Food Biz Kids: Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips

June 3, 2013
Our high school product testers find out whether Way Better Snacks tortilla chips live up to their name.

Madison: I like the texture [of the Unbeatable Blues] because unlike some tortilla chips, [these are] easier to bite. It doesn’t stab my mouth like other kinds of chips. I like how it feels but it is an awkward texture with the seeds. The chips smell like typical tortilla chips. They smell the way they should, and do not taste processed at all. The packaging is simple and refreshing to look at, instead of the typical chip bag which is bright and distracting. It is a little bit hard to open, but not too bad.

Brian: The Way Better chips [Sweet Chili] are definitely softer then your normal chip. They have a unique taste, and it is easy to taste the main ingredients. They smell like sweet chili and potato; just like a fresh veggie should. Teens and adults would buy this product. It may be a little pricy because it is a natural chip.

Dustin: They have an amazing taste. I can taste the chili pepper and they aren’t too spicy. I do like the taste. They smell nice and "salsa-y."

Kenneth: These chips [Sweet Chili] have a good, crunchy taste that is not too dry and they kind of melt in your mouth. The simplicity of the words on the packaging with the delicate pictures combined looks very nice. I find that teens and children would enjoy these the most, but they are healthy for anyone to eat.

Lukas: Simple packaging creates a homegrown, organic, healthy feel to the product [Sweet Chili] even before you open it. The fragrance is very present in the product immediately after opening the bag. The flavors are very good, and accurately portray the flavors. Although they look very hard, the chips are actually quite soft. This is my favorite part about the product. I believe adults would buy this product because of the gourmet flavors and probable high prices.

Morgan: The colors of the packaging [Unbeatable Blues] look appealing. I like how the package shows the health benefits because one would look for this type of thing in the chip aisle at the grocery store.

Elli: The taste [of Black Bean] is good. I can't tell these chips are supposed to be healthy. It has the perfect amount of salt. When you bite into them, they are nice and crunchy but not so crunchy that they fall apart. The packaging makes me want to devour this healthy snack. I like the simple colors and I like the texture of the bag. They are a little bit hard to open, but definitely manageable. I think everyone would use this product. They are a delicious way to stay healthy. Little kids wouldn’t tell the difference as to whether they or healthy or not.

Michael: It is a nice bag; it isn’t annoyingly crinkly like other bags. It has a simple design to it, but it's quite appealing. The single chili pepper picture on the bag has a nice touch. Overall, they are fairly easy to open. Way Better chips have a great taste; the sweet chili leaves a zing. By looking at them, the chip seems like it will be very hard but they are soft and easily edible. They have an inviting texture, unlike other tortilla chips that are very hard and sharp.

Jillian: It tastes very good. The [Unbeatable Blues] taste like a regular chip but with a very nice flavor of corn; you wouldn’t guess they were so healthy. They are very appealing to me because after eating these chips, you don’t get gunk on your fingers. It smells like a nice blend of corn. The packaging is simple and clean. It isn’t overcrowded and the coloring looks nice. The pictures are appealing and make the snack look healthy and yummy.

This article originally appeared in the June 2013 issue of Food Processing Magazine.

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