Food Biz Kids: Chex Mix Bound by Chocolate

Oct. 15, 2009
Our Seventh and Eigth Grade reviewers find these sweet snacks to be 'The perfect blend of sweet and salty.'
Chex Mix Bars – Chocolate Chunk
General Mills Inc., Minneapolis

Emma Sherman, 8th grade: These are the perfect blend of sweet and salty. They are easy to open and would be great as an afternoon snack. There are pretzels, chocolate and Chex, which are the perfect match. They are very, very chocolaty and delicious, but I wouldn’t recommend them for children because they are very messy and sticky. Despite this, they are very good, all the pros cancel out the cons.

Adam Haas, 8th grade: The texture is chunky and smooth. The wrapper is colorful. It is very chocolaty. It might be too sticky, but overall, this product is great.

Jovan Vedrene, 8th grade: The chocolate bar has a salty and sweet taste. It is chocolaty and a little hard. The bar has a Rice Krispies and Cocoa Puffs taste. It also reminds me of Fruity Pebbles and Twix. It is like a granola bar in texture.

John Wylie, 7th grade: The Chex Mix Chocolate Chunk bar smells very good, but it tastes horrible; you only taste the Chex Mix not the chocolate. It sticks to your mouth and your fingers. The packaging is appealing, especially the picture of the bar. Although it looks good on the package, it doesn’t look like that inside. I would say the bar would be good for young second-graders with no taste buds; they just like the look of chocolate.

Rebecca Figlio, 7th grade: The packaging is not especially attractive, but it is easy to open. It looks unpalatable and smells like Tootsie Roll. It tastes good, coincidentally like Chocolate Chex Mix. It would appeal especially to children. Its texture is unpleasant, way too chewy, so it causes my jaw to cramp. Overall, it leaves a pretty disgusting aftertaste.

Sarah Posner, 8th grade: The bar looks sweet and sticky at first, but then you bite into it. Chocolate is the most prominent ingredient, but the pretzel in it brings just enough salt to make a good balance. It sticks to your teeth a bit, but that’s OK. Keep it in the wrapper, so your hands don’t get sticky.

Nevin Cunningham, 8th grade: Chex Mix Chocolate Chunk bars are very delicious. Its packaging grabs your attention right away. Chex Mix and chocolate taste good together. It is a great idea for a snack for kids. Best of all, it is whole grain.

Jaren Walker, 8th grade: This product is very good. It has chunks, but it isn’t too chunky. It tastes like chocolate Rice Krispies with chunks of chocolate in it. I would like to see them in every store, so I can buy them.

Chris Hernandez, 7th grade: This has a very smooth chocolate taste. It is very crunchy, very easy to open but a bit of an eyesore. It tastes like Chex Mix with chocolate, and is very good for kids with lots of energy.

Chris Emrich, 7th grade: The Chex Mix bar tastes good and crunchy, smells good and feels hard. It smells like chocolate and the packaging is great. I think everyone would like this.

Max Roberts, 7th grade: It tastes like chocolate Chex Mix. It’s not very good; I don’t like it. It’s sticky, hard and chewy. It smells like chocolate. The packaging is very appealing and easy to open. Younger children would like this bar.

Zaria Sawyer, 7th grade: I loved the taste of the bar. It’s very sticky and the smell isn’t that good, but the package is easy to open. Kids will buy this product.
David Figuero, 7th grade: Chex Mix Chocolate Chunk is delicious, with just enough crunch and a lot of chocolate.

Brandon Houston, 7th grade: The Chex Mix Chocolate Chunk bar tastes good, but it looks like glued-together car parts. The packaging is appealing and it is easy to open, but it looks crazed. So, 5-year-olds would love it.

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