Ingredient Round Up: February 2019

Feb. 4, 2019
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our February 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Almond protein powder

Almond protein powder offers a fine texture, smooth mouthfeel and neutral flavor, making it a suitable ingredient for nutraceutical blends, protein smoothies, shakes and bars. The powder is a source of magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and copper, as well as fiber, potassium and calcium. The ingredient also is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, appealing to consumers of all dietary needs. Blue Diamond Growers; Sacramento, Calif.; 916-446-8500;

Converting/reducing sugars in juices

Popular juices, such as orange juice and apple juice, have nearly 1 oz. (25g) of sugar per 1-cup serving. Although juice contains the vitamins and minerals of fresh produce, it’s devoid of most of the natural dietary fiber as an outcome of traditional methods of juicing. Now a patent-pending enzymatic technology uses all-natural ingredients to convert monosaccharides and disaccharides (fructose, glucose, and sucrose) into prebiotic and other non-digestible fibers and sugars, while keeping the juicy flavor of the beverage. The process works on all types of sugars. Yet the process preserves the great flavor and the full complement of vitamins and other nutrients inherent in the fruits. The technology was developed in collaboration with Hebrew University in Rehovot, Israel. Trials have reduced sugars in orange juice 30-80 percent. Better Juice Ltd.; Ashdod, Israel;

Encapsulated baking powder

With sodium reduction one of the key health trends in baking, a new generation of healthy baking powder is based on microencapsulated glucono-delta-lactone (eGdL) combined with sodium bicarbonate or a special type of potassium bicarbonate. A sodium reduction of 50-80 percent is possible. Studies show that microencapsulated GdL and potassium bicarbonate demonstrate equal performance in terms of stability in premixes, rate of reaction, baking quality and taste. Jungbunzlauer; Basel, Switzerland; +41-61-2955 100;

Potato starches for meat, meat alternatives and culinary products

SimPure label-friendly potato starches include options for both instant and cook-up applications. SimPure 99500 creates firm and meaty textures without the salty taste as a result of its water-binding capabilities. This cook-up starch is a texturizer designed for meat and meat alternatives. SimPure 99530, a functional cook-up starch, delivers dispersibility that makes it suitable for use in dehydrated culinary and dairy applications for immediate consumption. SimPure 99570 and 99571 instant viscosifying starches are designed for use in cold prepared soups, sauces, desserts and fillings. These functional starches differ in particle size to offer either a smoother or a pulpier texture. Cargill; Minneapolis; 800-227-4455;

Acacia gum is a 100 percent natural, allergen-free stabilizer and binder

Acacia gum, also known as gum Arabic, is a 100 percent natural, allergen-free product extracted from acacia trees in Africa. It's a stabilizer and binder, used in thousands of products including food and drink, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It's rich in soluble dietary fiber and consequentially has been closely linked with lowering cholesterol levels, keeping blood sugar levels in order, protecting against diabetes and controlling hunger during weight loss by helping you keep fuller for longer. It is a safe additive that is verified for use in organic food. Alland & Robert; Paris; +33 (0)144592131;

Reduce sugar with resistant dextrin

Reach your sugar reduction targets in jellies and other sugar-sweetened products with Nutriose soluble fiber. The result can be 30% less sugars, higher fiber, a pleasant taste and preserved texture over time. This resistant dextrin, produced from maize, is rich in fiber, low in sugars, has friendly labelling, a neutral taste, is Kosher & Halal certified and free of gluten and GMOs. Roquette; Geneva, Ill.; 630-463-9443;

Totally nuts

We're not being critical, Totally Nuts is the name of a portfolio of 11 nutty flavors from this supplier. Hazelnut, pistachio and peanut flavors ensure the perfect gusto with a sweet twist. The range encompasses an extensive portfolio of taste solutions in the most important nut variations, from fresh to roasted. They work in cream fillings, cakes and cookies and are a suitable complement to chocolates and baked goods. And as flavors, they carry stable prices. They're also manufactured in an environmentally responsible way. With the Oculus Go headset, the viewer can experience nut flavors in virtual reality. Symrise; Holzminden, Germany;

Give her flowers

Floral flavors are blooming and making their way into a variety of food and beverages. According to Technavio, the global floral flavors market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 10 percent during the period 2018-2022. Driven by the health and wellness trend, consumers continue to seek flavors inspired by nature, and these flavors will be part of the next generation of better-for-you products. The supplier's Classic Floral Collection comes in six fragrant flavors: Honeysuckle is mildly sweet with fruity, citrus and honey-like undertones. The classic white floral Jasmine is characterized by warm jasmine floral notes with mild fruity, rosy and tea-like undertones. Lavender features subtle hints of citrus, mint and peppery-like nuances. Lilac, a green floral, captures strong perfume-like notes with sweet fruity and spicy nuances. Orange Blossom is sweet and sparkling and features citrus-fruity notes set against a perfumed landscape. Rose, the classic feminine flavor, is characterized by deep floral rose notes with very subtle spicy nuances and honey accords. Comax Flavors; Melville NY; 888-561-1229;

Blends simplify formulating

The Simplistica line of ingredient systems leverage the best technologies that hydrocolloids, starches, plant proteins and sweeteners have to offer. These complete systems are developed to ease the formulation frustrations associated with stabilizing and texturizing applications that include alternative proteins and aim to reduce sugar. As systems, they simplify the formulating process, allowing for easier and faster product development; they cut down on formulating time and R&D troubleshooting by combining necessary ingredients at optimal proportions. Formulating with Simplistica ingredient systems also allows food and beverage developers to easily align their label with claims such as organic, vegan, non-GMO and more. TIC Gums; White Marsh, Md.; 410-273-7300;

Pea proteins with optimized functionalities

Rich in protein, Pisane pea proteins combine organoleptic qualities, nutritional value and optimized functionalities. High digestibility, rich in essential and branched amino acids, low anti-nutritional factors: these are features to break into the markets of sports, dietary and clinical nutrition. Pisane pea proteins meet the technological requirements of plant-based products, high-protein RTD drinks, powder mixes, but also gluten-free products or dairy products. Cosucra; Belgium;

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