Food Biz Kids: Propel Powder

Dec. 6, 2007
'I would buy the powder and eat it alone.' The kids think Propel Powder is tasty.
Becky Bernstein, 8th grade:

I think the packaging is good for Propel Water beverage mix. When you put the powder in the water, it's good. But when you eat the powder plain, it is amazing. When people want Propel, they can just use this instead of buying a whole bottle of Propel.

Claire McDonald, 8th grade:
I really liked the Propel powder. The drink was a little sour and very fruity. It was also sweet, if you put the right amount of water in. However, I would buy this product just to eat the powder plain. It tasted very sour, yet sweet at the same time, and the texture of the powder is very good. Overall this is a very tasty product.

Trevor Santoro, 8th grade:
Berry Propel is not good at all because of the lack of flavor. Propel is one of the worst energy drinks. Gatorade and PowerAde are way better than this product. The makers of this product will go bankrupt.

Julianne Locher, 8th grade:
The packaging is nice, but the place where you cut doesn't work. The drink tastes a lot like red Propel. The mixture is a lot better by itself. It tastes like Baby Bottle Pop powder. The package also has too much powder for a normal-size drink.

Nathan Port, 8th grade:
The Propel powder is extremely tasty and flavorful. It has a kind of artificial smell, but not bad. The packaging is not appealing and the powder is strong, but it's very good.

Claire Winter, 8th grade:
I think that the packaging is excellent! What's excellent is that if you go for a run, you know you get water later. The smell is like berry and yummo. I would buy this in the store. The taste is amazing; it's very robust.

Kira Heckathorne, 8th grade:
The packaging is very bright and has vibrant colors. It's very eye-catching. It tastes and smells just like Kool Aid. The texture is grainy, but once mixed with water, it dissolves. I like already mixed Propel and Gatorade better, though. I don't think this product is needed. It is easier to just buy a bottle of Propel or Gatorade.

Sarah Maloney-Franke, 8th grade:
When you mix the powder into the water, it tastes good - just like Propel. However, the powder alone is incredible. It tastes sweet and a little sour. It has a perfect texture. I would buy the powder and eat it alone.

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