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Kids Catch the Buzz of Java Rocks Caffeinated Candies

April 13, 2010
Chocolaty caffeine candies 'Smells like a Starbucks' say our junior high testers.
Java RocksHow Do You Take Your Coffee? Inc., Reno, NevadaWali Deutsch, 7th grade:I like this bittersweet treat. It’s for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. The crunchy outside is a nice contrast to the smooth inside. The packaging is well portioned and very cool, and the clear cylinder look gives it an intriguing appearance. It’s fun for kids and sophisticated enough for adults. A great product that I think everyone will enjoy.Steven Medina, 7th grade:Java Rocks do live up to their name and do look like rocks. Don’t let their dirt color fool you. They are amazing. They are smooth and hard, but surprisingly easy to bite into. Once I did, my childish needs were fulfilled. The chocolaty goodness and the little punch of coffee flavor as an aftertaste makes Java Rocks the only bean I’ll eat. This should be marketed to relatively young children for its candy-like flavor.Aoife Burke, 7th grade:The design of the Java Rocks looks like their name and looks appetizing at the same time. I personally don’t like the taste of coffee or coffee beans. But these are chocolate covered and taste wonderful. I would not recommend them to kids since they have coffee in them. But other than that, they are a wonderful snack for teens and adults to eat with joy.Brandon Jackson, 7th grade:I really like this product. It smells like a Starbucks coffee shop. As soon as I opened the container, the alluring aroma of mocha filled the air. I love how they look like little volcanic rocks too, and the wrapper is relevant and cool. I would definitely buy this product but I think parents wouldn’t want these Java Rocks for kids. I think of these as candy, seeing as one serving is 230 calories, meaning that the whole container would be about 460 calories. Since the nutrition facts are so small, people could end up eating an entire meal in this tiny container. I do think this product is good for everyone, but it might take a while for the product to take off. Liliana Vasquez, 7th grade:The packaging is easy to open, just a cap to lift and voila! They taste like coffee and chocolate. Good! The texture feels like a rock in my hand [but] soft. They smell mostly like coffee, but somewhat like chocolate. You need this product because it’s good, and dark chocolate is better than just chocolate. A lot of people will like and buy this because it’s worth trying and it shouldn’t be that expensive either. Mikey Barrett, 7th grade:The coffee beans are served in a long tube that is a pain to open. Finally, when I got this thing open, I took a bite and they were delicious. They have a nice, sharp, dark chocolate taste. When you bite in, you get a nice crunchy feel. These would be a great breakfast for kids; they may get [them] out of bed because they wake you up. I think these will be a hit in stores.Blaise Filippini, 7th grade:The packaging is a little hard to open. I would label the area easiest to open it from. The varying texture and size makes them look more natural. They have a distinct chocolate flavor followed by a short spike of coffee. I think anyone who likes coffee would buy these.Sullivan Friebus, 7th grade:They are shaped like small rocks and feel like rocks. When you bite into one, the first thing you taste is chocolate. After you have eaten them, the coffee taste starts to kick in. The packaging is also very good. The tube is very easy to open. This product is a very good idea.Micaela Homer, 7th grade:I love Java Rocks! At first, I was hesitant, as I was expecting chocolate covered beans, so the shape was initially strange. However, these rocks are delicious and crunchy. The classic dark chocolate and coffee taste is great, but sadly toned down in order to appeal to non-coffee drinkers. The crunchy outside and melty inside is sure to appeal to adults and more mature-palated children as a sweet but sophisticated candy.Ricardo Bernal, 7th grade:The hard, brown Java Rocks are delectable. They taste just like coffee. They don’t have a good smell; I think I would enjoy them better if they did. I think this product would mostly be for teens and adults. They would taste better if they were a bit sweeter. I didn’t taste anything until I started chewing, so I think they should have a flavor on the outside. Maddy Behr, 7th grade:They are pretty good – just the right amount of chocolate and they have a little taste of coffee, but not overwhelming. I do think that those who dislike coffee will not necessarily love these rocks, but they won’t hate them as much as coffee because of the sugary, chocolate taste. Overall, this is a pretty good product.Jack Brennan, 7th grade:Java Rocks are very good and 100% natural. Their name is even appealing. At first, you just taste the sweet dark chocolate. Then the coffee takes over, and leaves a delightful aftertaste. The clear packaging displays their sweet appearance. They smell like coffee, and then you eat them and taste dark chocolate with a coffee aftertaste.Natalie Cleland, 7th grade:These are amazing. I absolutely love them! Not very suitable for kids under the age of 13, but they sure do taste good. I was really expecting a crunch because of the coffee bean, but there isn’t one. I like that, and they really do look like rocks.Sebastian Perez, 7th grade:Java Rocks come in a container like a cylinder. At first, they smell like chocolate. They have a bumpy, rocky yet smooth surface, and are pretty small. It tastes a like fresh-brewed coffee with chocolate. This product is very good, and I think that people who enjoy coffee would like this product. I recommend this to anyone who likes coffee, and I would definitely buy them.Cece Martin, 7th grade:The packaging for Java Rocks is good. It is very easy to open, and the actual product looks kind of like a real rock! I think many people would buy these, especially people who like coffee. I also think that kids would buy these because they have chocolate on the coffee beans. Josh Wilson, 7th grade:The container is really plain, except for four colors. It’s easy to open, so no fuss there. Java Rocks smells like coffee, not a hint of chocolate, and it has a coffee bean aftertaste, so it would be appetizing for people who like coffee.  The texture is like a rock. It needs more cocoa and a little bit more coffee, but I guess I would buy it.Sucheta Bandyopadhyay, 7th grade:To open the Java Rocks, you just have to flip over the lid. It tastes like coffee and chocolate mixed. The shape is really just an abstract smell of chocolate and coffee. Only people who like coffee would buy these; no kid would want to eat them.Nick Giangreco, 7th grade:Java Rocks are very good and mouth-watering. The covering is very appealing; you wouldn’t want a very bright package. I think they should add more coffee bean powder. It smells like dark chocolate. Overall, I love it.Bella Castilla, 7th grade:I like the cylinder container. It smells like a Starbucks espresso. If you like coffee, you’re going to love Java Rocks. It’s like a food version of coffee, and I like the crunchy texture.Devante Elcock, 7th grade:Java Rocks are so good. They look like rocks, but if you put one tooth mark on these, you won’t believe your eyes. It’s amazing how good they are with 72% dark chocolate and Arabica coffee.Tatyana Young, 7th grade:Java Rocks are so good. When I say good, I mean good. If anybody is looking at Java Rocks in the store to see if they are good or not, I suggest you get them because they are delicious. I love Java Rocks so much because they are delicious to me and others, too.Rohan Murray, 7th grade:The taste is just like fresh coffee beans mixed with chocolate. When it goes in my mouth, I taste the chocolate exploding as I eat it. I love Java Rocks.Lexi Mcowen, 7th grade:When I first saw the package, I didn’t really know what to expect. I like how the Java Rocks really look like rocks. They smell like dark chocolate, but they taste very strongly of coffee. I would say this product would appeal to teenagers and adults, but the flavor is probably too bitter for children. Personally, I love the taste of Java Rocks. Marty Leoni, 7th grade:These are so good!! They are chocolaty, and javay. They are very flavorful and so awesome. They are easy to carry in a tube container. They appeal to kids ages 13 to 18, and I recommend them.Amy Rodriguez, 7th grade:Interesting taste/soft outside/no smell. People with low blood sugar might want it, and adults on the go, who don’t have coffee might use it. Adults will buy it if it doesn’t have a lot of sugar. It has a bad aftertaste of coffee. Maybe if it had more chocolate on the outside it would be good.Loudon Cohen, 7th grade:I love the taste and texture of each individual rock. As I normally don’t like coffee, this was a surprise. They are not crunchy; they are soft. It is not dark, but mild. I love Java Rocks!Justin Farrow, 7th grade:These chocolate covered coffee beans are really good. The coffee they use is Arabica, which fits perfectly with the 72% dark chocolate. The package it comes in is weird though. It says Java Rocks, which doesn’t fit the coffee beans at all. It tastes like coffee, but has a sweeter taste because of the chocolate. It also smells like chocolate. This is a product I would definitely buy.

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