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April 2007 Equipment Roundup - Pumps and Fluid Handling

April 10, 2007
April's equipment round-up features pumps and fluid handling equipment, including coriolis flow meters, single scat valves, centrifugal pumps, multi-pump dispensing systems, and a product exclusive from GE Fanuc.

Coriolis for food and beverages

The Promass S, especially developed for the food and beverage industry, was just added to the vendor's coriolis family last month. It offers a multivariable measurement reducing metering point costs and enabling metering of mass flow, density and temperature plus calculation of volume and temperature-compensated concentration (for °Brix, °Plato, etc.) as well as batching software.

Endress+Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.

From a single disc

The Tri-Clover Unique 7000 Series single-seat valves have an innovative design to meet increasingly stringent sanitary and aseptic standards of food and beverage applications. The valve body is deep-drawn and pressed from a single steel disc, yielding an annealed valve body without welds, which results in no pores or dead zones where products can be trapped. This also enhances its clean-in-place capabilities.

Alfa Laval; Kenosha, Wis.

Centrifugal enhancements

Providing operational reliability, low noise and superior performance, the TRA 500 series of sanitary centrifugal pumps offer the highest levels of performance across a broad range of applications. The series features enhancements such as stainless steel flange adapters, polished exterior surfaces and no-weld inlet and outlet clamp connections on most models. There are 14 sizes and many options.

Wright Pump; Muskego, Wis.

Multi-pump dispensing

The latest pumping solution for spill-free, environmentally safe transfer of virtually any chemical or liquid is the new GT Multi-pump Dispensing System. Designed to expand capability and streamline operations where multiple process chemicals are dispensed, it allows simultaneous multiple liquid transfer stations to operate from a single compressor line with only 2 psi. Since the pumps pose no sparking hazard, they are perfectly suited to environments where electric pumps cannot be used but multiple process chemicals are needed.

GoatThroat Pumps; New York

Explosion-proof motor

The MDF progressive cavity drum pump is designed to empty open and closed drums, totes and tanks. These portable drum pumps are available with titanium internals, PTFE housing, and explosion-proof motors. They are also available with an integrated drive that eliminates the need for control panels. An excellent choice for liquids with high vapor pressures like NaOCl, ketones, or alcohols, no additional air or hydraulic supply is required. Without sliding plungers, there is no friction buildup that can cause an unsafe temperature increase in the liquid.

Seepex Inc.; Enon Ohio

Rotary transport pump

Offering configuration flexibility and ease of maintenance, the RTP20 high-speed rotary transport pump provides exceptional performance, advanced durability, application flexibility and ease of installation to help users achieve enhanced productivity for a lower total cost of ownership. The series' customizable tri-lobe design is compact, lightweight and features removable feet and multiple mountings for easy vertical or horizontal adaptation.

Viking Pump; Cedar Falls, Iowa

Variety of valves

Resilient-seated Butterfly Valves now are available in a variety of models, sizes (2-74 in.) and styles. Each model offers a choice of options to accommodate a wide range of food, chemical and pharmaceutical (sanitary) applications. They are also well suited for industrial applications including air, steam and water and are rated to 200 psig, depending on valve model, valve size and composition of disc, stem or seat material.

Salina Vortex Corp.; Salina, Kan.

Quick product development

Now there is a refined rapid response prototyping process to help bring fluid handling products to market faster. This process accelerates product development cycle times allowing quick, iterative design changes to meet any dispensing, transfer, circulation and dosing application. In addition, a wide selection of fluid handling components and assemblies can be seamlessly integrated into a system's architecture.

Micropump Inc.; Vancouver, Wash.

Smart injection pumps

The new PZiG pump, designed for accurate, reliable injection of a wide variety of liquids including moderate-viscosity and highly corrosive substances, is available in four sizes from 5 gph at 145 psi to 20 gph at 30 psi. The unit is available with PVC and Kynar liquid ends to handle viscosities to 50 cps; an optional PVC liquid end can handle up to 1,000 cps. It also features an easy-to-use control panel with large buttons and a two-stage display LCD screen and can be easily integrated into existing metering systems.

Neptune Chemical Pump Co.; Lansdale, Pa.

Powerful little pumps

Convenient, dependable, compact and versatile, the new Mini-Matic line of pumps is ideal for a range of demanding applications. The E8 3/8-in. pump weighs just 3 pounds yet can pump up to 6.8 gallons per minute and deliver pressures up to 100 psi. The pumps can be mounted upright, sideways or inverted, and they feature a patented valve system to eliminate blow-by and to deliver non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation.

Versa-Matic Pump Co.; Export, Pa.

Longer diaphragm life

One-Up pump diaphragms offer the most effective long-life solution in high pressure pumping applications involving corrosive or caustic media. Due to their proprietary PTFE design and unique one-piece construction, they deliver a dramatically longer performance, thereby reducing air-operated diaphragm pump maintenance costs in chemical and caustic applications. They also are chemically inert and provide maximum protection against corrosion.

W.L. Gore and Associates; Elkton, Md.


Good for low-flow

The new Micro C-Series Eccentric Disc pump line was designed for transferring and dosing additives in continuous processing applications. The line is ideal for handling thin, abrasive, aggressive and higher viscosity fluids due to its low contact piston speed and direct contact between the piston and cylinder. It has dry running capabilities for self-priming with strong suction lift and is also designed to be flushed and cleaned in place. With its stainless steel construction and gentle, low-shear handling of fluids, it is ideal for numerous chemical process and metering applications.

Blackmer; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Hygienic pumping

The 800 Series pumps for hygienic, high-performance applications in the food industry are suitable for handling dairy, bakery, cereal, beverage and confectionary products with care and ease. To maintain the purity of the pumping product, the pumphead has no valves, is self-priming, and can run dry without incurring damage. The low-shear action of the 800 Series ensures consistent product quality with no siphoning or slip, providing accuracy of up to + 0.5 percent when handling flavorings, colorings and additives.

Watson-Marlow Bredel Inc.; Wilmington, Mass.

Acurate dosing

Type 8055 full-bore magflowmeter permits precise, highly accurate dosing/filling control across a wide array of flow applications. The continuous or batch control unit incorporates two freely programmable transistor outputs (40VDC, 100mA), 0/4-20mA current output and RS485.  It can be programmed locally via three key pads or by PC. It's available in general-purpose, low-flow and sanitary versions.

Burkert Contromatic; Irvine, Calif.
949-223-3177 ;

Precision flowmeters

The 3A Sanitary Precision Turbine Flowmeter is suitable for custody transfer of milk and milk products to and from transport vessels.  The unique design of the turbine allows the end user to thoroughly clean the internals of the flowmeter without removing them from the housing. Sponsler's 3A Sanitary Precision Turbine Flowmeter is made up of all highly polished and crevice free parts to prevent contamination.  Every Sponsler Precision Turbine Flowmeter is furnished with a multi-point flow calibration.  The Sponsler 3A Sanitary series Precision Flowmeter range in size from 3/4" to 4" and can be installed either horizontally or vertically with a variety of optional endfittings to meet your needs.  With a +/- 0.5% standard linearity and a repeatability of +/- 0.1% over a nominal flow range, the Sponsler 3A Sanitary series Precision Flowmeter is built for dairy applications to the standards of the Wisconsin Dairy Association with food grade, crevice-free Teflon or Carbide sleeve bearings.

Sponsler/Idex Corp.; Westminster, S.C.

ANSI specs

The new ProFlo pump has ANSI specifications, including positive sealing, a fully confined gasket at casing joint that protects alignment from liquid and a 1-in. oil sight glass. Maximum shaft deflection is less than .002in. (.05mm) at face of the stuffing box, which ensures long seal and bearing life and low maintenance. A hook-type shaft sleeve (available in a wide variety of corrosion-resistant materials) is free to expand with temperature variation. Its high efficiency is maintained by impeller adjustment resulting in long term energy savings.

Master Pumps and Equipment; Odessa, Texas

Straight flow is sanitary

The Saniflo Series pump line is specifically designed to meet the strict guidelines for sanitary process applications. The pumps incorporate a straight flow-through design, large solids passage and shear-sensitive operation. They have Tri-clamp-style fittings and are offered in various surface finishes for both clean in place and clean out of place maintenance.

Wilden Pump and Engineering; Grand Terrace, Calif.

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