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November 2007 New Food Rollout

Nov. 19, 2007
The latest new food products for November include a new line of Campbell soups, double-churned nearly fat free ice cream, and sweet and savory chips. Read on for more, including web exclusives

Yoplait Yo-Plus has cultures and fiber

Minneapolis-based General Mills Inc. introduces Yoplait Yo-Plus containing Optibalance, a unique blend of probiotic cultures and a natural fiber, to help naturally regulate digestive health when eaten daily. Flavors are Strawberry, Vanilla, Cherry and Peach.

A survey conducted by MarketTools on behalf of Yo-Plus found nearly 50 percent of women are extremely concerned with their digestive health and discuss the issue frequently, while almost a quarter adjusted their lifestyles multiple times per week to accommodate digestive issues and are looking for a way to regulate their digestive health.

A good source of fiber (3g per 4-oz. serving), Yo-Plus provides 15 percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium and 10 percent of the daily recommendation for vitamins A and D. In addition to the special probiotic culture Bifidobacterium, Yo-Plus also contains the live and active yogurt cultures L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus.

Suggested retail price for a four-pack of 4-oz. cups is $2.49.

Sticking to big cheese taste

Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., rolls out Sunshine Cheez-It Stix, crackers with a specially designed shape and complex crunch to capture the real cheese baked into every bite. Cheez-It Stix are available in two varieties: Cheddar and White Cheddar.

"We baked more fun into Cheez-It Stix to give these crackers an exciting twist with an elongated shape and big cheese taste," says Raj Joshi, senior director, brand marketing, crackers. "The new look and added layers of crunch create a snack both adults and kids will enjoy."

Suggested retail price is $2.99.

Campbell's soup bowl lineup

A perfect meal solution for football season, Campbell's Chunky Fully Loaded soups, packed with hearty chunks of meat for a man-sized hunger, were kicked off by Campbell Soup Co., Camden, N.J.

Meal inspired varieties include: Beef Stew; Rigatoni & Meatball; Stroganoff-Style Beef and Turkey Pot Pie.

"We like to think of Campbell's Chunky soup as our version of the biggest, toughest lineman in the NFL, and new Chunky Fully Loaded, with extreme amounts of meat, is our equivalent of the entire Pro Bowl line," says Teresa McGlynn, brand manager. "Fully Loaded takes the Chunky brand to an entirely new level as the thickest, heartiest soup in our lineup."

Suggested retail price for a 19-oz. black label can is $2.99.

Churned nearly to fat-free

Unilever North American Ice Cream, Green Bay, Wis., debuts Breyers Double Churn Free, an extension to its Double Churned line. Made with the unique proprietary process of mixing the ice cream twice to give it a rich and creamy texture, Double Churn Free is 98 percent fat-free and is available in four flavors: Creamy Vanilla, French Chocolate, Caramel Swirl and Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk.

A recent Opinion Research Corp. survey of 1,026 consumers, commissioned by Unilever Ice Cream, found ice cream is the No.1 food both men and women still sneak while on a diet. Other findings include: More than three-fourths of Americans say it is easier to balance their checkbook than it is to balance how many calories they eat a day; 40 percent of men and 33 percent of women say the hardest thing about being on a diet is they have to miss out on the foods they love; and when asked if they could spend 100 calories each day on any one food or drink and still be on a diet, what would that be? The No. 1 one answer for women was ice cream (33.6 percent). Additionally, 94 percent of men and women said they feel it's important to take time to treat/indulge themselves.

"We know many Americans are watching their fat and caloric intake and we wanted to offer products that will satisfy their ice cream cravings, while at the same time making it easier for them to meet their nutritional and diet needs," says Brian Goldstine, director of marketing, Breyers.

Suggested retail price for a 56-oz. container is $5.29.

Sweet and savory chips

Almost two-thirds of Americans currently have a bag of potato chips in the cupboard, according to NPD Group. For those seeking better-for-you options, Kraft Foods' Nabisco unit, East Hanover, N.J., rolls out triangular-shaped crispy Nabisco Garden Harvest Toasted Chips. Falling somewhere between a cracker and a chip, they contain 60 percent less fat than the leading regular fried potato chips.

Baked with 100 percent whole grain, Garden Harvest Toasted Chips contain zero grams of trans fat per serving, no cholesterol or saturated fat, and only 120 calories per serving. They provide 3g of fiber and 4g or less total fat per serving, and are made with real pieces of fruits or vegetables, providing a half serving in each 1-oz. serving (about 16 chips). In fact, all varieties qualify for Kraft's Sensible Solution program.
Varieties include: Tomato Basil, Vegetable Medley (with real pieces of carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, spinach and other vegetables), Apple Cinnamon (pieces of real apples) and Banana (pieces of real bananas).

"We are excited to be introducing Garden Harvest Toasted Chips as a way to provide a great new product offering for those looking for flavorful variety in their better-for-you snacking options," says Haiyan Wang, senior brand manager of new product innovations.

Suggested retail price for a 6-oz. recloseable bag is $2.99.

Jerry Rice's knees are elated

Baby boomer Jerry Rice, the greatest receiver in NFL history and past "Dancing With the Stars" phenomenon, is the new spokesman for the launch of Elations, a new joint-health drink from Cincinnati-based The Elations Co. Available in two flavors -- Raspberry White Grape and Cranberry Apple - it promises to nourish your joints and keep you moving.

Originally developed by Procter & Gamble and licensed to the new company, Elations is a once-a-day, fruit-flavored drink with a unique four-in-one formula: glucosamine and chondroitin at the same levels as triple-strength joint supplements; a patented, more absorbable form of calcium; and 100 percent of the daily recommendation of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient in the formation of collagen, the glue that holds joint cartilage together. Finally, boron helps to minimize soreness and stiffness due to exercise and overly strenuous daily activities.

"I've been using my body as a tool for my entire life, and I'm starting to notice my joints are stiffer than they once were," says Rice. "Elations just makes sense for me -- I've been drinking an 8-oz. bottle daily for weeks now and the difference is clear. That, and the fact that it tastes great, made partnering with Elations an easy decision."

Suggested retail price for 8-oz. bottles is $1.39 to $1.49 and $7.49 to $8.49 for a six-pack.

Fruit and veggie juice for kids

According to the American Dietetic Assn., 70 percent of kids age 2-9 do not consume the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Increasing their children's vegetable consumption seems to be particularly challenging for moms.

Moms have a new ally to help increase their kids' fruit and vegetable servings. Glendale, Calif.-based Nestle USA introduces Nestle Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise.

Made from vegetables and fruits (carrots, sweet potatoes, grapes, mangos, pears and apples), the juice is available in three kid-friendly flavors: Orange Mango, Grape and Tropical. Each 8-oz. glass provides two combined servings of fruits and vegetables (two-third serving of vegetables and one and one-third servings of fruit. In addition, Nestle Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise provides 120 percent of the daily recommendation of vitamin C, as well as other important nutrients such as beta-carotene, essential for good vision.

"Flavor is No. 1 when it comes to kids, which is why parents need to find new, delicious ways to get more fruits and vegetables into their kids' diets," says author and family nutrition expert Liz Weiss. "With Nestle Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise, moms have an easy way to give their kids some additional fruit and vegetable nutrition with a taste they'll enjoy."

Suggested retail price for a 46-oz. plastic bottle is $3.29.

Baby's first yogurt

In January 2008, Londonderry, N.H.-based Stonyfield Farm rolls out YoBaby Simply Plain, a great introduction to solid foods for babies six months and older.

Made with fresh organic whole milk from cows fed organic feed and which have not been treated with antibiotics or artificial growth hormones, YoBaby Simply Plain provides calcium and protein essential for baby's proper development. It also includes Stonyfield's six live active probiotic cultures to ensure good intestinal health.

"YoBaby Simply Plain is a great introduction to solid foods for babies six months and older," says Stonyfield Farm President and CEO Gary Hirshberg. "Fresh organic whole milk and our exclusive blend of active cultures provide a great start for any baby and help establish a lifelong habit of healthy eating."

Each 4-oz. serving is 80 calories and provides 4g of protein, or 25 percent of the recommended daily intake (RDI), and 20 percent of the RDI of calcium.

"YoBaby Simply Plain goes beyond regular baby food. It's certified organic and all-natural and provides little tummies with protein and calcium, which are essential for healthy growth," says pediatrician Dr. William Sears.

YoBaby Simply Plain comes in 4-oz. six-packs at a suggested retail price of $3.59.

Out, out diacetyl

Indianapolis-based Weaver Popcorn Co. pops up Pop Weaver, the first microwave popcorn brand to eliminate the flavoring ingredient diacetyl, used in butter flavorings and recently under scrutiny for causing health problems for employees exposed to it.

"We follow strict safety guidelines in manufacturing our products, so we've had no incidents among our associates related to diacetyl exposure," says Mike Weaver, president. "However, we know consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about this issue, so we've taken it out of our flavorings. It was a challenge to eliminate diacetyl from our flavorings and still maintain the great buttery taste consumers love, but we've done it."

Chef Bobby Flay grilling collections

Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and television host Bobby Flay launches The Mesa Grill and Bobby Flay Signature Collection of his signature sauces and rubs to punch up the flavor of meats, seafood and poultry, salads, side dishes and salsas, to bring out the master chef in every home cook.

Mesa Grill varieties include: Mesa Grill Habanero Mango Hot Sauce (5 oz., SRP $6); Mesa Grill Hot Sauce (5 oz., SRP $6); Mesa Grill Jalapeno Hot Sauce (5 oz., SRP $6); Mesa Grill Barbecue Sauce (9.7 oz., SRP $10); Mesa Grill Steak Sauce (9.7 oz., SRP $10) and Mesa Grill 16 Spice Poultry Rub (3.2 oz., SRP $7). The Bobby Flay signature collection includes: Bobby Flay Steak Sauce (9.6 oz., SRP $10); and Bobby Flay Steak Rub (3.4 oz., SRP $7).

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