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Food Biz Kids: Kraft Tomato Basil String Cheese

Feb. 1, 2013
Our high school product testers review Kraft's Tomato Basil String Cheese.
Kraft Tomato Basil String CheeseKraft Foods Group Inc.Reesie:Anyone would buy this product. Really mostly not kids; probably older people because of the spicy kick. Charlotte:It smells really good, like basil. Honestly, the cheese feels like rubber. But it's very good. It is a little spicy (in a good way). It's not overwhelming but long lasting. Keeley:The packaging is portable and makes it look healthy. It has classic colors, easy to open and tear-able. It smells like spices and zesty mozzarella. The flavor lingers and it has a slight kick. Morgan:The taste is a little light during your first bite, but the light taste makes you want more. The texture is similar to any other cheese stick, but the herbs and spices mixed in gives it a nice look. The smell is unexplainably good; it is very enticing. It smells like a fresh garden, and it gives you the feeling of nature and health. This aspect of the cheese stick would really invite the consumer to buy the product. The packaging is classic Kraft colors, so you know what you are buying when you are in the shopping isle. Stefanie:It has inconsistent flavoring in each individual cheese, but it's delicious and tastes healthy. I'm not even a fan of tomato, but I really enjoyed eating this product. This cheese would be too complex for children, however. Dustin:It has a very good smell the second you first open it. It makes your mouth water. There was a different taste to each stick though; that is the only thing that's wrong with it. I would buy this product. I think it is for teens and adults. Cyppie:I definitely thought that the taste would be much spicier, however it was very subtle and a great complement to the cheese. I actually really liked this product. It was a nice change to regular string cheese. Kirsten:The smell was delectable; very tomato-like. It didn't have much flavor, some have more flavor than others. Drew:It had inconsistent flavoring between each string cheese. It tastes and smells like you'd imagine. I love it. Some have taste that blasts your taste buds, and then some have very similar taste to normal string cheese. A classier string cheese is what this is.
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Michael:The tomato and basil are very pungent, which is good. This is an adult's string cheese. Kids may be dismayed by the look of it when they see their moms come home with the groceries. Teens would like it because the flavor is more mature. Maria:When you eat this product, some bites are stronger than others. Overall, it is pretty good. It is similar to other string cheeses in texture; smooth and soft. Adults would eat this product because of the mature flavors. The smell is very appealing. I liked this product for the most part, but I couldn't eat it all the time.

This article originally appeared in the February 2013 issue of Food Processing Magazine.

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