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Rollout: January 2007's Best New Products

Jan. 4, 2007
January's best new food products include Breyers organic ice cream; Anheuser-Busch's new energy drink; spiced shredded cheese from Borden; new spice blends from McCormick; wines from Little Black Dress; and gourmet coffees from Folgers.

We all scream for organic ice cream

In response to consumers' growing interest in organic foods, Unilever North American Ice Cream, Green Bay, Wis., introduces USDA-certified Breyers Organic Ice Cream in Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla Fudge Swirl flavors.

"We know people want natural and organic food options in more than just the produce section of the grocery store," says Dan Hammer, vice president of marketing for Unilever Ice Cream. "The introduction of Breyers Organic Ice Cream demonstrates our continued commitment to offer our customers the widest variety of options to fit their ever-changing needs and lifestyles."

Suggested retail price for a one-quart container is $4.99 to $5.99.

Boost of energy … and antioxidants

St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch Cos. rolls out 180 Blue, the first energy drink launched by a major beverage company in the U.S. to contain the acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry. Discovered in Brazil, the acai berry is a small, dark, purple fruit from the palmberry tree. It usually grows in the wild Amazon jungles, is rich in B vitamins, minerals (particularly iron), fiber, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and anthocyanin (an antioxidant).

"With 180 Blue, we didn't set out to create just another energy drink," says Andy Goeler, vice president of A-B's Import, Craft and Alliance business unit. "We set out to give energy drinkers something unique, something unexpected and something they've never had before. We've taken today's energy drink a step further with 180 Blue by creating something that has the best of both worlds: a great-tasting energy drink with a boost."

This is the third product in the nonalcoholic 180 product line. 180 Orange Citrus Blast was introduced in 2001 and 180 Energy X-3 Lemon-Lime Citrus Blast came along in 2004. Suggested retail price is 99 cents to $1.29 for the 8 oz can and $1.99 to $2.29 for the 16 oz can.

Spicing up the shredded cheese category

Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas City, Mo., is shaking up the shredded cheese category with Borden Shred Medleys, combining the wholesome freshness of shredded Borden cheese blends with unique Season Sensations spice packs to give mealtime favorites a quick and easy new spin. The spice pack lets consumers control how much seasoning to add in cheese dishes while eliminating the need to measure individual spices.

Available in 7-oz. packages in four flavor combinations -- Pesto Parmesan, Southwestern Style, Garden Blend and Tuscan Herb -- Borden Shred Medleys are a perfect addition anywhere consumers like to sprinkle shredded cheese, such as pastas, salads and soups.

"What sets this product apart from our competitors is the specially-blended Season Sensations pack that complements the mix of cheeses, " says Mark Korsmeyer, president of the American Dairy Brands division. "We have removed the guesswork for consumers trying to figure out proper ratios of spices to cheese. Yet, the consumer still has control over how much seasoning to use, a little or a lot depending on taste preferences."

Suggested retail price is $1.98.

Spice and herb blends for any cooking occasion

Hunt Valley, Md.-based McCormick launches McCormick Signature Blends, four special herb and spice blends sure to inspire creativity and provide new options for your standard recipes.

Flavors include: Garlic Herb, a combination of garlic, red bell peppers and herbs; Parmesan Herb, Parmesan and Romano chesses combined with black pepper, red peppers and herbs; Basil & Garlic; and Roasted Garlic and Bell Pepper.

Suggested retail price is $2.29.

A perfect fit for women

Strutting down the runway is Little Black Dress, a line of affordable varietals from Louisville, Ky.-based Brown-Forman Corp. This collection of three feminine favorites from California - Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Chardonnay - is squarely aimed at the nation's 34 million women who drink wine.

Little Black Dress gets its moniker from the plainly styled, basic black dress, credited to legendary designer Coco Chanel eight decades ago. It's a wardrobe mainstay for many women and arguably the No.1 fashion emblem of all time.

"Every woman has a little black dress, or three, or four," says Laura Webb, director of new products commercialization. "What could be better than to create a wine that women can relate to in that way?

"Women buy as much as 80 percent of the wine sold in groceries, and Brown-Forman wanted a brand with a specifically feminine appeal," she continues. "By showing only a hanger and a pair of high-heeled shoes, we're inviting women to interact with the brand by recalling their own version of the little black dress and all the positive emotions and special memories that go along with it." And she adds, "The little black dress connotes confidence, feeling good about yourself, feeling sexy and sophisticated."

Suggested retail price for a 750-ml bottle or plastic 187-ml four-packs is $9.99.

Folgers goes gourmet eight ways

According to the National Coffee Assn., consumption of gourmet coffee has reached an all-time high, with 63 percent of Americans saying they drank gourmet coffee beverages during 2005. However, many consumers save their gourmet coffee for special occasions because of the higher price.

Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble Co. plans to bring luxury to consumers at home every day with Folgers Gourmet Selections, a variety of premium coffee blends, marking the brand's first foray into the gourmet coffee segment.

Packaged in 10- to 12-oz. premium bags with a distinctive swirl design and priced affordably, the eight varieties of ground coffee include: Morning Cafe, Espresso Roast, Lively Colombian, Lively Colombian Decaf, Vanilla Biscotti, Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut Crème and Caramel Drizzle.

"As consumers become increasingly sophisticated on the culinary front, they are seeking a broader array of gourmet experiences, including their morning coffee selection," says Doug McGraw, vice president of global coffee. "Folgers Gourmet Selections allows consumers to enjoy the distinctive taste of gourmet coffee every day."

Suggested retail price is $5.99.

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