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Food Biz Kids: 'Weird' flavor pairing works

Jan. 17, 2008
"The outside crunches, the middle squishes." Kids give their opinions on strawberry lime gum from Trident Splash.

Kyle Nelson, 7th grade:

I love the way that when you bite into the gum you literally get a splash of great flavor! You can carry it around easily. The package pops out at you and makes you want to buy it. Over all, I would buy this gum again.

Archie Stevens, 7th grade:

It looks like it just wants to pop in your mouth. It is easy to chew. It tastes like strawberry at first; and then a whole lot of flavor burst into your mouth with lime. It is smooth. People who love sweets would use it.

Warren Weber, 7th grade:

When you first look at the packaging, you can tell this is something that a health freak would steer away from. With the flashy tropical colors, you can tell it will be sweet. And what do you know, it is. However, I personally love sweet, so I would give this gum an A-plus. This gum stays soft from when you first put it in your mouth. It has a perfect balance of fruit flavor and sweetness.

Sarah Posner, 7th grade:

When you bite into this gum, the outside crunches, the middle squishes, and the sour center gushes out. The two flavors (lime and strawberry) merge together in a lightly sweet gum. You have to chew a bit to soften up the crunchy outer shell. Usually I don’t like fruity gum; I prefer mint. But this luscious gum is great! It’s sugar-free, too, so you don’t have to worry about chewing after brushing your teeth. This is a very cool gum!

Ruby Garcia, 7th grade:

This gum has an interesting name, and I think it captures a lot of people’s attention. I think that the color of the package is especially appealing to girls because it has a bright pink-reddish color and the picture looks really good. I think that the only problem is that at first it tastes really good, but then it tastes kind of weird. I liked this product, but I would only chew it for like a minute and then throw it away. I really liked this product because at first it’s kind of sour.

Emma Sherman, 7h grade:

Trident Splash gum comes smoothly out of the package. The package is very colorful and encouraged me even more to try it. As soon as you bite into it, there is a burst of artificial lime juice. After a while, however, the gum loses both the strawberry and lime flavor. This is a good on-the-go snack when you want something sweet and chewy.

Desmond Cleland, 7th grade:

The package is bright and colorful, which catches peoples’ eyes. It’s easy to extract the gum from the package. In the beginning, the gum is crunchy, but immediately becomes soft and chewy. When the juices gush out, they taste great. It smells fruity. I think anyone who likes gum would buy this.

Adam Haas, 7th grade:

This product has very vibrant colors with some awesome fruit combos. At the beginning, it is gooey. Then in a second, a burst of flavor comes into your mouth. You would chew this if you were having a boring day and you wanted a burst of flavor. This product is easy to open, just pop a piece of gum out of the foil.

David Hutchison, 7th grade:

The packaging is very easy to open, and the gum looks delicious. The pieces are large with a gooey, fruity center. It’s an easy chew, and the flavor and texture last for a really long time. It’s handy to just keep in your jacket to use when you feel like you need to refresh.

Nathan Halman, 7th grade:

The packaging is very appealing and is totally portable. At first it has no taste, but when the gum bursts open, it has a strawberry and lime taste. The taste only lasts for about 30 seconds. I think a lot of gum chewers would eat this gum because of the nice taste, and I think the world needs this product.

David McDonald, 7th grade:

This gum loses its flavor after 30 seconds, and it has a terrible texture. No one should buy this when they can get better, longer-tasting gum.

Clifford Clarke, 7th grade:

Trident Splash (Strawberry Lime) tastes awesome. It’s the best-tasting gum I’ve ever had. But the flavor doesn’t last very long. But, I would seriously buy it.

Daren Gardner, 7th grade:

Trident gum tastes like Strawberry and has some sort of juice in the center, but the flavor is gone shortly.

Will Foydell, 7th grade:

This product is very easy to open by the consumer. It has a colorful cover with a fun font. It is easy to chew while you are going somewhere. It has a lime taste that bursts when you bite it. At the same time, there is some strawberry flavor.

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