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Food Biz Kids: Newtons Fruit Crisps Snacks Are 'Like Little Apple Pies'

Jan. 27, 2009

Jackie Kretchmer, 7th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps have a sweet cinnamon flavor at first, then the apple flavor kicks in. It is a very pleasing taste. It is a soft texture, a little crunchy on top, and smells like cinnamon. The package is appealing, with a green wrapper and an apple and cinnamon on it. It is very easy to open, you don’t need scissors! I think people of any age would like it, but kids and teenagers might appreciate it more than adults. I really enjoyed the snack.

Jaren Walker, 8th grade: These are really good. The package is very colorful and makes you want to buy it. It is really chewy. It would be great if they made it in more flavors. (it also comes in Mixed Berry) It’s a great on-the-go snack when you don’t have lots of time to eat.

Ashley Morrison-Sain, 8th grade: When first looking at the Newtons Fruit Crisps packaging, it was not very appealing. It looks very similar to any other granola or snack bar packaging. The product smells just like apple and cinnamon and looks similar to the apple pies that are sold at McDonald’s. When first biting into the product, it is crunchy/crispy and then it slowly dissolves like animal crackers when chewing. It tastes very similar to an apple or cinnamon pastry or a store-bought apple pie. This product can possibly be beneficial; it’s just not anything too interesting or new.

Will Foydel, 8th grade: The Fruit Crisps are delicious and very crunchy. The texture is crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The coloring on the package makes it look very healthy

Sarah Posner, 8th grade: The outside pastry is crunchy and dusted with sugar. The inside is chewy and tastes like apples and cinnamon. It tastes a little processed, but I like it. The packaging looks like those Nutri-Grain toaster strudels. The only problem is there’s not enough stuff in the middle.

Brandon Houston, 7th grade: Contrary to what the package says, it isn’t crisp, it’s stretchy. I mean it smells good and it even tastes good, but the people who would probably eat Newtons Fruit Crisps are snooty people at classy parties and people on diets.

Alice Welna, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps Apple Cinnamon has a good taste, but the texture ruins it. It’s too thin and crunchy and overpowers the apple taste. The fruit crisp would be much better if it were bigger, with more filling. The wrapping isn’t good either; it’s too big and wastes plastic. Why start selling these if they could be so much better? The apple cinnamon flavor is really good, but the fruit crisp needs a lot of improvements.

Desmond Cleland, 8th grade: Newton Fruit Crisps have a very pleasant apple smell. It tastes like a nice piece of apple pie. It has the crunchy pie crust taste and delicious apples inside. It’s nice and portable and can fit in your pocket. It’s very convenient and good if you are on the go.

Rosie Kirschenbaum, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps Apple Cinnamon flavor is a very good taste combination. The inside is a gooey apple cinnamon while the outside is a crisp cinnamon. Those together are very tasty. The packaging is appealing because they depict it well on the box and have them in individual wrappers. That comes in handy for people on the go.

Nathan Hulman, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps are a good on-the-go snack. They come in portable packages, and have a good taste. They taste like a crispy snack with the taste of fruit in the middle. Overall, this is a good, portable and healthy snack, and I would recommend this to all healthy buyers.

Ashley Lawrence, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps are very delicious. They smell and taste like apple pie and cinnamon. If I were to give this away, I couldn’t; they are that good. NFC would also be a great breakfast snack on the go. It’s good.

Nevin Cunningham, 8th grade: The taste for the Newtons Fruit Crisps is not very appealing at first. As you keep eating, the taste is more enjoyable. The packaging looks good and I think it is good that they have the nutrition facts on the box and the individual wraps. The bar tastes kind of like apple pie.

Marné Lang-Mackey, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps taste very good and nutritious. It looks like it is nasty, but it’s actually pretty good. It tastes like McDonald’s apple pie. It feels rough because of the topping.

Kyle Nelson, 8th grade: These Newtons Fruit Crisps bars smell so good – they taste amazing. I like how they are crunchy on top and smooth in the middle. They taste like apple pie.

Ariel McKinney, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps taste good, but they are a little bit too hard. I don’t smell anything. It tastes like McDonald’s apple pies. I think it is beneficial because it tastes good like apples.

Joel Lopez, 7th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps taste like cinnamon. It tastes good and I like it. The texture is soft and it smells like apple and cinnamon combined. The packaging is easy to open. I think that anybody could eat these. 
Julia Carrasquillo, 7th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps taste good, like apples. I did like that it’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It smells like apples and is easy to open.

Natasha Chastang, 8th grade: The packaging for Newtons Fruit Crisps is normal. It tastes good and smells good. I have more energy.

Juliana Nazaire, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps are really good, very chewy and crispy. It tastes like apple pie. The wrapper looks OK. It is easy to hold and smells wonderful.
Byshevron Hammond, 8th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps look good on the outside. It tastes like apple pie and cinnamon. I think that people would buy it because it will be a good little snack.

Maddie Makoul, 8th grade: These Newtons Fruit Crisps smell very good, like home-made apple pie. When I bit into it though, it seemed stale even though it wasn’t. It was sweet, but only okay. The packaging is very nice, but nothing special.

Sarah Green, 7th grade: Newtons Fruit Crisps are crunchy on the outside with filling on the inside. It smells like cooked apples. The vivid green packaging is appealing, and it is great for school lunches.

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