McCormick & Co. Inc.

Sept. 10, 2009

18 Loveton Circle, Sparks, MD 21152-6000
Phone: 410-771-7301
Fax: 410-527-8289
Web site:

Executives: Chrmn, Pres/CEO: Alan D. Wilson; SVP & Controller: Kenneth Kelly Jr.; SVP-Human Relations: Cecile K. Perich; Pres-International: Lawrence E. Kurzius; Pres-U. S. Industrial Group: Charles T. Langmead; VP, General Counsel & Secretary: W. Geoffrey Carpenter; Pres-Consumer Foods Americas and Chief Administrative Officer: Mark T. Timbie

Subsidiaries, Divisions: U.S. Business Units: U.S. Consumer Products, SupHerb Farms, Zatarain's, Simply Asia; International Business Units: McCormick Canada, Schwartz, McCormick Foods Australia, Ducros, McCormick de Centro América, Silvo, Vahine, Margao, Schwartz for Chef  Brands: McCormick, Zatarain’s, Simply Asia, Thai Kitchen, Club House, Golden Dipt, Mojave, Old Bay, Produce Partners

United States:
Hunt Valley, Maryland–consumer and industrial (3 principal plants)
Gretna, Louisiana–consumer and industrial
South Bend, Indiana–industrial and consumer
Atlanta, Georgia–industrial
Commerce, California–consumer
Irving, Texas–industrial
London, Ontario–consumer and industrial
Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio–industrial
United Kingdom:
Haddenham, England–consumer and industrial
Littleborough, England–industrial
Carpentras–consumer and industrial
Monteux–consumer and industrial
New Dehli–consumer
Melbourne–consumer and industrial
Guangzhou–consumer and industrial
Shanghai–consumer and industrial

Major Product Areas: Spices/Herbs, seasonings, extracts, sauces & marinades, specialty foods

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