Food Biz Kids: Kind Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Plus Protein Bar

April 11, 2013
Our high school product testers review a new chocolatey protein bar.

Michael: It is a delightful taste sensation; upon first bite you get a big taste of peanut, but the chocolate comes in soon after. The chewy, nougaty part is also very good. It tastes like chocolate, but the protein taste is very evident. It smells great! The peanuts and peanut butter stand out, but the chocolate is right next to it to complement it. It has a very sweet, mouthwatering smell. The packaging has a very modern look to it, and it is nice how it displays the benefits. For example, 7g of protein, gluten/wheat free, 3g fiber, etc. I also like how there is a clear section so you can see the actual product. If I saw this product in stores, I would buy it because it looks yum in the tum.

Melissa: The Kind Bar looks like a normal granola bar with a chocolate bottom and a chocolate drizzle. It also looks like it has granola and syrup to bind the product together. The bar was very hard to bite into. I think the packaging is very appealing because it has a lot of colors and it has a clear section to see what the bar looks like. It was easy to open, and if I had never tried this product, I would probably purchase it simply because of the packaging.

Morgan: The taste is very sweet and chocolaty, but you can also taste how it would have health benefits. I think athletes would love this product for on-the-go, energy-boosting snacks before a game or practice. The packaging is the main thing that I enjoyed about this product. I like how there is a clear section where you can see the product. The colors they use for the wrapper complement each other very well; they give you an idea that this product will be good for you.

Briana: The packaging of this nutrition bar consists of a neutral color scheme that gives off a down-to-earth natural vibe. Due to the lack of bright colors, I wouldn’t see it as eye-appealing toward children, but rather to adults. The nutrition is low in sodium and doesn’t contain gluten, which would be beneficial towards those with gluten allergies.

Annalyssa: There is a glaze on top and makes it look fresh. I love chocolate and nuts, and there was a perfect blend of both. The packaging is informative by having clear wrap for showing the product and giving the nutritional positives in the front. These look like they appeal to adults because it would provide a quick snack. I loved this product and I can't wait to try it again. However, this product does leave pieces on my teeth after I eat it.

Madison: The taste is sticky, but not too sticky. It is kind of hard and nutty; it’s a bit hard to bite into. The packaging is clean, simple and effective. You can see what the bar looks like through the packaging. I think it is European-looking. I think health-conscious adults would eat these over teens and kids.

Alyssa: The packaging is stylish, appealing and modern. It looks very healthy. However, I had trouble opening it. Most teens and healthy adults would enjoy this product; it seems too mature for kids. It seems like something a mom on the go would enjoy. I don’t like peanuts, but this tasted good, like a Snickers. 

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of Food Processing Magazine.

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