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Food Biz Kids: Celestial Seasonings Zingers Lack Zing

Jan. 9, 2007
Celestial Seasonings' Zingers to Go were less than refreshing, according to our panelist of 8th graders. The packaging was practical though.

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Zingers to Go - Tangerine Orange Wave, Wild Berry Chill, Peach Delight, Blueberry Splash; Celestial Seasonings; Boulder, Colo.

Jocelyn Arreguin, 8th grade:
Zingers to Go is a powder that turns into tea, but you have to mix it into water. This tastes mostly like water; it barely has any taste. It looks like it tastes good, but it really doesn't. Maybe this is for someone who is so thirsty they will drink anything.

Dontrell Knighten, 8th grade:
The packaging looks OK to me. It doesn't really have a function, but it's easy to open. It tastes sort of like medicine, but it smells good. The orange is the best. You don't need it, but it could be a nice on-the-go drink improvement.

Gabriela Landeros, 8th grade:
The Zingers to Go packaging is practical and easy to open and pour. It's sour and fruity and smells nice. It's a convenient size - you can put it in your purse.

Lisa Larson, 8th grade:
It's a fruit drink that you can carry around in your pocket. You use it by pouring into a bottle of water and then drink up. It tastes a bit bitter, but you can taste the fruit.

Felix Gomez, 8th grade:
Zingers to Go is packaged normally. The taste is horrible. It lacks taste, and has too much color for such a little taste. The smell is good, but the flavor is bitter.

Simone Dec, 8th grade:
Zingers come in a little triangular package that says "Zingers with the flavor of tea" printed on it. You can take it anywhere. It's not too bitter and not too sweet, and it smells great.

Briana McCorkle, 8th grade:
I tried tangerine orange, and it is appealing for younger children and toddlers for on the go. The taste is OK, a little like oranges.

Jamir Johnson, 8th grade:
The package is very small and portable. It will attract a lot of customers. It lacks a lot of taste; it's very watered down. It has a smooth texture and smells really good, but it doesn't taste very well. I wouldn't buy it.

Emma Auburn, 8th grade:
I tasted tangerine orange and it's good. It has a sweet aftertaste. The packaging is easy to open, and it looks like it can fit or go anywhere. It is very convenient.

Jessica Shatkin, 8th grade:
The packaging is cute, easy to use and to carry around. They don't taste very good, though; actually they taste really bad. This would be very convenient for someone on the go.

Alberto Munoz, 8th grade:
The packaging looks like all the rest of the other name brands. It tastes sour and smells nasty and unappealing. Maybe people who are on the move need it.

Brook Toland, 8th grade:
The appeal of the Wild Berry package is that it's eye-catching and colorful. But the taste is watery and sour, so I don't think most people would like it (even though I like it).

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