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On the Shelf - August/September 2007

Aug. 24, 2007
This month's On the Shelf features a product review of Genisoy Crispy Dippers, and information on Mighty Leaf Tea's Chocolate Truffle Teas and Terra Nostra Ogranic's organic chocolate products.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Genisoy Crispy Dippers

A review by the Wellness Foods staff

Genisoy Food Inc. (www.genisoy.com), Tulsa, Okla., is known more for energy bars than salty snacks. But the healthy soy product company has released a number of savory products over the past few years. The latest offering is its Crispy Dippers snack crisps. The combination of potato and soy in this baked, extruded product has 8g soy protein per 1-oz. serving. The crisps are Vegan and trans fat-free and a good source of dietary fiber and potassium. The crisps come in two flavors, Lightly Salted and White Cheddar. The lightly salted drew comments ranging from "love the salt level" and "good crunch" to "similar to insulation."

Overall, however, reviewers appreciated the very firm crunch, the just-right level of salt and the non-overwhelming flavor. "Seems perfect for dips," said one staffer without a trace of irony. The white cheddar, on the other hand, received overwhelmingly negative reviews, primarily for the aroma: "an aroma like old socks," said one tester; "smells exactly like dog breath" another tester exclaimed with more genuine surprise than disgust. Those who could get past the off-putting aroma were still not enthused about the flavor, describing it as either "fake" or simply "flavorless."

Suggested retail price for a 4.0-oz. bag is $3.98.

Chocola-tea and Delicious

Artisan tea crafter Mighty Leaf Tea Inc. (www.mightyleaf.com) San Rafael, Calif., introduces its new Chocolate Truffle Teas, a collection of whole-leaf teas infused with chocolate chips and cacao nibs. The high antioxidant levels in dark chocolate have drawn in greater interest in and sales of dark chocolate. The teas consist of two premium black teas, large-leaf pu-erh and three herbal infusions. Chocolate Chip Truffle is a confection of deep black tea leaves with cacao nibs and chocolate chips offering an indulgent rich body with moderate sweetness. Chocolate Orange Truffle blends full-bodied black tea leaves with vanilla, citrus peel and cacao nibs. Smooth and savory combine in the Mocha Pu-Erh Truffle, a blend of rare golden buds of earthy Pu-Erh tea leaves with cacao nibs and the notes of citrus designed to stimulate the palate and aid digestion. Chocolate Mint Truffle soothes with mineral-rich rooibos leaves, mint leaves and chocolate.

Suggested retail price per item is $9.99.

On Terra Firma

Terra Nostra Organic Inc. (www.terranostra.com), Vancouver, BC, announces an expanded line of intensely rich and silky certified organic chocolate products. The TN Truffles come individually wrapped in several robust and intense flavors, including Pomegranate, Dark Chocolate Ganache and Ancho Chile. The regular 100g bars come in six flavors: 73% Intense Dark, Double Dark Truffle, Satin Milk Truffle, Robust Dark and Roasted Almonds, Robust Dark Raisins and Pecans and Creamy Milk Raisins and Pecans. The dairy-, wheat- and gluten-free Ricemilk line includes three flavors: Solid Ricemilk Choco, Ricemilk Choco bar with Almonds and Ricemilk Choco bar with Dark Truffle Center. The company also markets a new line of 42g bars in exotic flavors such as Pomegranate Truffle, Goji Berry with Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt and Creamy Caramel. In addition to being Certified Organic, all Terra Nostra Organic bars are fair-trade and kosher certified. Terra Nostra's products are Green-E Certified, purchasing certified-renewable energy.

Suggested retail price per item is $3.99 per 100g bar; $1.99 per 36g truffle 3-pak; and $2.99 per 42g "pocket" bar.

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