Equipment Round Up: August 2020

Aug. 11, 2020
Our editors selected the following food and beverage manufacturing equipment products to feature in our August 2020 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Two new brushes for difficult cleaning

From gaps and crevices to complex machinery and pipework, certain cleaning tasks in food and beverage production facilities require special cleaning tools. The Detail Cleaning range includes seven brushes that make it easier for users to ensure regulatory compliance when cleaning awkward spaces. Two additions were just added. 1. A narrow cleaning brush with long handle (420 mm, hard) and a narrow head, long handle and hard, angled bristles is suitable for cleaning the insides of complex cramped machinery and deep containers. 2. An ultra slim cleaning brush with long handle (600 mm, medium), a scraping edge and extra-stiff end-bristles is for tackling stubborn debris in extremely tight spaces. Vikan/Remco

Dosing Skid Configurator Features 16,000 Customizations

The Dosing Skid Configurator is a new, interactive digital tool featuring thousands of configuration variants to serve an array of markets with complete chemical dosing solutions. Historically, chemical dosing pump skid systems require someone to have in-depth knowledge of a dosing pump manufacturer’s variations and related capabilities to fit into specific applications. This one has integrated recommendations provided by the company’s dosing experts for materials of construction that are based on the selection of the material being pumped. Answering a few simple questions configures the best solution, the software generates an interactive 3-D model of a pre-engineered dosing skid system—one of 16,000 possible configuration variants—a materials list, dimension drawings, list pricing, a downloadable submittal package, and a contact form to reach a Grundfos distributor to learn more about ordering and availability. Grundfos

Pallet handling conveyors

The Edge Roller Technology (ERT 250) conveyor uses rollers to move pallet conveyors smoothly with no friction. The conveyor’s open design eliminates concerns of small parts or screws dropping into rollers and causing conveyor damage or jamming. The conveyor is suitable for applications calling for pallet or tray handling; no- and low-back pressure accumulation; medium to heavy load assembly automation; and clean room applications. The rollers are driven by a patent-pending, energy-efficient linear gearbox that provides added flexibility with motor positioning and zoning. This allows for zone and slip roller operation. Simply removing a lower gear creates independent zones. Dorner

Meat and seafood wrapping machine

The 870 Auto Wrapper weighs, wraps and labels meat and seafood products in backroom environments. The automated wrapping station has an operational footprint of 19 sq.ft. The machine is designed to seal trays perfectly in terms of appearance and with high mechanical precision to prevent any product spillages or leaks at a later stage. It integrates with all of the company’s networked equipment. It is designed for easy operation. In the case of a changeover, whether of products or films, the step-by-step graphical guidance on the device’s large touchscreen display walks operators through the process to ensure the machine is being used safely and accurately. Mettler Toledo

Bulk bag discharging system

This patented system is designed for discharging various food ingredients into an existing process. The equipment is painted using a finishing system designed for use in food and beverage processing and is FDA- and USDA-approved for areas of direct and indirect dry food contact. Highly cross-linked film resists chemicals and solvents and does not support growth of mold, fungi or other micro-organisms. The unit features an electric chain hoist and Spider-Lift bag lifting frame. It features the heavy-duty Flo-Master bulk bag massaging system to promote material flow and the Flo-Lock gate for partial bag discharge. Material Transfer

Prefilter vessel

This prefilter vessel is constructed of 304L stainless steel, capable of 200 psi and full vacuum at 200°F. It is designed, built and stamped according to ASME Code Section VIII, Div. 1. The vessel has a working capacity of 6,500 gal. and is fully hydrotested. Charles Ross & Son

Cooking and vacuum cooling solution

This complete fresh-product cooking and vacuum cooling solution can be used for items such as chickpeas and potatoes — ingredients in retail and food service refrigerated dips and salads, including hummus, potato salad and mashed potatoes. The cookers feature stainless steel construction. Doors located on the load and unload sides prevent cross-contamination between the processed and unprocessed areas of the production line. The use of swing-up orbital doors rather than traditional swing-out doors reduces the unit’s footprint. The vessels are insulated and then wrapped with a stainless steel cladding that saves energy and reduces the amount of heat radiated into the loading and unloading areas. Allpax

Refrigerant dryer with VSD technology

The FD VSD 100-300 refrigerant dryer with variable-speed drive (VSD) technology is available in six sizes ranging from 212 to 636 cfm. With the VSD technology implemented into refrigerant dryers (also known as “thermal mass dryers” or “cycling dryers”), instead of running at full load to cool a thermal mass, stopping and then relying on that mass to complete cooling, the process allows for a fluctuating air demand. This is made possible by an inverter that allows the refrigerant dryer compressor to match its motor speed to user demand. The VSD dryer provides a low, stable dew point and high-quality air at all times. Atlas Copco Compressors

Food-grade contact cleaner

This food-grade contact cleaner is an NSF P1-registered cleaner suitable for cleaning sensitive electronics with exposure to incidental food contact. The cleaner removes dirt, light oils and contaminants quickly and easily from electronic equipment and is certified to leave surfaces effectively free of any substance that could be transferred to food being processed. It was developed for use where lower flash point solvents are permissible. The product evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, reducing downtime by eliminating the need for waiting, wiping and rinsing. The plastic-safe cleaner contains no Prop 65 ingredients. CRC Industries

Single-channel weight processor

Operating within Profinet Conformance Class A (CC-A) as a single network device, the HI 6200 single-channel weight processor is designed for users of Siemens PACs. It can be used by OEMs and system integrators building machinery in which accurate, stable and fast weight data are critical components to successful designs. Ultracompact at 2 in. wide and 3 in. high (40 sq. cm), the series is designed for machine level integration in process skids or manufacturing equipment. A high-definition color TFT display provides intuitive operations and easy-to-read measurements and instrument status. An embedded webserver allows for setup, monitoring and control from any web browser on the user’s network. Hardy/Siemens 

Phthalate-free PVC tubing

Clearflo 70 PVC tubing, a phthalate-free product, was developed in response to customer interest in fluid transfer products that do not contain leachable phthalates such as di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) or BPA (bisphenol A). The finished tubing meets USP Class VI requirements and is made from nontoxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards. It is NSF-51-listed for use with food equipment materials. Other features include glass-like clarity that lets users view fluid flow, smooth surfaces to aid flow and flexibility with light weight and abrasion resistance. The tubing handles a variety of chemicals, gases and liquids. NewAge Industries

Hybrid-design food extruder for plant-based proteins

The ZSK food extruder is available as a hybrid solution for manufacturing meat substitute products. The latest design accommodates both texturized vegetable protein (TVP) and high-moisture meat analogs (HMMA) with minimal retrofitting: The discharge can be changed over quickly from the ZGF centric food pelletizer used to manufacture TVP by cutting the product directly at the nozzle plate to the specialized cooling die needed for HMMA to make a product strand exhibiting a texture closely resembling that of genuine meat. The machine’s operator personnel can perform the changeover in a few minutes; no electrician is needed. Coperion

Robot solutions for food usage

This range of humid environment (HE) robots is designed for safe, hygienic processing of food products, including meats. The SCARA FAST Picker TP80 HE features up to 200 picks per minute. The TX2 90 HE six-axis robot provides waterjet and ultrasonic cutting. The TS2 60 HE four-axis robot is used for loading and unloading. Common features include a fully enclosed and pressurized structure to prevent micro-organism penetration and avoid condensation; a hygienic design that features smooth, rounded and tilted surfaces to eliminate liquid retention; protection against low-pressure jets of water (IP65) and immersion (IP67); and stainless steel crucial components. Stäubli North America

Conveyor door

The Sure-Seal conveyor door is designed for automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) environments. Combining speeds of up to 100 in./sec. and an energy-efficient R-4 insulated panel, it helps maintain secure separation within and between storage areas and conveyor operations. Its high-speed functionality ensures minimal air infiltration while a perimeter sealing system provides secure closing. In addition, the standard I/O expansion board and System 4 programming versatility allow seamless integration capability with existing ASRS control and monitoring systems. The door is specially engineered for high-cycle applications in which reliability and energy savings are critical. Rytec Corp

Noncontact radar level sensors

These level sensors are available in a variety of housings. Compact 1½-in. NPT housings can be used for existing fittings and are suitable for bins up to 98 ft tall. A durable plastic housing is an option for a bin with structure when used with a precisely aimed swivel mount. Aluminum and stainless steel housing materials are suitable for food operations. Mounting options include a custom carbon steel ball-and-socket mount for aiming flexibility; 4-in. ANSI mounting flanges in 0, 10°, 15°, 30° and 45° angles for angled roofs; and a variety of mounting flanges in various sizes for flat roofs. BinMaster

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