McCain Foods Buys Minority Stake in Strong Roots

Dec. 14, 2021
Makes non-potato competitive frozen products.

McCain Foods, which makes frozen hash brown potatoes, is investing US$55 million to take a minority stake in Strong Roots, which makes cauliflower hash browns.

Strong Roots has a broader portfolio than that, and so does McCain. But the investment means "ensuring [McCain] continues to meet the changing consumer tastes globally," the bigger company said.

Strong Roots’ mission has been to “fix the freezer aisle” by providing "plant-based, environmentally responsible, positive food choices, for everyone - globally and impactfully." The company makes cauliflower hash browns and mixed root vegetable fries – both complementary and competitive with McCains' potato products – as well as bites and burgers.

Strong Roots will use McCain's global presence to expand its own footprint in existing markets, including Great Britain, Ireland and the U.S., and to enter new markets. The partnership also will allow Strong Roots to expand into foodservice.

McCain's recent investments include The Simple Root, a plant-based food producer offering dairy alternative products; Simulate, a plant-based chicken nugget alternative; and GoodLeaf Farms, an indoor vertical farming company that grows sustainable leafy greens.

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