Food Biz Kids: Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers – Pepper Jack

June 3, 2010
A cheesy and spicy cracker treat so tasty our 7th and 8th grade reviewers deemed it good enough that 'Even my great grandma enjoyed these.'
The Product: Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers – Pepper JackThe Manufacturer: Sunshine Biscuits LLC,(a Kellogg's brand), Elmhurst, Ill. Rakael Fidis, 7th grade:I tried the Cheez-It Pepper Jack product. The packaging didn't exactly wow me, but it gives a good enough impression for me. The taste is kind of a mix of cheesy and spicy. I like them a lot and I'm sure I'll buy them. The texture involves a lot of seasoning and it's not very hard to bite into. There is also a good amount in the box. The smell tempts me to want more. I think people of all ages would like this as a treat; even my great grandma enjoyed these. I think a lot of people would buy this product. Sullivan Friebus, 7th grade:This product is an unfortunate addition to the Cheez-It family. I am usually a huge fan of them, but this flavor didn't taste good. It tastes kind of cheesy when you bite into it. Then after 20 seconds or so, it becomes a little spicy. A minute after you've swallowed it, this weird aftertaste is in your mouth. I would recommend Cheez-Its, but a different kind.Natalie Bahmandeji, 7th grade:The packaging of the Pepper Jack Cheez-Its is like the original packaging, so I think they could have been a little bit more creative with that. The aftertaste is a little spicy, but still enjoyable for people who aren't a big fan of spicy foods. The texture is the same as the originals, and the smell has a Mexican feel. Adults and children would enjoy this nice, light snack.Jose Gonzalez, 7th grade:The taste of these Cheez-Its is very good. They are cheesy and spicy at the same time. They are very crunchy, and I would buy them any time I see them in the store. They smell good and are amazing.Xavier Amandaji, 7th grade:The packaging is just like every other Cheez-It box. The good thing about Pepper Jack is its spiciness; it tastes exactly like what you think of. The texture is crunchy and partially hollow. They smell like Cheez-Its usually do, but look different. I would buy them and all my friends that like spicy food would buy them. It tastes very good and I like the aftertaste.Maddy Behr, 7th grade:These Cheez-Its are very good. The packaging is good, it says “NEW,” which makes people want to try the product. They are also not spiced to the extent where they burn your mouth; they have just the right amount of spice. One thing I don't like so much is that I think they could be a little cheesier. I think they should have stuck a little more to the Original Cheez-It taste.Jeffrey Brown, 7th grade:The packaging for Cheez-It is like normal ones (crackers). The taste is way better in my opinion because it has pepper jack, which is unusual for any cracker or chip. The taste and smell kind of has a tangy thrill to it, mostly like pepper jack flavor. Fanatics of Cheez-It are the people who would like this product. Personally, I wouldn't buy it.Tatyana Young, 7th grade:They taste like the regular Cheez-It but are kind of hot. The texture is crunchy, but not that crunchy. I think kids would love the Pepper Jack. To me, nothing needs to be added because it is delicious and yummy. I would buy it all the time because it's very good. I think you should buy it. Yum. Chris Davis, 7th grade:The taste of this Cheez-It leaves a spicy taste that will make you want to air your mouth out. The texture of it is not much different than the regular Cheez-It, but these are a bit bumpier. It smells just like pepper, but you couldn't really smell it a lot. It doesn't really need anything; it's perfect. Everyone would use these at parties and any gathering of any sort. I would definitely buy them.Cia Brooks, 7th grade:The package is very light, fun, but not really exciting. These are crunchy, delicious, kind of spicy and smell like cheese. They don't need anything. Kids would definitely buy them.Nick Pigozzi, 7th grade:The packaging of the Cheez-It box is quite appealing with a bright red texture, and a colorful picture of the product. The smell is a pretty strong cheesy scent. The taste is really great with a cheesy, yet spicy flavor. This would appeal to most people who enjoy a strong cheesy taste. I really enjoyed it, and I'm sure many others will, too.Juliette Shesgreen, 7th grade:The packaging comes in an inviting red box that is covered in many Cheez-Its. It might look like any other kind of Cheez-It, but it is not. The first thing you taste is cheese; then it transforms into a spicy texture. This could be a good food between lunch and dinner. I would recommend them to anyone of any age.Erica Gardner, 7th grade:When I smelled the Pepper Jack Cheez-Its, they smelled kind of spicy. When I tasted them it was more like Pepper Jack cheese. The texture is soft, but when you feel it, crumbs come off. I would suggest buying these because they are good and leave a good taste in your mouth.Justin Farrow, 7th grade:Pepper Jack Cheez-Its come in the same packaging as always – the Cheez-It box. It tastes like normal cheddar cheese, except it has a spicy aftertaste. It smells like nothing. I would buy them just to snack on, but I like the normal Cheez-It's better.

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