Food Biz Kids: Are Frosted Flakes Gold A New Gold Standard?

June 22, 2009
Our 8th grade food reviewers thought Kellogg Co.'s Frosted Flakes Gold were ‘A honey, crunchy, grainy combination.’

Emily Kirschenbaum, 8th grade:
Frosted Flakes Gold is very good. The packaging is appealing because the GOLD is big and gold. They are also better for you because of the whole grain factor. The taste is a honey, crunchy, grainy combination. These are a good alternative to regular Frosted Flakes.

David Hutchison, 8th grade:
As soon as I saw the attractive, flashy packaging, I said, “These are going to be good!” Boy was I right. The sugary sweet crunch of the cereal makes me want more. The texture is just like the original Frosted Flakes, but they taste much sweeter. They have a better flavor than the original.  They have a lot of sugar, so if I ate these every morning, I would not be a happy camper. If I had a bowl once in a while, it would be great.

Alice Welna, 8th grade:
As soon as I saw the Gold Frosted Flakes, I could smell the honey. The smell is strong, but the taste is stronger. The packaging clearly says the flakes are gold, but they are just yellow. I guess that refers to the taste. They are crunchy, but the main taste is honey. I thought the cereal would just be another cereal, but they are very different and healthy.

Desmond Cleland, 8th grade:
Frosted Flakes Gold has a nice appealing package with bright colors and large letters. They have a nice, sweet honey smell. They have a rough-ish texture, but it feels good in your mouth. They’re made with whole grain, which is a bonus. They have a sweet honey taste, but not too sweet. I would recommend these to everyone.

Ashley Morrison-Sain, 8th grade:
The packaging of this cereal is somewhat intriguing because when looking at it, it is a regular Frosted Flakes box. But there is a big “Gold” sign that catches your attention. The first thing you taste when you put the cereal in your mouth is honey. There is a small similarity to the original Frosted Flakes before you swallow it, but the aftertaste is not that good. It definitely tastes healthy, and after waiting a few minutes, you do feel more energized. Overall, this product is pretty good and could be worth buying.

Nathan Halman, 8th grade:
The Frosted Flakes Gold cereal box made the cereal look more appealing than it really is by using the term “Gold” for cereal. They still taste like regular Frosted Flakes but with a hint of honey. It has a good taste and is made with whole grain, so it is healthier for you. I think that Frosted Flakes Gold are necessary because they are healthier than the original and have a better taste. This product would appeal to parents, who want their kids to eat healthier and not really notice.
Nevin Cunningham, 8h grade:
Frosted Flakes Gold makes a very good first impression. The packaging is very appealing and the taste is great. It would be a great healthy choice for kids because of the whole grain. The only problem is the high sugar content.

Clifford Clarke, 8th grade:
This cereal tastes like someone dumped rotten honey on top of it. It wouldn’t be my top choice of favorite cereals. Although it is kind of healthy, I wouldn’t recommend this cereal to go in stores. I think regular Frosted Flakes tastes better. This cereal would probably be good for people who are trying to be healthy and watch what they eat.
Osvaldo Esquivel, 8th grade:
I’d say I like the original Frosted Flakes better, mostly because these have too much honey. For me, it wouldn’t be long-lasting energy because honey makes my stomach hurt. The store could still make money out of it because I’m sure that there are still some people who like honey, but I think Gold has too much honey.

Alante Hartzol, 8th grade:
The taste of the honey just brightens up your day when you are down. The texture of the cereal is rough and sticky. This is a good morning breakfast on Saturday if you just want to sit in your bed all day.

Sam Wiener, 8th grade:
I like the Frosted Flakes Gold very much. The packaging is very appealing to mainly kids, but I think parents and adults would like it a lot too. The texture is crunchy and, like the regular Frosted Flakes, the taste is very good. I approve of this cereal.

Warren Weber, 8th grade:
These sweet and crunchy flakes would be a delicious way to start the day. Also, these flakes are whole grain, so they are much more healthful than regular Frosted Flakes. They are sweet, but not unbearably sweet, which is good in the morning.

Ariel McKinney, 8th grade:
Frosted Flakes Gold taste okay, but the flavor is a little raw. The flakes taste weird, but I can taste the honey. I think it is too crunchy; it makes your teeth hurt.

Will Foydel, 8th grade:
The texture of Gold is rough and the color is a light brown from the brown sugar. They have the great taste of the original mixed with a new honey taste. It tastes good and is good for you, a very healthy treat to keep you going through the day. The packaging is very appealing to the eye.
Josh Huff, 8th grade:
I don’t like Frosted Flakes Gold because it has too much sugar.

Jaren Walker, 8th grade:
It tastes like regular Frosted Flakes with the taste of honey. The packaging is very creative.

Rolando Gonzalez, 8th grade:
It tastes like honey. Gold is very good tasting, but is not needed. It does not give energy.

Ben Giannone 8th grade
Frosted Flakes Gold has a nice honey taste; they delight you with each crunch. But the cereal has a bit of a stale