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Food Biz Kids: Hahn’s Yogurt and Cream Cheese Spread a Great Bagel Topper

May 30, 2008
Combining yogurt and cream cheese is a winning combination
Hahn’s Yogurt and Cream Cheese Spread (For Bagels)-Strawberry
Franklin Foods Inc., Enosburg Falls, Vt.

James Shields, 8th grade:
The taste is unique. When you take a bite, first you taste strawberry yogurt and the taste ends with the original cream cheese and bagel taste. It perfectly goes with the bagel with soft bits of delicious strawberries. When I first smelled it, I expected it to smell like regular cream cheese. Instead, I got a strawberry yogurt smell, which is great because I love strawberries. The package itself is no problem to open. A three-year-old could open this package if they tried, so it’s a good package with a good cover that can appeal to anyone. Anyone who likes strawberries would want this because of the great taste. Overall, I would recommend this great-tasting cream cheese. It’s a great bagel topper.

Ruby Morales, 8th grade:
It tastes like strawberry yogurt. I like it because it has one of my favorite fruits – strawberry. The cream cheese texture is smooth, creamy and also very fruity. And, by the way, it is very soft. It smells fruity and like yogurt too. The packaging is very easy to open. I think that everyone can use this product.

Joe Burson, 8th grade:
The packaging is nice and simple. It tells you exactly what it is. It is very easy to open. It smells like strawberries and cream. When you bite in, first you feel the soft, creamy texture. Then you taste the strawberries. To completely get the taste, you need to slather it on. I think that everyone could use this.

Samantha Pfander, 8th grade:
Strawberry toothpaste – that’s what this cream cheese tastes like. I could see this product in my bathroom, not my pantry. If the bagel is good, the cream cheese can be tolerated, almost enjoyed. But I wouldn’t suggest licking your fingers; all you get is an artificial-tasting paste. This spread is obviously geared toward kids, with the sweet taste and easy-to-open package. I can actually see six-year-olds asking for it. But they have strange taste. I mean, I ate multi-colored raisin bread in kindergarten, so I can’t see this selling to anyone over 10, basically anyone with an atom of sense. But who cares about quality, nowadays, as long as it can sell? And this can sell to people who also eat canned peaches and bottled meat. Maybe I’m being finicky, but the other consumers will be too.

Kyle Jacobs, 8th grade:
I like the way the yogurt tastes. It tastes like regular cream cheese with a hint of strawberries. I could feel the bits of strawberries too; I don’t mind that. It smells like
strawberries and yogurt. It’s very appealing for little kids or teenagers who like to eat bagels. The packaging is good, too. It keeps the product fresh. I loved it, and hope you do too.

Hannah Ryan, 8th grade:
This strawberries ’n’ cream flavor tastes like yogurt on a piece of eggy bread. When one first opens the package, the smell is overwhelming. It smells contradictory because of the sweet and salty combination. The texture is smooth with small bits of strawberries in it to prove to the consumer there are real strawberries, not just artificial color and taste. The packaging is easy to open in the car on a family road trip. I’m sure it will save a lot of time for people on the go. Strawberries and cream screams suburban mom on the way to soccer practice to pick up the kids.

Emma Soglin, 8th grade:
Under the easy-to-open package, there lies a nice and creamy, pale pink spread. It has a very fruity texture with a nice taste of milk and strawberries. This quality product is perfect for anyone and on any food – from bagels to toast.

Jay Miranda, 8th grade:
The cream cheese was a bit sour, but it still had a good taste to it – not too sweet or too sour. Just perfect! The texture is smooth, very good with the bagel. The smell is very much like strawberries. Packaging is good, not too flashy but very nice. I think everybody would use this product.

Mariah Davis, 8th grade:
The yogurt is extremely light and delicate. It is soft, smooth and it’s very easy to open the appealing packaging. It smells sweet and fruity. This product would be a successful product to any person who likes the texture and taste of strawberry cream cheese.

Myles Dooley, 8th grade:
This is very good food if you have ever had cream cheese or strawberries. Yogurt combines them and that’s how it tastes. It is soft and smooth; it’s way easy to spread and light. It smells like strawberries and cream. It is in a small container that is very easy to open with small tags that stick out so you can open it easily. This is a very good food to all people. Any age could eat it.

Brandon Taylor, 8th grade:
It tastes like original cream cheese every other bite. When I don’t taste the original, I taste a little bit of strawberry. It feels smooth, and a little of the chunky strawberries are hard, but you barely taste them. The package is easy to open. I think even an old lady or man can open it. I think the product is good for every age, but especially for kids because it is kind of sweet.

Jessica Payne, 8th grade:
My first impression on the yogurt and cream cheese spread was that the packaging was very plain and had nothing that made the yogurt and cream cheese different from others. Though it was very easy to open the packaging, I feel it needs more color. When I opened it, I was greeted with the great smell of strawberries (very appealing to children); however, the look was unappetizing. The pasty pink color and seeds on top made the product look extremely artificial. But the first taste was delicious, until I recognized the taste from another cream cheese company that makes the same product without yogurt. Overall, the taste and smell is good, but the idea is unoriginal. I do think this product is a good breakfast for adults and children on the go. I recommend changing the packaging to make the product pop.

Isaac Ryckeghem, 8th grade:
The taste of this new cream cheese is phenomenal. It has that normal taste of cream cheese, but has the perfect touch of strawberry that gives it extra sweet flavor. The cream cheese is very creamy and soft. The smell isn’t too extraordinary; you can’t smell the strawberries much. Opening it isn’t hard at all. I looked at the packaging and immediately knew it would have a good flavor. I recommend it to all ages.

Deidra Hill, 8th grade:
The cream cheese tastes good, like strawberry yogurt, which I like very much. In fact, with every bite, I’m in heaven. It is so soft and creamy. It smells like strawberries and yogurt. The yogurt is very appealing, and the whole look is appetizing. It’s not hard to open, and I think it’s very convenient. I think anyone would use this product – children, teenagers and adults.

Delanio Robinson; 8th grade:
The taste is amazing. The strawberries and cream is delicious and very creamy. I enjoyed it a lot. The feel of the strawberries and cream is cold and the texture is soft. I recommend this delightful taste to everybody.

Ethan Walls, 8th grade:
The cream cheese tastes creamy like strawberries and cream cheese and it is thick. The texture is very soft and smooth. It’s thick and not a liquid or quite a solid. It smells like strawberries, but not as good.

Sinny Dowling-Brown, 8th grade:
The yogurt and cream cheese spread is good … very good to put on bagels for breakfast. It tastes really good, like strawberries in a creamy blend. It tastes like a bite of heaven. It smells a little like strawberries, but the other smells I can’t describe. It does not look like the best cream cheese, but it tastes like it. I would recommend this cream cheese to everybody.

Lindsey Gregori, 8th grade:
The strawberry cream cheese tastes a tad like ice cream. It has a light, sweet taste. It feels like shea butter and smells like strawberry muffins. The packaging is very convenient and I think all people would use this product.

Gustavo Arreguin, 8th grade:
It is really good. The yogurt melts on your tongue; it’s very dense or thick. It smells really good, like strawberries, but it also smells like cheese. The package is cool, easy to open, with a good portion of yogurt. The product is for everyone because it’s so good. Everyone has to try it.

Jonah Hurtig, 8th grade:
The cream cheese does taste like yogurt and cream cheese. It is a good combination. It tastes like yogurt, but doesn’t have too much strawberry flavor. It feels soft and smooth. It smells like strawberry yogurt. It is very appealing and easy to open. I believe anyone would like this product.

Daniel Goering, 8th grade:
The packaging is not particularly attractive. It doesn’t bring me in, but it doesn’t repel me. It tastes OK, not too bad, but not great, very distinctive though. It’s soft and smooth and a little stiff. It smells like strawberries and cheese. Some people would like this, but others will hate it. There is not much middle ground. I haven’t decided which.

Conor Dixon, 8th grade:
It tastes like strawberries. I really liked it. The cream cheese is soft and squishy. It smells like fruit and yogurt. It is easy to open and the bright color makes it appealing. I think anyone could use and enjoy this product.

Cheyenne Reid, 8th grade:
The packaging is not that appealing, but it’s not hard to open. It smells like strawberries and cream cheese, but has a hint of a nasty smell. The strawberry and cream cheese yogurt feels like a mushy substance and is soft. I can taste the strawberries, but mostly the cream cheese. I don’t really like it, but I can eat it. This product can be eaten by everyone.

John McAuley, 8th grade:
I think it tastes great. The cream cheese tastes like strawberries mixed very well with cream cheese. I like it very much and would recommend that someone buy and try it. The feel is very creamy. I could see the strawberry seeds, but I didn’t notice them while I ate it. It’s very soft. It smells like strawberry cream cheese. The package is easy to open. I think people of all age groups would eat this.

Kenzie Robinson, 8th grade:
The strawberry yogurt and cream cheese smells fresh like regular strawberry yogurt. It is soft and smooth. It also looks like regular yogurt and tastes like yogurt on bread. I do like it, but I think it should taste more like cream cheese than anything else because that’s what it is.
Annika Erixon, 8th grade:
The taste is OK, but I am not really a big fan of yogurt or strawberry flavor. It is soft and whipped with little pieces of strawberry in it. The smell is like strawberry yogurt with milk. I think that the packaging should be a little bit more colorful, and would be great for everyone to eat.

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