Food Biz Kids: Salami that is 'Like an Italian Deli'

July 9, 2014
Roltini's mozzarella & prosciutto and mozzarella & salami snacks satisfy on-the-go teens.

Caeli W, 9th grade: The first thing I notice is how fresh it is. The salami has a nice touch of spice to it and you can really smell the freshness of the cheese. The cheese is soft and the salami was easy to bite through, but dense enough to hold in the flavor of the cheese. This is a perfect snack for when you get home from school for children or teens. It could also work as a great on-the-go snack for adults as well.

Skylar R, 10th grade: This was an easy snack that would be great if you’re constantly in and out of the house. The packaging was easy to open and the colors were nice. The mozzarella cheese was absolutely delightful but I was not a huge fan of the meat. It was a little too soft paired with the cheese in my opinion. On the other hand, I think this snack would be great for mature eaters who would really appreciate the rich flavor of the cheese and meat.

Brandon R, 12th grade: This tastes like a special of the day at an authentic Italian deli. You get an intense smell from the prosciutto mixed with the mellow tones of mozzarella. This would be a good snack for teens or adults who are on the go. The taste is very genuine and authentic; one that mature eaters can easily appreciate. It might not appeal as well to children because of the saltiness of the prosciutto or because it’s not as fun to eat as string cheese. I would definitely buy this product.

Danial S, 12th grade: This tasty snack is like eating a sandwich without the hassle of making it yourself, and without the bread of course. The cheese is soft enough to practically melt in your mouth and the ham is soft and easy to bite into. The packaging made it very easy to open, and its colors are very bright and appealing to the eye. I would definitely buy it off the shelf. This snack is great if you have places to be and people to see.

Julia V, 11th grade: This snack provides a great blend of cheese with a kick of spice from the meat. It's perfect for people craving a mature flavored snack. It smells very fresh like the salami was just cut fresh from a butcher shop. The packaging was very colorful and appealing to the eye. I would love to buy it; it would be perfect to throw in my lunch for school. I believe teens and adults would purchase this product for a quick yet elegant snack.

Rachel R, 12th grade: This intriguing snack is molto delizioso. It tastes like a collective treat, not two different types of food. The cheese is very soft and easy to eat, not hard like a regular cheese stick. The meat tastes normal but together they are a great combination. The bright green packaging really captures the eye, and it's very easy to open. This product is great for anybody who needs a filling snack when you’re in a hurry.

Sarah L, 11th grade:
This snack is full of spicy deliciousness. The cheese has a nice, soft consistency but isn’t too squishy or soft. The salami has a strong spicy aroma but masks the scent of the cheese. The package is easy to open and I would definitely pick it off the shelf. Where can I buy one?

Jake Ludwig, 11th grade: This snack smells like a pizza shop in downtown Italy. The cheese is nice and soft, very easy to bite into. The packaging is very pleasant-looking but nothing overpowering. Being a student athlete, I’m always on the run going to practices after school, so this would be a great snack to have for after school that would fill me up.

Israel D, 11th grade: The meat was a little uncomfortably chewy paired with the soft cheese. The meat has nice flavor but is a tad salty. The only concern I would have is it might give you bad breath. The snack is a little sophisticated for children but I think it would be great for a mature eater that wants a filling quick snack.

Amanda V, 10th grade: I’m not a big salami eater but this is so so so good! The cheese is very creamy and fresh, leaving you with a nice fresh sensation after eating it. The cheese and salami had a sharp and pungent smell. The packaging would definitely catch my eye if I were in the store. And it was very easy to open. I would for sure buy this for a snack or to put in my lunch.

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