Oh Snap! Introduces Carrots and Green Beans into the Mix

Dec. 20, 2016
Both the new Carrot Cuties and Cool Beans Green Beans are available in tear-away display cases that hold a dozen packs.

Research shows that fermented foods, which are often referred to as cultured or pickled, are gaining traction with consumers as they learn about the positive function these products play in digestive health. Many fermented foods, such kimchi, miso and tempeh, are associated with global cuisines, which today’s adventurous consumers seek out on a regular basis. Another growing category is fermented vegetables.

GLK Foods recognizes this opportunity and is growing its Oh Snap! refrigerated pickled vegetable line with green beans and carrot sticks. Until now, the line consisted of four varieties of single-serve pickles. Dilly Bites are dill pickle chunks, while Hottie Bites are a hot and spicy version. There are two whole pickle offerings of these same recipes, Gone Dilly and Hottie, respectively.

Like the fermented cucumbers, the new Carrot Cuties (2.25 oz.) and Cool Beans (1.75 oz.) are available in tear-away display cases that hold a dozen packs. They also are peggable and, because of the pouch design, can be merchandised as freestanding. All of the snacks are packaged without brine to prevent mess and to keep them crunchy.