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Fruitaceutical Natural Supercharged Superfruit Snacks

July 17, 2008
Make this the summer you change your kids' snacks from supersugar to superfruit. It's easy, thanks to new Fruitaceuticals, the new line of premium, natural, supercharged superfruit snacks from Carver, Mass.-based Decas Botanical Synergies.

Available in handy re-sealable pouches, Fruitaceuticals Cape Cod cranberries are available in two varieties. PomaCrans feature cranberries infused with premium whole pomegranate juice, which provides pomegranate antioxidant compounds called "punicalagins." A quarter-cup serving of PomaCrans delivers the antioxidant power of one eight-ounce glass of cranberry juice cocktail plus two fresh pomegranates.

OmegaCrans are a nutritionally enhanced combination of cranberries and cranberry seed oil, a uniquely balanced source of essential omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids. A quarter-cup serving delivers the antioxidant power of one glass of cranberry juice cocktail, with 30 percent fewer calories, nearly half the sugar and more than 500 milligrams of healthy omegas.

"Kids love eating anything that's supercharged — even if it's good for them," says Dan Souza, director of sales and marketing. "Fruitaceuticals deliver just the right combination of sweet and chewy to make this a snack they'll ask for daily."

Suggested retail price for a four-ounce re-sealable pouch is $4.99.

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