Food Biz Kids: Triple Double Oreo Twice as Big Not Twice as Good

Dec. 13, 2011
Our young testers ask about the chocolate treat: 'Does the world need another Oreo?'
Andrea Citlali Flores, 8th grade:The smell is like chocolate. The Oreo tastes like chocolate with a lot of sweetness, and also tastes gooey and hard. The texture is really soft and melty in your mouth, but makes you want milk. I think the whole world should buy this product because they are awesome chocolate cookies.
Nabisco Triple Double Oreo
Nabisco, East Hanover, N.J., a brand of Kraft Foods Inc.
Samuel Carvajal, 8th grade:The packaging is just about the same, but with a different Oreo in there. It smells the same too. Let's check on taste. It's a nice blend of chocolate and vanilla with the chocolate slightly stronger. The texture isn't different, just a bigger bite, but the taste makes up for that fact. Anyone who liked Oreos before would buy this tasty combination, and it is a valuable addition to the space Oreo takes up in a store. It's nice to have more than two choices of Oreos.Liz Jolie, 8th grade:The packaging is most likely appealing to the little kids going shopping with their moms. It shows an enlarged version of the already huge Oreo. When I put it on a paper towel in front of me, it smelled delicious. I took my first bite and the taste of the Oreo filled my mouth. I think there is too much cream. I also feel you need to take really small bites since the Oreo is so large. I don't think the world needs another Oreo though. Twice as big does not mean it is twice as good. Overall, the Triple Double Oreo is OK.Seth Bearman, 8th grade:Looking at the wrapper, the unappealing pink swirl [is] a slight turnoff. Expecting just a regular Oreo taste, I tried to bite down on the tower of chocolate and cream. It was a little too thick for my mouth. When I finally fit it in, it was exactly what I expected: a classic Oreo with a little extra chocolate. Same old, same old -- something we don't need. I think there is enough variety already in the world of cookie sandwiches, especially since this tastes just like all the others.Zoe Solomon, 8th grade:The packaging is nice and easy to open, but it's exactly the same as all other Oreo packages. They need something new. The taste is the same as a regular Oreo. I absolutely love Oreos, so this is great, but no different than the originals. A lot of people will buy this product, including me, but Oreos need some changes; both the taste and packaging is always the same.Matt Reinberg, 8th grade:No, I feel cheated. This company reels you in with bigger more chocolaty Oreos, which taste the same as the original and are too large for the average mouth. Triple Double Oreos smell and taste the same as Oreos, so what's the point of this product?  Raquel Valadez, 8th grade:The package is easy to open and very colorful. The cookie looks bigger but it tastes the same as the plain one. It's bigger and better. I feel there is no need for another Oreo. It is a very sweet cookie that doesn't taste any different than the original. Also, it is less healthy that the original, so there is no reason for another Oreo.Alejandro Graves, 8th grade:This Oreo tastes the same as a regular Oreo, only the chocolate is overwhelming. I think the size change in the Oreo is pointless because it actually changes the amount of them you get per package.Dylan Mulvihill, 8th grade:The Triple Double Oreo almost looks like something you and a friend would make in your free time with two boxes of Oreos. They taste exactly how you would have thought – creamy and crunchy with chocolate and vanilla. It makes your mouth water and doesn't disappoint. If you are a fan of Oreos, you will love this monster cookie.King Cysko Gil, 8th grade:The packaging is good and it is easy to open and close to preserve for the next day. The Oreo tastes exactly the same as the original ones, except it has more of a chocolate aftertaste when you are done. As always, the Oreo gets your mouth dry so you need something to drink. But overall, I don't think the world needs another Oreo variety.Jorie Minsky, 8th grade:The packaging is colorful but simple at the same time. The packaging would appeal to young kids, it is easy to open and the Oreo smells like chocolate. The cookie is a perfect mixture of smooth cream and crunch of the cookie. It tastes like chocolate with a hint of vanilla. I think the product will sell to families with young kids. The product is not needed, but I think it will sell well.Sam Graf, 8th grade:Triple Double Oreos taste like a normal Oreo. The packaging has different colors and a different picture. The Oreo looks like a sandwich now because it's so big, and it's almost so big you can't fit it in your mouth.Kristen Fink, 8th grade:In my opinion, the Triple Double Oreo is good, but a little overboard. It's a double-decker Oreo!!! It tastes very chocolaty. And the packaging is visually pleasing like many of the other Oreo products. This product will appeal to kids because of the sheer exciting and pleasing taste that they love; it's two Oreos in one!!Josh Rivers, 8th grade:The packaging is great. I didn't like the chocolate that much. It smells great and they are delicious. No, I wouldn't buy this because it tastes the same; it's just bigger. The world really doesn't need this product.Maya Braithwaite, 8th grade:The Triple Double Oreo is a combination of the original Oreo with a twist of chocolate. Its size is very good for moms who don't want to buy two different types of Oreos.Sandro Reyes, 8th grade:The Triple Double Oreo tastes the same as a regular Oreo because the cookie is the same only triple. It is also basically the same in that they stack another Oreo on top. To me, it still tastes the same only the cookie is bigger. The only good thing is that when you grab this Oreo, it's like grabbing two and eating two at a time. The bad thing is that it doesn't fit in a small kid's mouth.Ngozi Watts, 8th grade:The Oreo Triple Doubles are not very good. They are too sweet. I think that puttlng them together is not a very good idea; it didn't appeal to me. I think the company should have kept it simple with the original Oreo.Katie Hierholzer, 8th grade:The packaging is colorful and easy to open. It smells and tastes the same as an original size Oreo, so I was disappointed. The only thing different is the size. I wouldn't buy this product. Andrei Marginean, 8th grade:The packaging looks appealing because it is colorful, and you can clearly see that the Oreo cookie is larger than normal. It tastes the same, and you have to bite it five times to finish it. The cookie doesn't have a smell, but the texture is very positive. The world does not need this bigger Oreo.Phillip Zelditch, 8th grade:The packaging makes the cookie look big, but it really isn't that large. Though the box is smart with that tab that makes it easy to open and eat one. It tastes like a regular Oreo just bigger. This isn't bad; it just isn't anything special. It smells and feels the same as a regular Oreo. This product isn't really important. I enjoyed it, but there isn't a need for a bigger Oreo.

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