Food Biz Kids: Chobani Champions Tubes

March 22, 2013
Our high school product testers review the tubular Greek yogurt.

Chobani Champions Tubes, Jammin' Strawberry

Maggie: Chobani Champions Tubes taste really good. They are sweet, but not too sweet. This product tastes a lot like Go-gurt, but isn't as sugary, which is good. It is definitely healthier than a Go-Gurt. The tube itself looks good, although the puzzle could use directions. I didn't know it was a puzzle until I saw the answer on the back. The box is boring and generic looking. The blue words with the blue box makes everything blend in. If I saw this product in the store, I would probably overlook it due to how plain the box is.

Ivan: It tastes like “Jammin Strawberry!” -- a very good strawberry-flavored yogurt in a tube. I found it very delicious. The tube is very simple to open and consume. The bright red color attracts your eye easily and I would certainly buy it at a grocery. Children would love the package and enjoy the taste while reading the clever jokes on the front.

Megan: It is actually very tasty. It tastes just like Greek yogurt should, and I like how it is smoother than most yogurts. The strawberry actually tastes like strawberry, which you don't get a lot. I think the texture is just right. It isn't too watery or too thick either. I would use this product because it would be much easier to bring in my lunch, rather than having to use a spoon with the containers of yogurt.

Kailey: The packaging is appealing. It fits because the flavor is “jammin' strawberry,” so the pink/red color makes sense. The box was also a good design. It was simple and didn't look too overwhelming in color, or look too much like a kid's food. I think children and some teens would be most likely to use this product because of the packaging (tube design). It just doesn't seem like a product that many adults would use.

Monika: Chobani Champions Tubes taste tart. It's different than other yogurts -- I like that. It has more of a natural taste to it. I normally am not a fan of yogurt, but I really enjoy Champions. You can taste the strawberries in it. It has really small chunks of strawberries, which give it more than just a plain yogurt texture. It smells like a light scent of strawberries and milk. I think everyone would enjoy it; especially for mothers packing lunch for their kids or teens needing to grab a quick snack instead of the hassle of grabbing a cup of yogurt and forgetting a spoon.

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Stephanie: I really like the taste of it. It has some strawberry chunks in it which are good. It is really, really easy to open, and the packaging is colorful as well. If I saw these in the grocery store, I would stop and look at them because I like yogurt and it is very similar to Go-Gurt. I think most teens and kids would like this because it is an easy, on-the-go snack. If you have ever had Chobani Greek Yogurt, you will like this.

This article originally appeared in the March 2013 issue of Food Processing Magazine.

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