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Ingredient Round Up: March 2019

March 11, 2019
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our March 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

USA sunflower oil

Premium non-GMO sunflower oil comes in mid and high oleic formats and offers superior stability and extended fry and shelf life. The FDA recently approved a new qualified health claim that applies to sunflower oil. It suggests that daily consumption of about 1½ tablespoons of oils containing high levels of oleic acid may reduce the risk of heart disease. Sun oil is Kosher and Halal certified. It has a light neutral taste offering a clean flavor profile, ideal for the formulation of plant-based and free-from foods, non-dairy beverages, snacks and sauces. National Sunflower Assn.; 888-718-7033; www.sunflowernsa.com

Dried glucose syrup

Maltrin SS dried glucose syrup has reduced sugars (DP1/DP2) compared to corn and tapioca syrup solids products. This new ingredient builds solids for enhanced mouthfeel and contributes minimal sweetness with a neutral flavor. All Maltrin maltodextrins and corn syrup solids are readily digestible, low-residue glucose polymers providing a carbohydrate source for geriatric formulas, infant formulas, nutritional beverages and rehydration products. They regulate osmolality, sweetness and viscosity while providing maximum energy at body osmolality. Grain Processing Corp.; Muscatine, Iowa; 563-264-4265; www.grainprocessing.com

Astraea allulose is a sweetener

Astraea allulose is a sweetener that tastes and functions like sucrose and is in the family of rare sugars. It is absorbed by the body but not metabolized, making it nearly calorie-free. Allulose is one of the many types of monosaccharides that exists in nature in small quantities and can be found in certain fruits, including figs, raisins and jackfruit. It has a texture and performance behavior similar to sucrose providing comparable bulk, sweetness and functionality (e.g., browning, freeze point depression). These properties make allulose an ideal ingredient for formulators as they look for ways to reduce calories from sucrose in the products they develop. Astraea was developed by Matsutani but is being manufactured and marketed in North America by Ingredion. Ingredion Inc.; Westchester, Ill.; 800-713-0208; www.ingredion.us

Next step optimized stevia

The taste of Optimizer Stevia 4.10 is designed to benchmark with RebA 99-RebA 100, but at a more cost-effective price. A versatile sweetener, it is appropriate for use across a wide range of product categories, from beverages and confectionery to sports nutrition powders and even as a tabletop product. The stevia joins a portfolio of Optimizer steviol glycosides compositions that benchmark with RebA products in the purity range of RA95. It's the result of an ongoing collaboration with primary supplier Sweet Green Fields. Tate & Lyle; Hoffman Estates, Ill.; 847-396-7500; www.tateandlyle.com

Mary Ann or ginger?

Ginger has been trusted since Roman times, and is now enjoying a resurgence among consumers of all ages. However, not all ginger is the same, so the supplier’s Ginger Collection comprises six distinctive flavor profiles: Classic Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root (gari), Spicy Ginger, Nigerian Ginger and Chinese Ginger (galangal). Sensient Flavors; Hoffman Estates, Ill.; 847-755-5300; www.sensientflavorsandfragrances.com

Reduce sugar with resistant dextrin

Reach your sugar reduction targets in jellies and other sugar-sweetened products with Nutriose soluble fiber. The result can be 30% less sugars, higher fiber, a pleasant taste and preserved texture over time. This resistant dextrin, produced from maize, is rich in fiber, low in sugars, has friendly labelling, a neutral taste, is Kosher & Halal certified and free of gluten and GMOs. Roquette; Geneva, Ill.; 630-463-9443; www.roquette.com

Sea salts from two seas

Two Seas Sea Salt is a natural, low-sodium sea salt based on a unique blend of sea salts harvested from the mineral-rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Not only does it contain less sodium than other varieties – up to 60% -- but it is also an excellent source of potassium. A range of Two Seas products with various sodium reductions is available, depending on the application. A&B Ingredients; Fairfield, N.J.; 973-227-1390; www.abingredients.com

The Almond Board of California committed $6.8 million to 75 independent research projects exploring next-generation farming practices including optimal use of everything almond orchards grow. In addition to improving production practices, the research projects help the California almond community provide almond lovers around the world with a safe, wholesome and sustainable product. The research will delve into such areas as water sustainability, pollinator health and finding new uses for almond coproducts, including hulls, shells and woody material. See almonds.com/growinggood.

Just peachy

Peach Lactone, also known as gamma undecalactone, is a widely used fragrance ingredient valued for its sweet, peachy, fresh fruity aroma. It is used in applications such as fragrances, cosmetics, and air care but also in foods and beverages, where it delivers a satisfying fatty, creamy, peachy flavor and acts as a fixative for certain fruit esters. Kalama Peach Lactone is manufactured to very high purity standards (minimum 98% assay) using a safety and quality management scheme certified to ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP. Emerald Kalama Chemical; Vancouver, Wash.; 800-223-0035; www.kalama.emeraldmaterials.com

Organic fiber from gum acacia

Organic fiber from gum acacia is USDA certified, 90 percent fiber, 100 percent soluble, non-GMO, sustainable, vegan, tasteless, colorless and odorless. Farbest Brands; Park Ridge, N.J,; 201-573-4900; www.farbest.com

Acrylamide-reducing yeast

Acrylamide is fast becoming a big concern for the food industry, due to the growing body of evidence of its role as a potential carcinogen. Acryleast is a new, fully non-GMO solution for acrylamide reduction developed by Renaissance BioScience and represented by Kerry. It is a clean-label, non-GMO yeast, rich in asparaginase enzyme, which has the ability to reduce acrylamide levels by up to 90% across a broad range of food and beverage products, including biscuits, crackers, French fries, potato crisps, coffee and infant food. Kerry Group; Naas, Ireland; 604-888-5267; www.kerry.com

Stevia-based sweetener

RA99M sweetener is a proprietary blend developed with Chinese company BioLotus Technology Lasa that combines rebaudioside M, a minor stevia extract, with rebaudioside A, a more common one. The resulting blend is 350 times sweeter than sugar while also masking any flavor off-notes, making it suitable for powdered drink mixes and other food and beverage products. It has been created specifically for manufacturers that produce protein beverages, such as those involving dairy and that use ultra-high temperatures in their packaging. Available for commercial use, the product will come in 1kg bags, 10kg boxes and 20kg drums. Icon Foods; Portland, Ore.; 310-455-9876; www.iconfoods.com

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