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New Ingredient Products: September 2023

Sept. 18, 2023
Citrus fiber from Ingredion, floral ingredients from MartinBauer, dairy alternatives from DSM, SALP from Innophos, plant-based taco mix from Kansas Protein, ice cream stabilizer from IFF, casein isolate from Arla.

New RTD concepts

Lacprodan MicelPure, a micellar casein isolate, creates beverages with high protein and calcium content for RTD consumption. Produced using gentle membrane filtration technology, the benefits of this ingredient includes a mild milky taste and low viscosity throughout a product’s shelf life as well as outstanding heat stability during production, unlocking a range of processing, packaging and flavor options.
Arla Foods Ingredients; Basking Ridge, N.J.

Upcycled citrus fiber

Made from upcycled ingredients, Fibertex CF citrus fibers enable you to develop cleaner, more cost-efficient products with consumer-preferred labels. Whether you’re formulating in bakery & snacks or dressings & sauces or processed meats, this fiber maximizes the functionality that nature provides. Its clean and simple ingredients address the clean label trend; as an upcycled ingredient, it uses more of the original food product; and it maximizes functionality. These fibers improve texture, replace fat, provide cost-in-use benefits and replace non-consumer-preferred ingredients.
Ingredion; Westchester, Ill.

Floral ingredients for drinks

Floral ingredients enhance beverage applications by providing exceptional flavor, functionality and fragrance. 10 floral ingredients – including "like" chamomile, elderflower, lavender, hibiscus and orange blossom – are available in various product forms, including infusions, concentrates, extracts, powders and fine/specialty/coarse cuts. This allows the ingredients to be tailored to the application.
MartinBauer; Secaucus, N.J.

Fermented dairy alternatives

Plant Power Toolkit is a functional ingredients toolkit for plant-based fermented products such as yogurt alternatives. The toolkit includes four new specifically designed starter cultures and five ready-to-use consumer concepts that showcase how the toolkit can be used to develop new plant-based fermented products across a variety of products.
DSM Nutritional Products; Parsippany, N.J.

New solution to baking

Levair Select, a non-aluminum-based alternative to traditional sodium aluminum phosphate (SALP) provides bakers with a calcium-based product to meet the preferences of consumers and retailers seeking cleaner labels.
Innophos; Cranbury, N.J.

Plant based taco mix

Imagic plant based taco mix is flavored ready-to-eat textured vegetable protein made from soy flour which has been formulated to resemble cooked taco meat in flavor, aroma, texture and color. It is shelf stable and suited for a wide range of applications and food systems such as tacos, casseroles, salads and dips. The unique structure of this product enables it to hydrate and retain moisture in rigorous processing and cooking environments.
Kansas Protein Foods; Hutchinson, Kan.

Affordability and sustainability in ice creams

Cremodan Greenpro 101 modulator enhanced system is designed for ice cream manufacturers that seek to maintain the quality of their products while reducing cost and carbon footprint. This product combines an ice cream stabilizer system for optimum creaminess, mouthfeel and melting properties with an innovative flavor-modulating technology in one synergistic blend. Designed for swift recipe reformulation and ease of use, the new system allows manufacturers to reduce the milk solids and fat content of ice cream without impacting its perceived indulgent quality.
IFF; New York

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