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Kashi Whole Grain Frozen Pizza With Vegetarian Toppings

April 16, 2008
Kashi Co. expands its current all-natural frozen pizza family with three new All-Natural Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas.
Kashi Co., a La Jolla, Calif., division of Kellogg Co., expands its current all-natural frozen pizza family with three new All-Natural Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas. Made with whole grains, the thin crust is complemented by flavorful, vegetarian toppings, making these pizzas a nutritious and easy-to-prepare meal idea.

Kashi All-Natural Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas varieties include:

  • Roasted Vegetable (artichokes, broccoli florets, fire roasted red peppers and onions drizzled with a touch of balsamic vinaigrette complement a tomato-pesto sauce and blend of mozzarella and provolone cheeses)
  • Mushroom Trio & Spinach (topped with shiitake, baby portobello and champignon mushrooms as well as spinach, it features a savory tomato parmesan sauce)
  • Tomato Garlic Cheese (mozzarella and provolone cheeses paired with ripened red tomatoes atop a tomato and herb-infused sauce).

“Our new thin crust pizzas feature a light, crispy crust that’s made with our unique blend of seven whole grains and sesame plus flax seeds,” says brand manager and nutritionist Sarah Lowrey Ceccarelli. “Topped with flavorful sauces and savory vegetable combinations, our pizzas offer a delicious eating experience in every bite, in addition to providing the nutrition of whole grains, fiber, protein and ALA omega-3s.” Ground whole flax seeds provide 260mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acids, complementing the 4g of fiber, 14g of protein and 11g of whole grains in each serving.

Suggested retail price is $5.99.

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