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Equipment Round Up: December 2020

Dec. 21, 2020
Our editors selected the following food and beverage manufacturing equipment products to feature in our December 2020 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Volumatic feeder meters ingredients

Volumatic Feeder Machine (VFM) consists of an electromagnetic feeder, hopper, bin vibrator, support structure to integrate the feeder with the hopper and a solid-state control. It can meter dry bulk solid materials ranging from fine granular to small lumps at capacities ranging from a few pounds to tons per hour. It’s suitable for use in conjunction with weigh scales, packaging and bagging equipment to batching operations where material feeding is being performed either continuously or intermittently. Standard models are available or specifically designed units to address a unique application. The superior feed control of dual vibratory action ensures proper material flow is achieved. As seen above, the VFM can meter toppings onto cookies to for just the right appearance and consistent taste. Eriez

Secondary conveyor belt cleaner

The FGS food-grade secondary cleaner is self-tensioning and provides constant blade-to-belt contact with limited maintenance, reducing food waste and component damage on conveyor systems with effective removal of product carryback. The design makes it suitable for use in food processing and industrial baking because the cleaner is constructed with solid 304 stainless steel components and features a continuous blade made of FDA-approved food grade materials. Simple assembly and disassembly make installation and maintenance quick and easy. Blades are designed to be cut to fit each specific application, and all installation hardware, including mounting brackets, is provided. Flexco

Next-generation horizontal-motion conveyor

The Zephyr next-generation horizontal-motion conveyor features a patented direct drive with a counterbalance system. Its motion profile moves product gently, with no segregation or stratification and at high capacities. It minimizes bounce, which reduces product damage, noise and loss of seasoning and other coatings to maintain product quality. It is suitable for frozen bulk foods such as potato products, fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry, as well as dry products including nuts and cereals. Its self-cleaning horizontal motion reduces the chance of product build-up, and the counterweight drive minimizes floor vibration. It moves product at rates of up to 12.2m (40 ft). per minute. Key Technology

High-performance cap dispenser

The Sweep-Style Pick-Up cap dispenser has been redesigned to feature a better cap retainer and stronger axle, making it more robust than previous versions. It also includes an adjustable spring-pressured front "door" that can be set to the perfect pressure for user applications. This feature allows for a more precise cap application. The back "door" is in a fixed position, which almost eliminates accidental damage to the cap dispenser. Each cap dispenser is cap-specific and custom-made to the individual specs of the cap it is dispensing. Fogg Filler

Thermal mass flowmeters

Proline t-mass F/I 300/500 flowmeters measure pure gases and gas mixtures, including compressed air, natural gas, protective gas or oxygen. They have numerous alarm functions, as well as bidirectional measurement capability and reverse flow detection. Even when process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly, the flowmeters ensure measurement accuracy to ±1% with repeatability of ±0.25%. A high turndown ration enables gas flows with low pressure and a low flow velocity to be measured. The flowmeters can operate at process temperatures up to 356°F and pressures up to 580 psi. Endress+Hauser

Vertical form-fill-seal machine

The Hayssen ISB (intelligent sanitary bagger) for vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) packaging is high-pressure washdown-capable, including its human-machine interface (HMI). This VFFS has an IP66 weatherproofing rating and a NEMA 4X rating for enclosures. The hygienic frame is an open-channel design with sloped surfaces built to have no more than 1 in.2 of surface-to-surface contact between components. The machine uses standoffs and flanged fasteners to eliminate secondary hardware such as washers, and the bagger’s film rollers are fully removable without tools and come completely sealed with lifetime bearings. Vacuum belts also have been eliminated in favor of friction belts. BW Flexible Systems

X-ray multitasks

The X34 is a single lane X-ray solution designed for the inspection of a wide range of packaged products. It offers automated product set-up coupled with intelligent software to improve production uptime, reduce manufacturing costs and enhance detection sensitivity. Among applications, it offers reliable detection of glass-in-glass and other dense contaminants within a wide range of glass containers, ensuring product safety and doing so at high line speeds. It also can simultaneously perform a range of inspection routines, such as contamination detection and quality inspection (e.g., fill level inspection, cap inspection etc.}. Mettler Toledo Safeline

FDA-compliant brushes and tools

This color-coded cleaning equipment is designed for food safety and includes resin set brushes, antimicrobial and fully metal detectable and X-ray-visible options. The Biomaster silver-ion additive is found in all parts of the antimicrobial cleaning products. It inhibits the ability of bacteria, molds and fungi to reproduce and spread to other surfaces. The resin set brushes have an additional level of filament retention to fill brush recesses with an FDA-approved epoxy resin infused with the Biomaster antimicrobial additive. Every component, including the brush fibers, of the Total MDX tools line is both metal detectable and X-ray visible, minimizing the risk of foreign object contamination. Hillbrush Hygiene

Entry-level models for direct web printing

Baseline direct web printers are designed for thermoforming packaging machines in the lower and medium output ranges. Features of the Baseline DP 110/130 series are its space-saving design, hygiene characteristics and high level of flexibility in terms of printing technology. Both models can be installed on all thermoforming packaging machines from the R 0xx to R 5xx series. The compact and space-saving design leaves the loading area completely free. As no enclosure is required because of the stepper motor drives used, printer access is quick and easy. Three printing technologies are available: thermal transfer, inkjet and thermal inkjet. Multivac Marking & Inspection

Fruit and vegetable cutter

The TranSlicer 2520 cutter processes a variety of products for the food processing industry such as leafy vegetables, celery, leek, carrots, cucumbers and fruits. Accessibility to all areas of the machine expedites washdown, and all surfaces are engineered to promote water drainage. Stand-offs located throughout minimize overlapping joints and improve inspection and decrease cleaning times. IP69K-rated IEC electrical components incorporated throughout the machine withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns. Urschel

Mobile drum dumper with safety cage

The mobile Tip-Tite drum dumper with safety cage allows hands-free, automated dumping of bulk solid materials from 30- to 55-gal (115- to 200-liter) drums throughout the plant, with no dusting or danger associated with sudden shifting of contents. The three-sided carbon steel cage with safety interlocked doors is mounted on a mobile frame with quick-acting jack screws for stability. A platform raises the drum hydraulically, creating a dust-tight seal between the rim of the drum and the underside of a discharge cone. A second hydraulic cylinder then tips the platform-hood assembly, stopping it at dump angles of 45°, 60° or 90° with a motion-dampening feature. Flexicon Corp

Sine pump

The Certa 800 high-performance sine pump provides flows to 255 m3/h. Designed to enhance food product quality through gentle handling, it has reduced fines and increased yield in cheese production trials. It was observed that low shear product transfer reduced the number of fines within the curds and whey of the cheese by more than 20% while retaining the fat. According to the company, the pump offers more sustainable food transfer as a reduction in shear cuts power consumption by as much as 50% with high-viscosity fluids. The sinusoidal rotor also handles soft solids gently without blockages and without damaging the ingredients. Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

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