Single-Serve Cottage Cheese Cups Make Their Debut

Sept. 16, 2016
Muuna single-serve cottage cheese made its debut in five fruit-on-bottom flavors.

Muuna is a new brand in the cultured dairy foods category. Packaged in 150g cups, this single-serve cottage cheese line made its debut in five fruit-on-bottom flavors (blueberry, mango, peach, pineapple and strawberry) as well as a plain variety. Free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners as well as gluten, the cottage cheese gets a protein boost from the addition of milk protein concentrate, with plain containing 19g and the fruit varieties 15g.

“Cottage cheese has been around forever, and mainly thought of as a diet food. The same was true for yogurt, but yogurt innovated while cottage cheese remained stuck in the past,” says CEO Gerard Meyer. “At Muuna, we decided to reimagine cottage cheese, inside and out, down to our unique, beautiful cup. Today’s consumers want good food that tastes delicious, but cottage cheese has developed a reputation as boring and bland. So we spent years creating a proprietary recipe that delivers a melt-in-your-mouth, creamy cottage cheese combined with premium, real pieces of fruit, which will surprise and delight your taste buds.”