New Ingredients: November 2023

Nov. 17, 2023
Hydrolyzed whey protein from Hilmar; cherry extracts from Artemis; barley flour from Beneo; tapioca syrup from Ciranda; potato protein from Avebe; stevia from Icon.

Keep nutrition bars soft

PROtelyze Extend is a high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate (WPI) intended for nutrition bars. It boosts protein content while ensuring a desirable texture throughout shelf life. Many protein bars harden on the shelf because proteins pick up moisture over time. This product provides a boost in protein content and keeps the bar soft for a longer period of time. And the bland flavor does not affect the bar’s sensory attributes. Formulators may be able to use less PROtelyze Extend combined with a less expensive WPI to achieve the same results with lower costs.
Hilmar Ingredients; Hilmar, Calif.
209-667-6076; www.hilmar.com/proteins


Cherry extract for sport recovery

CherryCraft is a line of tart cherry extracts crafted to offer a range of standardized polyphenol levels, offering food and beverage processors customizable formulas to harness the health benefits associated with cherry polyphenols. Tart cherry polyphenols provide support in sports recovery. Unlike simple cherry powders, which may vary in polyphenol content from batch to batch, CherryCraft is produced using a membrane extraction process that ensures consistency and potency. These extracts can deliver guaranteed polyphenol levels from 1% to 14%.
Artemis International; Fort Wayne, Ind.


Beta-glucans for heart health

Orafti β-Fit, a natural and clean label, whole-grain barley flour with 20% beta-glucans, offers positive impacts on heart health and blood sugar management. Produced in the U.S. with the use of the entire kernel, there is no waste in production and a 100% valorization of raw material, with no water resources needed. It offers additional value for manufacturers and consumers alike and can be used in a wide range of applications including baked goods, pasta, cereals and meal replacements. It can also positively impact texture by increasing viscosity, such as in dairy alternatives.
Beneo; Parsippany, N.J.
973-867-2140; www.beneo.com

Tapioca syrup replaces sugar

Tapioca Syrup RS18 is a clear, mildly viscous syrup produced from tapioca starch using non-GMO enzymes. It has a sweetness similar to the supplier’s tapioca syrup DE40, but with 38% less sugar. Tapioca Syrup RS18 also has exceptional film-forming and binding properties typically found in lower dextrose-equivalent syrups, making it an effective single syrup solution in bars, confections, and gummy supplements. Samples are available.
Ciranda Inc.
888-329-3577; www.ciranda.com


Next generation potato protein

PerfectaSOL potato protein products have the ability to create consumer products with exceptional taste and texture that go beyond replicating existing animal-based products. This protein opens up possibilities for creating stand-alone plant-based consumer products that have the potential to extend beyond vegans and vegetarians by delivering unique and enticing plant-based experiences.
Avebe; East Brunswick, N.J.
609-865-8981; www.avebe.com

Clean, natural sweetener

SteviaSweet RM95 is a 95% rebaudioside M stevia with a clean flavor profile that is free of the bitter notes often associated with other forms of stevia. It's a stevia extract powder with a minimum 95% concentration of reb M, one of many steviol glycosides. A high-intensity, zero-calorie natural sweetener, it provides a neutral, sweet taste without the use of flavor maskers. It works well with other high-intensity sweeteners as a sweetness or flavor modulator while also offsetting the cost in use, as less is needed to achieve the same level of sweetness. The result is a flavor similar to sugar. It is suitable for a variety of applications.
Icon Foods; Portland, Ore.
310-455-9876; www.iconfoods.com

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