Equipment Round Up: November 2018

Nov. 14, 2018
Our editors selected the following equipment products to feature in our November 2018 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Belt-fed sorter can inspect product in-air

The Veryx digital sorter for fresh-cut leafy greens claims to be the world’s only belt-fed sorter that can inspect product entirely in-air with top and bottom sensors in order to detect and eliminate all foreign material (FM) and product defects. With the vendor’s expertise in sorting and conveying, these integrated inspection systems are specifically designed to handle the challenges of sorting leafy greens. They maximize sort accuracy to remove more FM and defects while virtually eliminating false rejects, improving food safety and increasing yields simultaneously. Key Technology; Walla Walla, Wash.; 509-529-2161;

Magnetic liquid trap with corrosive-resistant coating

The CR-MLT magnetic liquid trap is used specifically in processing acidic foods, including tomatoes and citrus. It features a high-pressure rating, allowing it to handle a high volume of product quickly, and is easy to clean. Because it is made from a single piece of stainless steel, it has no welds or crevices to corrode. The trap’s superalloy material offers high corrosion resistance so that acidic foods such as tomato paste, ketchup and vinegar-based products, as well as high temperature chloride-based cleaning agents, won’t cause pitting, crevice and stress corrosion. Its temperature-compensated, high-intensity, neodymium 45SH magnets capture metal contamination. Bunting Magnetics; Newton, Kan.; 800-835-2526;

Variable-speed air-cooled chiller

An air cooled chiller is a system that is designed to use ambient air surrounding the condensing unit to cool a refrigerant back into a liquid once it has absorbed heat from the process. The VS Chiller with the variable speed compressor operates effectively between 10 percent and 100 percent of its rated capacity. This means a 10 ton chiller can operate very efficiently as a 1 ton as well as up to a 10 ton chiller. This new design applies proven, variable speed “green” compressor technology from the HVAC industry to produce up to a 50 percent energy savings over traditional hot gas bypass regulation. These energy cost savings can pay for the chiller investment in less than three years. In addition, utility companies may offer purchasing incentives and rebates. Delta T Systems; Richfield, Wis.; 262-628-0331;

Scroll compressor in a portable chiller

The Iceman SC Series portable chillers feature a scroll compressor providing superior efficiency, enhanced reliability and quieter operation. The scroll compressor has 50 percent fewer moving parts than standard reciprocating compressor, increasing the reliability and efficiency of the compressor. Quality components increase life and decrease maintenance – things such as nonferrous plumbing and components, efficient stainless steel brazed plate evaporator, stainless steel centrifugal pump and liquid filled pressure gauges. The operator-friendly design gives maximum safety and control. Reciprocating and semi-hermetic compressors are available in some models. Mokon Thermal Fluid Systems; Buffalo, N.Y.; 716-876-9951;

75-gal. incline agitated kettle

The 75-gal. “D7SI” kettle with inclined single-motion, pipe frame agitator and heavy-duty scraper shovels protects high-value ingredients. The 45° inclined agitator produces a gentle lifting and folding action, keeping all ingredients evenly suspended in the batch. This is important when mixing fresh-cut, delicate ingredients such as potatoes, tomatoes, cut vegetables and fruit. The inclined agitation sweeps the inside hemispherical surface of the kettle, leaving no unmixed product and minimizing the potential for product to accumulate during mixing. The agitation puts more product in contact with the heating jacket, resulting in more consistent heating and cooking results. Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.; 814-342-0461;

High-speed door with FDA and USDA compliance

The LiteSpeed washdown high-performance door makes it easier to keep a high-speed door clean in food operations. With curtain retention of up to 0.2 InWC, it meets clean Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines established by the FDA and USDA. The PVC curtain operates on a stainless steel frame designed without a header and motor shrouds — areas notorious for harboring bacteria. The completely heat-sealed vinyl and optional urethane curtains stand up to caustic cleaning chemicals used in a typical washdown application. The roll-up design translates into a smaller physical footprint and peak operating speeds of 65 in./sec. with a 1-hp motor. Rite-Hite; Milwaukee; 800-456-0600;

Pumps find new uses

The 1500 Series horizontal end suction vortex pumps are finding new uses in solids handling industries. These pumps have a wide range of applications in areas like food processing solids, wastewater treatment, pollution control and particularly waste pumping in the wine industry. The base-mounted pumps are designed for use with any T frame motor or with virtually any type of drive. Capacities to 1000 GPM, heads to 100 feet TDH, temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, fully recessed vortex impeller, with packing or mechanical seal. Pumps are designed with back pull-out construction that permits easy inspection and access for service or maintenance — if it is ever needed — without disturbing the piping to the pump. Standard construction is cast iron, 316 stainless steel fitted, all-316 stainless steel, Alloy 20 or CD4MCu. Vertiflo Pump Co.; Cincinnati; 513-530-0888,

Brix measurement of syrup, fructose and sucrose

Dynatrol Density Systems measure density, specific gravity, Brix, Baumé, percent solids and percent concentration of liquids and slurries. They use vibratory principles to provide continuous measurement of syrup, fructose and sucrose in vessels or in-line at process conditions. The Dynatrol Density Cell (model CL-10HY) achieves accuracy over a range of process changes in ambient temperature, pressure, viscosity or flow and is weather-tight and explosion-proof. It has no motors, bearings, spindles or moving parts to maintain. The Dynatrol Digital Density Converter (Series 2000) incorporates an on-board microcontroller, is preprogrammed for simple calibration and arrives ready to use on an application. Automation Products/Dynatrol Div.; Houston; 800-231-2062;

Folding thermocouple

The 94100 KwikSwitch Folding Thermocouple features a replaceable probe while maintaining a total system accuracy of ±1°F (±0.5°C). The reduced tip stainless-steel probe allows for a 1 second response time. This easy-to-use device turns on and off by simply flipping the probe open and closed. Its automatic shut-off feature conserves battery life, and the large LCD screen is easy to read and provides a backlight in low light settings. It’s IPX7 waterproof-rated and is supported by a five-year warranty. It uses any type K probe. Cooper-Atkins; Middlefield, Conn.; 860 894 4415;

Solve bulk flow problems

AirSweep bulk material activation systems clean interior surfaces and eliminate ratholes, bridging and material buildup. They’re suitable for applications requiring sanitary equipment or frequent cleaning. Designed and fabricated according to sound sanitary design principles, they have flanged connections for quick installation or removal from mounting and process connections. Removal/disassembly is quick and easy with simple hand tools. Made from 316 stainless steel, all surfaces are resistant to corrosive products and cleaning/sanitizing chemicals. Carbon steel and 304 stainless also is available. Control Concepts; Putnam, Conn.; 860-928-6551;

Side load hydraulic container dumper

This dumper discharges containers of free-flowing material into an existing process at 81 in. above floor level. A stainless steel sanitary design provides a clean operation for operating within food processing environments. The system uses a two-speed hydraulic system for rotational control and extended equipment life. It features a custom container and pallet retention system, automated controls and a three-sided safety light curtain guarding package. A lifting assembly package provides low-clearance container rotation. The system is available with discharge heights up to 40 ft., rotation to 180°, for any size drum or container. Units are custom-designed for application requirements. Material Transfer; Allegan, Mich.; 800-836-7068;

Thermal inkjet printer

The ClearMark thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer produces high-quality text, graphics and barcodes on almost any porous or nonporous substrate. This provides the capability to add fixed and variable data, including serialized 2-D data matrix barcodes, directly to primary or secondary packages or preprinted labels. The printer is particularly suited for production lines that operate at lower volumes, run sporadically or change over frequently. Users can replace the cartridge and print the next color or type of ink instantly. Messages and parameters are saved to the printhead’s onboard memory, enabling the printer to operate without being connected to an external controller. ID Technology; Fort Worth, Texas; 888-438-3242;

Matched motor and drive combination packages

Combination motor and drive packages allow OEMs and end users to select a solution for their heavy-duty industrial motion control applications from a predetermined list. The combinations are power-matched for 480-V high-overload operation through a 20-hp range, with I2T protection from thermal damage provided as a standard in both the motor and the drive components. Included are the Siemens Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP), application macros via the Sinamics G120C drive for easy installation and wiring, and Simotics SD100 motors with inverter duty ratings in a 4:1 speed range for constant torque and 20:1 speed range for variable torque. Siemens; Elk Grove Village, Ill.; 800-241-4453;

Clean-in-place check-weighing machines 

The clean-in-place (CIP) version of Dynamic checkweighers uses a framework that minimizes horizontal flat surfaces, using sloped faces and round tubing where possible, and a sloped cabinet. An enhanced safety conveyer design minimizes entrapment and other hazards from rotating shafts or equipment. These changes meet sanitary and hygienic standards for CIP clients. The fully automated system is designed to weigh items automatically while in motion for quality control or sorting applications. The checkweigher controller can communicate both upstream and downstream across Rockwell Automation’s The Connected Enterprise. This high-speed check-weighing system can process as many as 350 pieces/min. Hardy Process Solutions; San Diego

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