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New Food Rollout for August 2007

Aug. 3, 2007
This month's new product rollout features hot deli sandwiches from Oscar Meyer; fizzy yogurt from Yoplait; veggie sides from Knorr; a protein-enhanced sports drink from Cadbury-Schweppes; enhanced OJ from Minute Maid; and microwaveable Indian-based meals.

A hot deli sandwich at your keyboard

For anyone who has a busy schedule and is looking for a hot, convenient lunch option, Madison, Wis.-based Oscar Mayer, a Kraft Foods brand, rolls out Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Hot Sandwich Melts. It's a build-your-own sandwich complete with Oscar Meyer shaved meats, premium Kraft cheeses, specialty sauces and an innovative sub roll that heats in the microwave for fresh baked taste in one minute.

Simply unwrap the sandwich ingredients, place them on the QuiltWave microwave receptor tray and heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. Varieties include: Oven Roasted Ham and Cheddar, Honey Ham and Swiss, Turkey Monterey, Turkey and Cheddar Dijon and Steakhouse Cheddar.

The mid-day meal seems pretty grim as nearly 40 percent of respondents lunch hunched over a keyboard, according to a recent Impulse Research Corp. online survey of 1,030 adults nationwide. Some 70 percent work straight through lunch or only spend 5-10 minutes wolfing down a quick bite. Of those who sneak time to eat, nearly two-thirds nibble on a cold lunch and say their meal is bland, boring or completely and utterly forgettable. And, more than three-fourths of Americans think a hot lunch is impossible due to lack of time, cost and inconvenience. But, it doesn't mean they don't crave one. Nearly half of those surveyed think enjoying a nice lunch break includes a delicious hot meal.

"As we looked at the state of the lunch hour, we found many Americans were looking for convenient ways to free themselves of brown bag boredom and enjoy a hot lunch," says Chris Carlisle, senior brand manager. "So, we set out to create an innovative new product to satisfy America's love for deli meats in a more convenient way. By using a proprietary bread recipe, Oscar Mayer Deli Creations Hot Sandwich Melts allow you to enjoy a delicious, hot sandwich in about a minute."

Suggested retail price is $2.99.

Yogurt that's fun for the tongue

Minneapolis-based General Mills rolls out Yoplait Go-Gurt Fizzix Fizzy Yogurt Snack, yogurt which combines a fizzy sensation on the tongue in an easy-to-eat tube.

Sure to appeal to kids, two flavors are packaged in each eight-pack. Intense flavors include: Blue Raspberry Rage/Strawberry Watermelon Rush; Wild Cherry Zing/Strawberry Lemonade Jolt and Fruit Punch Charge/Triple Berry Fusion. Actually, they are a hoot for adults as well.

Suggested retail price for an eight-pack is $2.79.

Pasta, rice sides with veggies

A survey by the Produce for Better Health Foundation found common barriers for vegetable consumption are lack of familiarity, lack of time and the cost of fresh produce. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based Unilever USA's Knorr brand rolls out six varieties of Knorr Sides Plus Veggies. These dry side dishes of rice or pasta are accompanied by an assortment of shelf-stable vegetables, such as green beans, shitake mushrooms, broccoli, corn and carrots.

They contain two full servings of vegetables per package and can be prepared in 9-12 minutes. By including vegetables with pasta and rice -- foods kids already enjoy -- moms can increase the likelihood of their families' vegetable consumption.

Varieties include: Alfredo Pasta Primavera; Teriyaki Noodles with Asian Vegetables; Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and Broccoli Rotini; Southwestern Style Rice; Cheddar Rice with Broccoli and Carrots and Roasted Chicken with Rice.

"As Americans' tastes and nutritional needs evolve, Knorr has made a strong commitment to enhance both the appeal and nutritional profile of our portfolio," says Barry Sands, Knorr senior brand manager. "This is especially important as consumers are being encouraged to eat more vegetables, whole grains and fiber."

Suggested retail price is $1.99-2.29.

Sports drink incorporates protein

Cadbury-Schweppes Americas Beverages Plano, Texas, launches Accelerade, the first protein-enhanced sports drink with a patented 4:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, a liquid version of a product that has been sold for years in powdered form. It comes in four flavors: Fruit Punch, Mountain Berry, Peach Mango and Citrus Grapefruit.

While most sport drinks contain only carbohydrates and electrolytes, Accelerade also incorporates protein and has been clinically proven to extend endurance, speed muscle recovery (by reducing muscle damage and soreness) and enhance rehydration (by facilitating the absorption of fluid.) Made with filtered water and whey protein isolates, Accelerade also contains 15g of carbohydrates per 8 oz., primarily in the form of simple sugars and fast-acting carbs. It is Kosher-dairy certified and weighs in at 80 calories per serving. It does not contain high-fructose corn syrup, typically found in other sports drinks.
Targeted to some 35 million Americans who exercise, the product will be supported by a $50 million "Sweat Smart" ad campaign.

"Accelerade is the biggest stride in sports drinks in over 30 years," says Jason Ash, vice president and general manager of Accelerade. "The use of protein during exercise has been the secret weapon for serious athletes. The patented 4:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio has been clinically proven to increase endurance up to 29 percent over other sports drinks."

Suggested retail price for a 20-oz. ready-to-drink bottle is $2.29.

OJ with vitamins, glucosamine

Responding to the needs of health-conscious shoppers, Coca-Cola Co.'s Minute Maid unit, Houston, launches Minute Maid Enhanced Juice. The two new varieties -- Minute Maid Multi-Vitamin and Minute Maid Active -- are 100 percent orange juice products with the benefits from added nutrients and functional ingredients.

Minute Maid Multi-Vitamin contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals. Minute Maid Active contains 750mg of glucosamine HCI per 8-oz. serving for healthy joints.

By the way, Minute Maid also has new packaging for its Minute Maid Heart Wise juice, which contains 1g of naturally sourced plant sterols (Cargill Inc.'s Corowise). The company claims it's the only OJ clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol.

Suggested retail price for 59 fl. oz. PET bottles is $3.29 to $3.59.

A taste of India in seconds

Minneapolis-based Patak's, the No. 1 brand in the U.S. shelf-stable Indian category, relaunches its Microwave Meals line in 10.5-oz. shelf-ready sleeve-and-tray packaging. Patak's also adds three chicken curry varieties: Tikka Masala (lemon and cilantro), Korma (creamy coconut) and Dopiaza (tomato and onion).

Complete with rice, the new meal offerings are in response to the expanding demand for quality, authentic Indian food. Produced in the UK by Melting Pot Foods LLC, each recipe has been spiced to suit American tastes, yet still provides a complete and authentic Indian meal experience.

Ready to eat in 90 seconds, all of the meals are shelf-stable and easily can be transported and stored. And the meal can be eaten directly out of the microwavable container.

"Patak's new Indian Microwave Meals are made with high-quality, authentic ingredients and are ready to enjoy in 90 seconds," says executive chef Vijay Anand. "Now available with chicken, the new varieties give consumers an easy and delicious way to discover the world of Indian food at work or home."

Suggested retail price is $3.49.

Perfect blend of flavor and heat

Frank's Redhot Original Beef Jerky debuts via an agreement between French's Foods, a division of Reckitt Benckiser Inc., and Boulder, Colo.-based Thanasi Foods LLC.

"Hot and spicy flavors continue to increase in popularity among all segments, and our new beef jerky brand gives us the perfect opportunity to target consumers who enjoy thrilling foods in the snack category," says Justin Havlick, president and CEO of Thanasi Foods. "Many families already have Frank's Redhot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce in their kitchens today. Between the authentic Redhot brand flavor and quality of our product, we believe they will enjoy our new snack immensely."

Available in 3.5 oz. bags, suggested retail price is $5.99.

Make your body happy

Purchase, N.Y.-based Pepsi-Cola North America launches Aquafina Alive, a low-calorie, vitamin-enhanced water beverage.

Available in three flavor combinations -- Berry Pomegranate, Peach Mango and Orange Lime -- Aquafina Alive is made with a splash of fruit juice and is a good source of vitamins E, B6, B12 and niacin. At 10 calories in an 8-oz. serving, it provides 10 percent of the daily value of each of these important nutrients.

"Consumers have told us they're looking for simple things they can do for their health," says Aquafina Vice President Ahad Afridi. "Aquafina Alive provides the benefits they seek. It tastes great, is enhanced with vitamins, yet low in calories, making it an easy way for consumers to replenish, hydrate and feel their best."

Aquafina Alive is available in 20-oz. plastic bottles and 16.9-oz. six packs.

Suggested retail price is $1.29.

Cutting baby's calories

Rye, N.Y.-based Mott's, a brand of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, introduces Mott's for Tots juice and water blends.

Mott's for Tots does the work many parents have been doing for themselves by mixing juice with water to control sugar and calories without reducing vitamin content. The pediatrician-recommended product blends juice with purified water to reduce sugar but maintain all the nutrients and the great taste of regular juice. And they come in kid-friendly juice boxes with flavor combinations sure to please the palates of younger kids.

They're available in four flavors: Apple, Apple White Grape, Fruit Punch and Strawberry-Banana. e and purified water. Each juice box has 100 percent of the DV of vitamin C, has 40 percent less sugar than regular apple juice and contains no artificial sweeteners.

A 6.75-oz. serving--one juice box--is equivalent to 1/2 cup of fruit. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends 100 percent fruit juice for children as part of a healthy diet and states only "excessive" juice consumption is associated with health concerns. According to the AAP, girls and boys between the ages of 1 and 6 can consume 4 to 6 ounces of fruit juice per day and those between the ages of 7 and 18 can drink 8 to 12 ounces.

Suggested retail price is $3.19 for a nine-pack.


Single-serve pudding cups, applesauce and fruit bowls have been around for years, but now they expand to pickles. Mt. Olive Pickle Co., Mount Olive, N.C., introduces picklePaks, 3.7-oz. single-serve cups of whole petite pickles in two flavors: Kosher Dill Petites and Sweet Petites.

"We've moved the pickle from its glass jar in the refrigerator to anywhere you want to go," says Pete Troutman, national sales manager. "It's truly the snack you can pack."

Incidentally, pickles have been around for about 4,000 years. Cleopatra thought they contributed to her beauty, Napoleon valued them as a health asset to his armies, and George Washington, Dolley Madison and John Adams were pickle aficionados.

Suggested retail price is for a pack of four is $2.99.

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