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TreeHouse Foods Inc.

May 9, 2016
Top 100-ranked, 2010 Processor of the Year award-winner TreeHouse Foods is 'the biggest company you never heard of.

2021 Spring Road, Suite 600 Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 708-483-1300
Executives: Chmn & CEO: Sam Reed; Pres & COO: Robert Aiken Jr.; EVP & CFO: Matthew Foulston; EVP, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer: Thomas E. O’Neill; SVP & Chief Strategy Officer: Maurice Alkemade; SVP-Corporate Development: Erik T. Kahler; SVP-HR: Lori Roberts; VP & Treasurer: Lee Wise
Subsidiaries/Divisions: Bay Valley Foods, Sturm, S.T. Foods, Cains, Associated Brands, Protenergy Natural Foods, Flagstone Foods, E.D. Smith, Private Brands business unit (formerly ConAgra/Ralcorp businesses) 

Brands: Farman’s, Nalley, Mocha Mix, Peter Piper, Rod’s, Second Nature, Steinfeld’s, Nature’s Goodness, Bennett’s, Hoffman House, Roddenberry, San Antonio Farms, Cremora, Caza Trail, Grove Square, Ann’s House of Nuts, Amport, Habitant, McCann’s, Cains, Olde Cape Cod, Knox, Schwartz, Saucemaker--but mostly private label

Major Product Areas: Beverages; salad dressings; snacks; beverage enhancers; pickles; Mexican and other sauces; dry dinners; aseptic products; jams; and other products


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