Food Biz Kids: WhoNu? Cookies Compared to Chips Ahoy!

Feb. 13, 2012
According to our Junior High tasters, Suncore Products' WhoNu? Nutrition rich cookies 'We don't need another healthy snack.'
WhoNu? Nutrition rich cookies, Chocolate Chip CrispySuncore Products LLC, DenverAwa Diakhate, 7th grade:When our teacher first opened the package, I was like dong! That makes a lot of noise. Then she gave me one. I took a bite. I'm like, wow, this tastes great! I only took one bite and the flavorful cookie started filling my mouth. I took another bite and I'm like WhoNu?, as in who knew a cookie could taste this great. I also love the name because it makes you want to ask the question, WhoNu? I loved the taste, but the smell turned my stomach; it smells like processed butter. Chips Ahoy! has nothin' on this cookie.Jorge Rodriguez, 7th grade:The cookies look good, the box was easy to open, and I think it does give us a new cookie brand. If there are more cookie brands, then there are more cookies! The cookies taste good, feel good, but they are a little too hard to chew on. They smell good, like a granola bar. I think a bunch of people would buy the product because it's good.Ben Girard, 7th grade:I think the package looks good; it has bright colors and says a lot about how healthy the cookies are. It is easy enough to open and looks good. The cookies smell great, but the taste is only decent. They are too hard for my taste. I also think that they are too chocolaty and crunchy. Overall, this is a decent product, but it's a lot like a healthy Chips Ahoy! I don't think I would buy this.Darice Wheeler, 7th grade:I think these WhoNu? Cookies are absolutely amazing! They taste just like chocolate, which is probably really good for parents when they want someone like me to eat something healthy. This is a great snack for children or adults of all ages. It keeps you in shape and satisfied. The delicious crispy texture just has you begging for more. For a new product, the packaging is great. This is definitely a product we need in the world.Emma Dzwierzynski, 7th grade:This product should not be sold in stores. They package is really ugly (orange) and the name doesn't match the cookie. It doesn't smell sweet at all, and my sense of smell was confirmed when I tasted the cookie. It tastes like it has no sugar. The texture in my mouth is hard and rough, not what I want it to taste like at all. This cookie would attract parents and people on diets. WhoNu? cookies could be disappointing – like any other crispy cookie in the market, just worse. WhoNu that cookies could be so bad? Atticus Deutsch: 7th grade:The packaging for WhoNu? advertises a healthy cookie choice, which doesn't appeal to kids. Most kids would like a different cookie first. The cookie is very hard and crisp, which isn't my favorite quality, and it tastes rather bland. Overall, this is a mediocre excuse for a cookie. Malak Afaneh, 7th grade:WhoNu? cookies do not really appeal to my taste, The chocolate tastes slightly stale, and the texture is very hard and crunchy. In fact, I think I almost broke my tooth taking a bite. However, the taste is sweet and nutritious, so many parents would buy them for their kids. I think though that Chips Ahoy! cookies have a better and sweeter taste. The packaging is eye-catching and the name is interesting, which will attract consumers.Damairay Birge, 7th grade:This product should not be in stores. It needs a lot of work, because it needs to be soft so it won't make a big mess if you eat it in the car. Also, it gets stuck in your teeth. But if you make improvements to this product, you could make a lot of money.Sukaina Jafferi, 7th grade:They look like other chocolate chip cookies, but taste different. They have chips of chocolate in them, are crunchy and smell milky when you take them out of the package. Because they have ingredients children don't like a lot, they probably won't buy them. If they think that it's good for their kids -- with nutrients and other stuff that would be good for their health and their brains -- parents would buy them for their children. Morgan Kaplan, 7th grade:The cookies would be good for parents whose little kids like sweets a little too much. It's a very nutritious snack that tastes really good. The package really grabs your attention; it's very bright. Even though they are good, I don't think we need another healthy snack.Roman Gomez, 7th grade:I do not like the cookies very much. One reason is there is too much chocolate; another is they are very hard, and not better than a lot of other cookies. The good thing is that there are a lot of cookies in the box, and the box is very big. Another is that they look appealing and healthy. Overall, I do not think this cookie is very good and I would not buy it. Calin Stucki, 7th grade:WhoNu? cookies are good; they are good for the healthy person that wants a nice treat. They have a creamy aftertaste in the back of your mouth. I think the package should be more interesting. I think the cookies will do well in the stores and people will like them. Jorie Minsky, 7th grade:The packaging is interesting. I like that it is colorful, but I don't like that it has nutritional information on the front. The packaging appeals to health freaks. The actual cookies have a good mix of chocolate chips and cookie, but are a little too hard. Overall, I think adults would buy this product.Jayson Sawyer, 7th grade:They smell like chocolate Chips Ahoy! They are really hard on the outside and soft on the inside. The box has a good picture. The best part of the cookie is the chocolate and the soft center. The aftertaste is like ash in the back of my throat.Sophie Civetta, 7thth grade:I think the WhoNu? cookies are okay. They taste just Chips Ahoy! I ate two cookies and one tasted okay and one was bad. They were different weights, tastes, and smells. They smelled better than they tasted. They are not just crispy; they are hard. The packaging is good and easy to open. The name makes no sense though. I would never buy these, ever!Sean Harris, 7th grade:WhoNu? is good, but it has some flaws. They are too crunchy and dry, and are too much like Chips Ahoy! The world doesn't need another cookie, even if it is nutritious. The best thing is that the chocolate chips taste real, not like some other cookies where they taste so sweet it's weird. All together, they are just okay cookies.Maeve Gavagan, 7th grade:The box makes me want to eat the cookies; the packaging is good if you want to share the cookies. But if you want just one, you should buy a different kind. The texture is crunchy, but it sticks to your teeth. Taste is mediocre, and I do not love it. The cookie's smell is too chocolaty, and doesn't make me want to eat it. As necessity goes, it's supposed to be healthy, but I'd rather pick up a Chips Ahoy! Jake Bassler, 7th grade:WhoNu? cookies are good, but the top is hard, although some people might like that. The packaging is bad because it brags about how healthy they are, which will not be popular with kids. The best part to me is the chocolate and the inside. Overall, these cookies are average.Natalie Lovinger, 7th grade:WhoNu? nutrition rich cookies sound delicious. The packaging looks warm and the nutrition part will attract more health-conscious customers. The cookies smell like they are fresh out of the oven. When it comes to the actual taste, it is disappointing. The cookies are too hard, and they don't taste half as promising as they look.Griffin Gallas, 7th grade:This is a cookie I do not recommend for kids. It has a smell of homemade and that does attract, but there is way too much chocolate and they don't leave a very good aftertaste. I think it needs a little work, but after all it is an all right cookie.Ben Alexander, 7th grade:WhoNu? cookies are packaged well, super easy to open, and draws kids' attention. They smell okay, tasting a lot better than they smell. They really aren't that good for you. They stick in your teeth, have too many chocolate chips, and are too hard. I personally like crispy. I would rather have Chips Ahoy! They taste better and are as healthy for you. I would not buy this product.Aaron Smith, 7th grade:I think these are just like Chips Ahoy! The packaging is easy to open, but the more you eat, the weirder they taste. They taste terrible, have different smells and sizes, and taste stale. The world does not need this product. It's a mediocre excuse for a cookie.