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Ingredient Round Up: November 2022

Oct. 28, 2022
Our editors selected the following food and beverage ingredients to feature in our November 2022 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.
Substitute for TiO2 

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is banned as a food ingredient in the EU; other countries are planning to do the same. Manufacturers face the challenge of finding a safe alternative. White Diamond is a natural white alternative that can replace TiO2 in food applications. It provides whiteness and opacity for a variety of food products. Free of nanoparticles, easily metabolized and with additional nutritional benefits, it is the most cost-effective natural white alternative currently available. It delivers whitening solutions for bakery creams, powder beverages, hard-boiled candies as well as pan coatings for all kinds of confectionery and is also suitable for a wide range of other applications. Highly compatible with other ingredients and acid stable, White Diamond is a globally accepted food additive. Döhler GmbH; Darmstadt, Germany, 

Non-GMO crystalline fructose  

FarSweet non-GMO crystalline fructose easily replaces other crystalline fructose in formulations while improving the sweetness, texture and mouthfeel of your foods. It's certified Non-GMO, NGP, Kosher and Halal. Farbest Brands;

Magic plant-based bacon 

Imagic Plant-Based Bacon is a flavored ready-to-eat textured protein made from soy flour and available in various forms including Clean Label options. It’s formulated to resemble crispy or chewy cooked bacon in flavor, aroma, texture and color, and is well-suited for a wide range of applications in a multitude of food products and systems. It’s a shelf-stable, flavorful topping/ingredient made to replace meat bacon item in various forms of Bits, Chips and Crumbles. It’s a good choice for meat extension, meat replacement or protein enhancement. It’s made in a facility with a Level 2 SQF certification. Kansas Protein Foods

Oil and water can mix 

Capsoil Foodtech enables mixing oil and water by developing ultra-fine, water-soluble powders out of natural oils, allowing the addition of beneficial nutritional oils, fat-soluble vitamins and lipid-based nutrients into a broader range of functional foods and beverages. This opens the doors to products such as juices enriched with MCTs or ice pops fortified with omega fatty acids. Even hot drinks can get a ‘better-for-you’ upgrade by infusing them with beneficial oils, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, or hemp oils. The company works with food and beverage companies to tailor new food and beverage applications or find novel delivery methods. Prodalim Group

Strawberries as an ingredient 

Across all age groups, strawberry consistently ranks among the top fruits consumed around the world. It forms a popular ingredient in applications ranging from beverages, baked goods, cereals, confections, dairy foods, and plant-based products to consumer health products for sports nutrition and dietary supplementation. The supplier's Diana Food subsidiary has developed a broad portfolio of strawberry ingredients that includes powders, flakes, crunchies and crunch’flakes. It's backed by a worldwide network of responsible sources in Chile, Morocco, Spain, and Italy. Symrise/Diana Food;;

Introducing cucamelon 

Cucamelon is a curious little fruit with the shape of a watermelon but the size of an olive and with a cucumber taste. This liquid flavor will fill up your sweet applications with freshness in uses such as sorbets, confectionery, syrups, cocktails plus savory applications such as cream cheese, vegan cheese or gazpachos. Aromatech

Natural colorants 

Linablue is a natural blue spirulina extract that can yield vibrant green, violet and blue colors shades in a variety of applications. It pairs well with the vendor’s new Sunfoods Natural Colorants line, natural colors extracted from algae, vegetables and fruit with proprietary formulation technology. The colorants can match a wide array of industry standard and custom colors that can be applied to a variety of food and beverage products. They’re all part of the “Inspired by nature” portfolio and can be used for food and beverage, including bakery, dairy, pet food, beverage, confectionary and more. Sun Chemical 

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