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Equipment Round Up: March 2023

March 9, 2023
Our editors selected the following equipment to feature in our March 2023 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Optical sorter for whole potatoes

Suitable for whole potatoes prior to processing, the Herbert Oculus optical sorter improves performance to find and remove potatoes with defects, ensuring product quality while reducing labor requirements. The enhanced sorter features cameras that offer 2X the resolution of the previous generation cameras to identify smaller, harder-to-detect defects; an advanced 64-bit operating system to achieve a better analysis of each tuber; longer-lasting air cylinders with better seals to minimize energy usage; and lighter reject fingers that move faster to improve reject accuracy. Key Technology 

Throwing a curve

The Rexnord Curve System with 1540 Series MatTop Chain is for conveyor lines requiring a zero tangent 180 and/or 90-degree curve. The system offers the tightest inner radius (420mm) and smallest transfer (15mm) for greatly improved space utilization and package handling. The new system enables head-to-tail transfer of even small and light cases without the need for micro pitch conveyors, transfer modules or plates. A consistent small nose radius across the width of the conveyor and smallest transfer available in the industry result in a safe small gap between the Curve System and the adjacent conveyor. This eliminates the need for roller transfer bars while providing more flexibility in container types when changing lines. Consistent angular speeds of the system’s modular belts ensure that products travel through the curve without rotation. Regal Rexnord Corp. 

Three roll mills

Three Roll Mills, used for high viscosity dispersions in many industries, feature true heavy-duty construction, precision workmanship and ANSI 2017-compliant controls package. The Model 52M 2.5 x 5 in. is a bench-top laboratory mill equipped for a wide range of applications. It includes hardened stainless steel type 440C precision ground rolls that are cored for water cooling and heating, ½hp TEFC inverter-duty motor, and a NEMA 12 control panel wired to a safety trip switch that will stop the rolls in less than one revolution. Ross Mixers

Soft-belt food separation processor

Introducing a new in-line batch-volume soft-belt food separation processor in a production version that has been expanded to serve more applications. The Model 100S features a wide infeed tray at the top and a discharge chute that allow it to easily orient to, and integrate with, nearly any existing production line. The system can instantly bring high-quality food separation capabilities online for processing capacities of 1,100lb/hour, depending on product and filter size. Its compact design with a footprint under 780 square inches, and casters at the base for easy mobility, make it a true utility machine that can roll into action for such applications as sausage rework because its soft-belt process maximizes extraction purity and meat integrity. With its added features, it’s also great for fish, poultry and other smaller-bone proteins, as well as other softer product applications. B&D Resources

Centrifugal sifter for dry materials

The GS Centrifugal Sifter is a next-gen centrifugal sifter that ensures consistent particle size and bulk density. It automatically separates and conditions agglomerated powders, granule, and other dry materials into fine powders ready for transfer to the filling and packaging lines. Installed upstream of weigh filling, stick packaging, form-fill-seal, pouch packaging, bagging and other machinery, the sifter ensures the product stream meets the required specifications with a constant bulk density and a consistent, narrow particle size distribution. Any oversized particles are automatically separated and returned upstream for further reprocessing or collected at discharge. Suitable for nutritional supplements, seasonings, dehydrated foods, and other consumer products. Gericke USA

Electric double diaphragm pumps

Quantm is a new line of electric double diaphragm pumps for both industrial and hygienic fluid transfer applications. They features an electric motor up to eight times more efficient than a standard pneumatic pump. It’s suitable for nearly any fluid transfer application and offers a range of construction materials to support multiple industrial and hygienic applications, including food and beverage. Advanced, efficient design is lightweight and provides low lifetime costs, greatly reducing energy cost and enhancing compliance and environmental stewardship efforts. Graco Inc.

Quick-adjust vacuum conveyor

The VS pneumatic vacuum conveying system allows for quick adjustments to air velocity, in seconds and without tools, to accommodate a range of bulk materials. Pressure can be changed at the vacuum pump or pickup point, based on properties such as particle size and shape, bulk density, stickiness and desired throughput rate. Suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and nutritional products at contract packaging and processing companies that change products frequently, the automated instrumentation ensures required operating parameters are adjusted to the correct settings every time. Volkmann USA

Paddle blender with added shear

Model HD-2.5-5-SSI Sanitary Paddle Blender provides added shear to de-agglomerate dry bulk solids, pastes, slurries and emulsions of low- to medium-density materials in batches up to 25 cu ft. Fabricated of 304 stainless steel, it features a stationary U-shaped vessel with a flat cover, bottom discharge valve and horizontal flange-mounted agitator that can be removed vertically for rapid sanitizing and maintenance, conserving floor space. A 10hp (7.45 kW) wash-down duty motor drives the agitator shaft assembly configured with 16 radial arms and short-length paddles that move material in smaller zones over shorter distances with greater cutting action than possible with ribbon-style agitators. Additional shear is provided by four independently-powered intensifiers, each driven by a 5hp (3.73 kW) wash-down duty motor. Munson Machinery Co.

Flexible screw conveyor

Developed to support worker safety, the Spiralfeeder Push Unit flexible screw conveyor allows easy access to the electric motor and gearbox, without requiring a ladder, mezzanine or other lifting device. The U.S.-made conveyor automatically transfers powders, pellets and other dry, bulk materials from the hopper to discharge via a screw auger rotating inside an enclosed tube. Its floor level drive mechanism creates a gentle pushing effect on the material, delivering smooth, efficient transfer in a highly ergonomic, mobile configuration. Automated Flexible Conveyor

Hygienic slewing ring bearing

The hygienically designed PRT slewing ring is an addition to the PRT slewing ring bearing line, enabling quick, residue-free cleaning during use. Made of stainless steel and FDA-compliant plastics, its design allows clean-in-place processes, eliminating the need for an additional cover. Designed with rounded components, there are no 90-degree corners, weld seams or edges and all surfaces have a slope of at least 3 degrees so that water drains off completely. Users benefit from the usual advantages of Igus Iglide material, which allows low-friction, dry operation. Igus

Fast-response digital thermometers

The Digi-Tru Thermometer Series is designed for precise temperature monitoring in demanding industrial process applications. Thermometers are fitted with a digital sensor that provides quick readings on an LCD display and provides an accuracy of ±0.4°F from -67 to 302°F (-55 to 150°C). These units feature a compact stainless steel case and are available with industrial process or Tri-Clamp 3-A sanitary flange connections. Digi-Tru models meet FDA Rule 21 CFR 113.40 requirements for temperature indicators used in retorts and the requirements of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for dairy applications. Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co. 

Cleaner vacuum conveying

New NFPA compliant, 1.8 ft cu. ft. (50L) capacity low-rate vacuum conveying system offers a cleaner operating environment for handling both raw materials and finished products. Easily integrated into a wide range of production processes, it has available feeders, bulk bag unloaders, bag dump stations and drum dumpers. It also can be integrated into extruder lines, small injection, blow molding and film producing processes, as well as handling minor additives for mixing and PVC blending towers. Schenck Process

Suction cup ensures pristine fruits

A suction cup specifically for fruit, the FCX50 features flexible bellows for off-axis grips and adaptation as well as a multi-lip design for the surface ensuring good sealing. Due to its sealing capabilities, which lead to less leakage, it allows users to use a smaller vacuum pump, saving energy. Thanks to the low vacuum levels needed, the FCX50 grips fruits firmly and gently while also being able to handle fruits of all different sizes. The FCX50 cup is FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, EU 1935/2004, and EU 2023/2006 compliant. Piab USA Inc.

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