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Single-Serving Pizzas from Kraft

July 16, 2008
Single-serve portions offer tasty alternative for busy consumers
Thanks to errands, endless to-do lists and work schedules, people are more likely to eat alone than with friends and family. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 73 percent of Americans occasionally dine solo. And while many enjoy the time spent eating by themselves, they’re less impressed with the food they eat.

Kraft Foods, Northfield, Ill., solves the solo problem with DiGiorno For One pizzas and California Pizza Kitchen For One pizzas. Consumers now have a reason to look forward to eating alone with microwavable For One pizzas delivered in convenient, single-serve portions that are ready to eat in just three to five minutes.

DiGiorno For One pizza varieties include: Traditional Crust in pepperoni, supreme and four cheese varieties; or Thin Crispy Crust in pepperoni, supreme and chicken/vegetable; and Garlic Bread Crust in pepperoni, supreme and spinach and tomato.

California Pizza Kitchen For One pizza is available in four unexpected, bold flavor combinations: BBQ Recipe Chicken and Four Cheese varieties and Crispy Thin Crusts in Sicilian Recipe and Margherita varieties.

When juggling busy schedules, people often look forward to escaping the daily grind and stealing some quiet time alone. In fact, nearly 70 percent say that after a busy week, they’d rather spend a quiet night home alone than a night out on the town with friends. Additionally, two-thirds of Americans say they’d prefer to relax by eating dinner in their pajamas on the couch than head out to a fancy meal at a restaurant. But the food they eat alone is often disappointing. In fact, nearly half (48 percent) of Americans who cook for themselves say their meals are boring or mediocre at best.

“With new For One pizzas, we wanted to bring the great taste of DiGiorno and California Pizza Kitchen pizzas to a quick, single-serve meal option,” says Brand Manager Brigette Wolf. “Now consumers don’t have to compromise on a quality meal when dining solo.”

Suggested retail price is $2.99 for DiGiorno and $3.29 for California Pizza Kitchen.

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