Spice Islands Develops Seasoned Sea Salts for the Gourmet Home Chef

Oct. 15, 2018
The on-trend seasoned sea salts include Merlot Salt, Black Truffle, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Za’atar Salt.

In response to the growing trend of home chefs looking for new experiences and flavors when dining in, Spice Islands, a brand of B&G Foods, developed premium salts and spice blends to give consumers an opportunity to easily and quickly create flavor-filled, international dining experiences at home. The four varieties all come in the same size shaker glass jar, but have different weights and prices.

The Merlot Salt (3.75 oz., $9.99) has a slightly tart, gently oaky finish from the infused red wine. Black Truffle (4.75 oz., $19.99) is savory, aromatic and distinctive, and provides an earthy umami to any meal. Pink Himalayan Salt (4.5oz., $4.99) is sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, with the crystals colored by naturally occurring iron. The Za’atar Salt (2.25oz, $5.99) is an aromatic spice blend with both earthy and subtle citrus undertones and just a hint of nuttiness. This spice blend highlights the bright flavors of sumac, oregano and sesame seeds and captures the spirit of both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking.

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