Equipment Round Up: July 2020

June 24, 2020
Our editors selected the following food and beverage manufacturing equipment products to feature in our July 2020 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Hybrid-design food extruder for plant-based proteins

The ZSK food extruder (pictured) is available as a hybrid solution for manufacturing meat substitute products. The latest design accommodates both texturized vegetable protein (TVP) and high-moisture meat analogs (HMMA) with minimal retrofitting: The discharge can be changed over quickly from the ZGF centric food pelletizer used to manufacture TVP by cutting the product directly at the nozzle plate to the specialized cooling die needed for HMMA to make a product strand exhibiting a texture closely resembling that of genuine meat. The machine’s operator personnel can perform the changeover in a few minutes; no electrician is needed. Coperion

No more manual dumping

The Signature Series offers food processors a quick and easy pre-engineered solution for vacuum conveying powders and granular food ingredients to processing and packaging lines. The five-part packaged systems are available in 1500 Series for conveying from handfuls to 1500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr), and the 3500 Series for conveying up to 3500 lbs/hr (1600 kg/hr). Each system includes the vacuum receiver, pick-up wand, convey hose, vacuum producer and UL-listed controls. Vac-U-Max

Vibratory tube conveyors

These conveyors are quiet, accurate and require very little maintenance. They’re designed to gently convey fragile, agglomerated or instantized powders horizontally, in a totally enclosed environment, with virtually no degradation. They don’t have any moving parts that come in contact with the powders being conveyed. You can mount them on isolation spring support bases or suspend them with overhead cables. Tube can be easily cleaned through removable end inspection covers or with CIP spray balls. Vibrating pan style designs, with radius inside corners and hinged top covers, are also available. Custom designs and engineering services are offered. Powder Process-Solutions

Residual surface antimicrobial

Microbarrier Elite is a residual surface antimicrobial coating for the protein food processing market. It can be left on food processing machinery and equipment after its application during the sanitation process to provide long term residual surface protection. It encompasses an array of EPA-registered and FDA-compliant technologies that disinfect surfaces and spaces as well as provide long-term antimicrobial protection. Microbarrier Elite is based upon the BioprotectUs System by ViaClean Technologies, a groundbreaking, water-based antimicrobial product that when applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces, creates a highly durable protective shield that provides long-term antimicrobial protection that inhibits and prevents the growth and spread of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae and mold. PSSI

Conveyor door

The Sure-Seal conveyor door is designed for automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) environments. Combining speeds of up to 100 in./sec. and an energy-efficient R-4 insulated panel, it helps maintain secure separation within and between storage areas and conveyor operations. Its high-speed functionality ensures minimal air infiltration while a perimeter sealing system provides secure closing. In addition, the standard I/O expansion board and System 4 programming versatility allow seamless integration capability with existing ASRS control and monitoring systems. The door is specially engineered for high-cycle applications in which reliability and energy savings are critical. Rytec Corp.

Damage-free pneumatic conveying

The VS series of pneumatic vacuum transfer systems provides damage-free, reliable and environmentally safe powder handling and transfer of small food particles, seasonings and other small ingredients – from product unloading through final packaging. They do so in dilute, dense phase and plug flow conditions via a suction air stream under vacuum through hoses or pipes throughout the production process. This methodology makes the work of production staff simpler and safer while offering a cost-effective material transfer method for powders and small particles. The company’s patented Multijector vacuum pump drives the system using a series of precision Venturi nozzles to increase the generated airflow from the air supply and to achieve a greater level of vacuum. For slower and denser material conveying, the pump lowers the conveyed velocity resulting in less risk of damage to the product, wear on the system or segregation of particles. Volkmann Inc

Noncontact radar level sensors

These level sensors are available in a variety of housings. Compact 1½-in. NPT housings can be used for existing fittings and are suitable for bins up to 98 ft tall. A durable plastic housing is an option for a bin with structure when used with a precisely aimed swivel mount. Aluminum and stainless steel housing materials are suitable for food operations. Mounting options include a custom carbon steel ball-and-socket mount for aiming flexibility; 4-in. ANSI mounting flanges in 0, 10°, 15°, 30° and 45° angles for angled roofs; and a variety of mounting flanges in various sizes for flat roofs. BinMaster

Raise the vessel, not lower the agitator

The Double Planetary Mixer is available in a reverse-lift design, which raises the vessel to the mixing position, rather than lowering the agitator assembly. A reverse lift facilitates improved rigidity and more uniform blade-to-vessel clearances without relying on the floor to be completely level. They can process both wet (pastes and slurries) and dry (granulations and powder blends) applications, including semi-solids (gels and dough-like materials). The 100-gal. mixers feature an elaborate CIP system, which includes a total of five ports with rotating spray nozzles directed at the gearbox, agitators and vessel. The spray balls are piped to a central cleaning system manifold for single-point hook-up. Raw material feeding equipment may be hard-piped to the vacuum hood—another advantage unique to the reverse-lift design. Ross Mixers

Easy to clean housing magnet

The DSC (Dust-tight, Sanitary, Convertible) Grate in Housing Magnet was designed for two groups of customers: those who find they’re cleaning their magnet more frequently than expected due to heavy contamination removal and those who simply are not cleaning their magnet enough and need to improve that frequency. It’s easy to clean due to its dust-tight construction. The DSC handles fine powders better and some head velocity pressure while maintaining a positive seal -- a solution for processors seeking easy cleaning features, but cannot have any spillage or leaking. This separator’s innovative design allows customers to purchase a manual clean unit that can later be easily upgraded to an automatic cleaning unit with simple hand tools and a bolt-on kit. Eriez

Single-channel weight processor

Operating within Profinet Conformance Class A (CC-A) as a single network device, the HI 6200 single-channel weight processor is designed for users of Siemens PACs. It can be used by OEMs and system integrators building machinery in which accurate, stable and fast weight data are critical components to successful designs. Ultracompact at 2 in. wide and 3 in. high (40 sq. cm), the series is designed for machine level integration in process skids or manufacturing equipment. A high-definition color TFT display provides intuitive operations and easy-to-read measurements and instrument status. An embedded webserver allows for setup, monitoring and control from any web browser on the user’s network. Hardy/Siemens

Food contact release emulsion

Dowsil 8024 Food Contact Release Emulsion is a waterborne silicone emulsion that brings improved performance levels to food processors across a wide range of direct and indirect food contact applications. Heat-resistant, odorless, non-staining and non-corrosive, it can be diluted with water to adapt its properties to meet specific customer needs. It can be used as a release agent for paper, plastic and rubber food container parts, as a lubricant for food conveyor and transfer belt, as an anti-blocking agent for paper and plastic sheets or as an additive in organic-based formulations. The material meets essentially all requirements of major regulations and certifications applicable to food contact materials worldwide. Dow Inc

Phthalate-free PVC tubing

Clearflo 70 PVC tubing, a phthalate-free product, was developed in response to customer interest in fluid transfer products that do not contain leachable phthalates such as di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) or BPA (bisphenol A). The finished tubing meets USP Class VI requirements and is made from nontoxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards. It is NSF-51-listed for use with food equipment materials. Other features include glass-like clarity that lets users view fluid flow, smooth surfaces to aid flow and flexibility with light weight and abrasion resistance. The tubing handles a variety of chemicals, gases and liquids. NewAge Industries

Robot solutions for food usage

This range of humid environment (HE) robots is designed for safe, hygienic processing of food products, including meats. The SCARA FAST Picker TP80 HE features up to 200 picks per minute. The TX2 90 HE six-axis robot provides waterjet and ultrasonic cutting. The TS2 60 HE four-axis robot is used for loading and unloading. Common features include a fully enclosed and pressurized structure to prevent micro-organism penetration and avoid condensation; a hygienic design that features smooth, rounded and tilted surfaces to eliminate liquid retention; protection against low-pressure jets of water (IP65) and immersion (IP67); and stainless steel crucial components. Stäubli North America

Food-grade contact cleaner

This food-grade contact cleaner is an NSF P1-registered cleaner suitable for cleaning sensitive electronics with exposure to incidental food contact. The cleaner removes dirt, light oils and contaminants quickly and easily from electronic equipment and is certified to leave surfaces effectively free of any substance that could be transferred to food being processed. It was developed for use where lower flash point solvents are permissible. The product evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, reducing downtime by eliminating the need for waiting, wiping and rinsing. The plastic-safe cleaner contains no Prop 65 ingredients. CRC Industries

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