, sample enrichment, and transfer of enriched sample to the test device.

Hygiena; Camarillo, Calif.


Aromatic Yeasts for Baking

Bakers that want to stand out from the crowd and offer more savory products now have new options: Natural aromatic Florapan yeasts produce a generous bouquet of fruit and floral aromas. With limited fermentation activity, they are perfect for pizza dough and bakery products with unique flavor profiles.Florapan is a range of aromatic yeasts, producing such aromatic compounds as ethyl hexanoate (apple, banana), ethyl octanoate (pineapple, pear) and ethyl decanoate (hazelnut, floral) which are also found in wine. According to company analysis, significant amounts of these esters are present in sourdoughs fermented for 24 hours with the aromatic yeasts.

Lallemand Baking Solutions; Toulouse, France

33 (0) 562 745 568;

Alternative to chemically modified starch

ViStarch is a line of starch and hydrocolloid combinations that offers food & beverage manufacturers a range of exciting textures, this latest offering is produced using a unique and entirely physically based process. It brings all the benefits of modified starches without the chemical processing, thus staying on-trend with the market’s move to cleaner labeling. Thanks to the combined starch and hydrocolloid synergistic impact on viscosity, ViStarch also dramatically reduces requirements for other texturizing or thickening agents.

Galam; Menashe, Israel


Liquid stevia

While stevia, which is made from the leaves of a plant, is a pleasant-tasting, natural choice, it is not easy to drop into beverages and other water-based applications. SteviaSweet 95-60 Liquid Stevia addresses this challenge. Produced by water extraction, a method that provides the cleanest flavor because it is free from residue and chemical solvents, SteviaSweet 95-60 Liquid Stevia is water-soluble at temperatures above freezing and heat-stable to 200°C. Designed specifically for beverages, marinades, dressings, soups and other water-based application formulations, the liquid sweetener dissolves into processing immediately and offers the same consistency time after time. It's made of a proprietary blend of steviol glycosides (95 percent stevioside and 60 percent rebaudioside A, hence the name) and has 25 times the sweetening power of sucrose. It pairs well with fruit juices, lemonade, colas, root beers and ginger ales.

Steviva Ingredients; Portland, Ore.


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