Food Biz Kids: Kind's Grain Bars are Kind to the Eyes

July 9, 2014
Kind's Healthy Grains Bars are crumbly, easy to chew and have attractive packaging.

Abby R, 10th grade: The red packaging is easy to open and it is very appealing. The colors are bold and make a statement; which makes me want to buy the product. It tastes like oats and chocolate; a good combination of flavors. It is very textured and easy to bite into. By the looks of the packaging, I would think the Kind bar was targeted to an adult. The colors don’t really appeal to a child.

Jillian H, 10th grade: The packaging is colorful and very appealing. It doesn’t make me hungry, but it is a really classic and attractive look. The texture of the bar is somewhat crumbly, but it doesn’t get stuck to your teeth, which is definitely a good thing. It smells and tastes like chocolate, honey and granola; these flavors are appealing to most people. After I ate it for a while, it started to taste like vanilla; this was interesting about the product but I liked it! It seems healthy and hearty, but still tasty enough for a child. The ingredients are natural and have nice appeal for a foodie or health food lover.

Christopher S, 10th grade: The texture was interesting. It was hard to chew but easy to pull apart. It was kind of crumbly; like there was nothing holding it together. I liked the taste a lot, however. The oats complemented the chocolate nicely. It was very easy to open so that was another good aspect to it. The packaging could be more appealing to a child.

Lucy G, 10th grade: Granola is definitely the main staple to this bar. It tastes healthy with all the oats and grains it mentions on the packaging. When I picked up the bar, it was a tad sticky and fell apart easily so I didn’t really like that. I love the colors of the packaging and it was a cinch to open it. I recommend anyone that needs a quick, healthy, grab-and-go snack try the Kind bar. I think especially teens and adults would enjoy this.

Mckenzie B, 11th grade: I really like the taste; it is similar to a breakfast bar. The granola and chocolate really stand out. I love it! It has a chewy, granola-y texture, which made it take a while to eat. The packaging is somewhat appealing, but it is a bit boring and the name gets lost in the colors. It is very easy to open. But the packaging makes me less likely to buy the bar. I think adults and teens are likely to buy it.

Quinn R, 9th grade: I enjoyed the Kind Dark Chocolate Crunch bar very much. It fell apart pretty easily, but it was good once I tasted the crisp oat and chocolate flavor. The smell is pretty neutral, with flavors such as honey, chocolate and oats gently creating an aroma. I think the packaging has too much going on. There are so many details and facts and names and patterns on the front. It looks somewhat appealing, but more complicated than anything. If the target audience was a child or teenager, I don’t think this bar would appeal to them.

Jesse T, 10th grade: The taste is chocolaty with oats to complement it. It tastes delicate. The texture stays firm in my mouth but falls apart as I bite into it. It smells like grains and oats; a really healthy smell overall. The package advertises its healthy qualities very well. I am gluten-free, so I really liked this.

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