Let's Do Organic's Sugar Cones "Smell Like Cardboard"

May 2, 2008
Junior reporters admit, Let’s Do Organic's Organic Sugar Cones from Edward & Sons Trading Co. ‘Smell like cardboard.’

Allison Wint, 8th grade:
These organic sugar cones are very different. It tastes not so much sugary, but like a regular cone and just a little healthier. I like it. It is hard and crunchy, and there is no smell to it. The packaging is very appealing; it would catch my eye, and it is not hard to open. I think the cones are too hard for kids aged 1 to 5, but over 5, these would be just fine.

Everett Wood, 8th grade:
The taste of the sugar cones is OK. It could have been more sugary, because the cone itself is very bland. The cone itself is crunchy and the patterns on it make it rough. I think the smell is something like wet cardboard. If they put a little scent in them, it would be better. The packaging itself is easy to open, but when it comes to separating the individual cones, it is very difficult. It could have taken a little less effort. The packaging is OK; a little intense on all the bright colors, so they could tone it down a little. I think anybody who eats ice cream cones could use this product.

Lindsay Toland, 8th grade:
Taste is the most important part of food, so of course it should taste good. This food has an exceptionally good taste. Its creamy mixture of sprinkles and original-tasting organic cone gives it an excellent taste. As I eat, the texture of the smooth, creamy taste fills my mouth. The only scent that can be smelled is the sugary mix of vanilla and chocolate. Its package is quite colorful [but also] a bit plain. These can be consumed by children and teens alike.

Frank Stelter-Hogh, 8th grade:
It smells like cardboard before and after the ice cream is in the cone. It is a rough surface that is crunchy and hard. The box is fairly easy to open and it is very colorful. I would say younger kids shouldn’t have these because they are very sugary. The cones take a little bit [of effort] to take apart. 

Emma Haynes, 8th grade:
The cone isn’t really that great, but it isn’t horrible either. It kind of tastes like how I would imagine cardboard tastes – pretty bland really. It crumbles very easily, so that is pretty annoying. But the packaging is great. It has nice colors and makes me think of pop art. If they make any changes, I hope they keep the same type of box.

Julio Almanza, 8th grade:
Organic sugar cones are great. They are the tastiest cones I ever tasted. They taste so sweet; I love them. I would definitely buy them every time I buy ice cream. They feel crunchy and hard and smell like a regular cone. The packaging is easy to open. I recommend them for all types of children, teenagers and adults, but not for children under 5.

Emily Fishkin, 8th grade:
The ice cream cones taste light and fluffy. They’re very sweet, but not intolerably. They taste fresh and not processed. They are like light, fluffy sugar cookies. They feel crunchy, but not heavy. Crispy is a good way to describe them. They didn’t get soggy fast, which is good. They smell pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary. They are easy to open, but the cones are hard to separate. Anybody who likes ice cream will like these.

Quincy Clegg, 8th grade:
The organic sugar cones taste grainy as you chew. Also, it tastes like nothing specific. The cones are rough and have indents on them. They smell like cardboard. The packaging is easy to open, but the cones are hard to separate from each other. I think people of all ages would be drawn to this product. A person of any age would definitely enjoy these cones.

Hannah Schwimmer, 8th grade:
The taste is very sweet and not much like an ice cream cone. They are also weak at the bottom, and the ice cream tends to leak. It is very crunchy, but also too hard. They smell like cardboard and are very hard to separate without breaking. I think it is too sweet for most people and leaves a bland taste in your mouth. The packaging looks sort of cheap.

Ellie Kirk, 8th grade:
The sugar cone tastes like waffles, and I really like it. It is hard and crunchy, but in a good way. It smells kind of like cardboard, but tastes a lot better. It is easy to open the package, but hard to break the apart the cones. I think children and teenagers would like this product.

Jamal Banton, 8th grade:
The cones are crunchy and also have a very nice smell. The package is easy to open but hard to take apart. I would mostly recommend it for adults, because most adults don’t like sugar. They are soft. I hope you enjoy the cones if you buy them.

Lydia Talavera, 8th grade:
The taste is so sweet – like sugar. The texture of the cone isn’t too hard or soft; it is in between. It smells like a regular cone, nothing different. There is nothing hard about it to open or eat. I would recommend this to anyone because it is so good.

Marcus Wallace, 8h grade:
These taste OK, but not that great. They taste like cardboard. The cone is crunchy, and it smells like cardboard. I like the package; it isn’t hard to open, but it is not easy to take the cones apart. I think these cones should be for little kids.

Vanessa Flores, 8th grade:
It tastes like a chewy sugar cookie, sweet and crunchy. It is a good taste, but too sugary. It feels crunchy soft. It has no distinguishing smell. The packaging is not hard to open. This will be for everyone, but mostly those who like sugar.

Ben Sommer, 8th grade:
These taste pretty much the same as a normal cone, and it feels normal too. They are sort of hard, don’t really have a distinctive smell, and the package is easy to open. Everyone would use these.

Gillian McMurray, 8th grade:
These Organic Sugar Cones have a very bland taste and are very weak and crunchy [which is] good because you need a bland taste with ice cream. I would prefer more sugary tasting cones. They smell like cardboard. The box is easy to open, but it is not easy to take the cones apart. They have a layer of, like, powder that comes off on my hand when I held it. I would recommend these cones for kids.

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