Food Biz Kids: Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars Far From Perfect

Oct. 12, 2010
Our seventh grade reviewers declare Zone bars are 'Maybe for older, unhealthy people.'
Steven Medina, 7th grade:Smooth, for the most part with the occasional bump from the caramel. It's somewhat hard to bite into because of the caramel lining on its inside. The chocolate on the inside isn't what I was hoping for. Most chocolates are smooth, rich and creamy. This chocolate is clumped together, is dried out and doesn't even taste like chocolate. They appear absolutely delectable on the outside, but it's the rock hard caramel and the dried out so-called chocolate on the inside that counts.Micaela Homer, 7th grade:When I first looked at Zone Perfect, I was really excited for chocolate, caramel and nuts that tasted like a candy bar. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. It tastes like cardboard, and the caramel is virtually nonexistent. The bar doesn't even seem that great for you compared to others. Even if I were looking for a fitness bar, I would never choose Zone Perfect. Noah Bearman, 7th grade:I think this product could have better packaging because the label is way too cluttered. Also, the taste is very bland. It could have a little more chocolate and less of the crunchy inside part. I think this product does not appeal much to children and more to adults due to the packaging and the amount of health facts on the wrapper.Ruby Schneider, 7th grade:Zone Perfect's gold bars draw the eye easily, and the tearing strips on the end let it open smoothly. After your first bite, you are mesmerized. It's a dark chocolate mix with the strip of caramel in your mouth. Its crunchy clusters of pecan and chocolate are not the best combos. But whenever you are in a rush and need a good bar, this is a good choice.Reginal Murphy, 7th grade:The packaging is pretty good but very misleading because I was looking for more chocolate and a lot of caramel. That's not what I found. It was no good at all, tasted like tree bark. The texture is terrible; it feels like sandpaper. This product is made for the health-conscious, not for those who want flavor. I will not be buying it.Cia Brooks, 7th grade:The package is kind of dull; I wouldn't ask my mom to buy it. It has a healthy taste. I would prefer milk chocolate. The texture is rough and it's kind of crunchy. It kind of has a bitter smell. It needs more caramel. Maybe older, unhealthy people would purchase this.Xavier Amandaji, 7th grade:The package of the Zone Bar is very pretty. It could use a few more colors, but it still looks good. The taste isn't what I was expecting, but it was better. The texture is crunchy -- better than being mushy. This should be more of a protein bar for people who work out or need protein. I would buy it because of its delicious taste.Mary Bauer, 7th grade:Yeah, Zone Bars have cool names, but I wouldn't really buy them. The package is shiny, but it isn't pretty or attracting. When I bit into it, it was pretty good. The texture is kind of grainy and the aftertaste is really weird. This is something you would buy after a work out. But I would just be really desperate for food to buy this product.Mario Villegas, 7th grade:Zone Perfect looks really good and smells good. When you first take a bite, it tastes good but the good taste starts to go away and taste bad and it's really bitter. I would sell this to people who like foods that are bitter.Natalie Cleland, 7th grade:Zone Bars make for a delicious and nutritious snack. When you first look at the bar, it looks like an average bar. I didn't like how a picture of the bar was there. The taste of the bar is good but not fabulous. The texture while eating the bar is great, but sadly the aftertaste and texture is lacking. Energy bars are all the rage, so I think this might just make it.

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