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September 2006 New Food Rollout

Aug. 29, 2006
Three Special K protein-fortified waters from Kellogg; Godiva Belgian Blends from Coca-Cola and Godiva Chocolatier; four varieties of Fresh Makes Veggie Pasta Salad Kits from Dole Fresh; General Mills’ Dora the Explorer Cereal; and Red Baron The Big Baron Pizza from Schwan’s Consumer Brands.

By Diane Toops, News & Trends Editor

Kellogg high on protein … and water

In November, Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg Co.’s new Health & Wellness Division rolls out three new Special K protein-fortified products to help consumers address their weight management goals. They will be sold in the diet and nutrition sections of grocery and drug stores.

“Kellogg’s was founded with the idea of eating healthier,” says Jill Saletta, director of communications. “We’ve always maintained cereal has a place in a healthy diet, and now we’re heading off into some exciting new areas.”

At 190 calories,Special K Protein Meal Bars have 10g of protein, are a good source of 13 vitamins and minerals and an excellent source of calcium. Flavors include: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate and Strawberry. Another option is Special K Protein Snack Bars, 110 calories per bar, 4g of protein and a good source of nine vitamins and minerals. They are available in Chocolate Peanut and Chocolate Delight.

“Consumers told us our existing Special K cereal and Cereal Bar Snacks are important to them for breakfast and snacking,” says Saletta. “Our new protein-fortified products are intended to provide new and additional solutions to help them stay on track throughout the day. We know protein can create a feeling of fullness or satiety, so that’s why we think these products will be a great complement to our existing portfolio.”

Departing from its traditional products and most surprising, Kellogg also introduces Special K2O Protein Waters, which deliver 5g of protein per 16-oz. bottle with 50 calories. They are available in three flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Twist and Tropical Blend.

”Drinking lots of water is important when dieting, but plain
water can get boring,” says Saletta. ”It’s great to have some new flavor choices.”

Suggested retail price for Special K Protein Meal Bars is $1.29 each or $5.98 for six. Special K Protein Snack Bars are 89 cents each, or six for $3.99. Or, stock up on four 16-oz. bottles of SpecialK2O for $5.99.

Coke + Godiva = coffee?

Coca-Cola North America,Atlanta, and Godiva Chocolatier, a unit of the Campbell Soup Co., introduce Godiva Belgian Blends, a line of premium blended indulgent beverages. The new Godiva Belgian Blends beverages provide a revitalizing experience more decadent than just plain coffee. They are packaged in stylish 9.5 oz. glass bottles -- in singles and four packs – and will roll out in three flavors — Dark Chocolate Mocha, Milk Chocolate Mocha and French Vanilla Latte.

"This is a great opportunity for us to extend our strong portfolio of licensed products by combining the world's leading premium chocolate brand with the beverage marketing expertise and distribution capabilities of Coca-Cola North America, "says Jim Goldman, president, Godiva Chocolatier Worldwide.

"Collaborating with Godiva on a beverage line like this is a great opportunity for Coca-Cola North America, and builds upon the reputation of both companies for high quality, consumer-preferred products," says Don Knauss, president and COO, Coca-Cola North America.

Suggested retail price is $1.49-1.89.

Pasta salads in a kit

Developed by chefs for the home cook, Westlake Village, Calif.-based Dole Fresh tosses up Fresh Makes Veggie Pasta Salad Kits, which serve four.

Packaged in a recyclable and resealable clamshell package showcasing the ingredients, the kits are available in four varieties: Broccoli Ranch with corkscrew pasta, Garden Vegetable with bow tie pasta, Italian Herb with penne pasta and Cheddar Bacon Ranch with shell pasta. Each kit can be prepared in less than 14 minutes. Just boil the pasta, toss it with the fresh, pre-washed, precut veggies and mix with Dole’s proprietary dressing. It can be served warm or chilled or enhanced with other ingredients.

Suggested retail price is $3.99.

Shake up family movie night

Shake it up, baby, and you’ll have interactive fun while you watch DVDs on family movie night with Omaha, Neb.-based ConAgra’s new line of microwave Orville Redenbacher Shakeables Gourmet Popping Corn. They’re made of 100 percent whole-grain popcorn and have zero grams trans fat per serving.

Shakeables are available in two savory flavors: Real Cheddar Cheese (yes, real cheddar cheese) and Real Ranch (with real buttermilk). Each bag comes with a savory flavor pack; just sprinkle in the right amount to suit your taste after microwaving, then shake.

For taste buds that crave something sweet, Con Agra’s Act II brand introduces Buttery Cinnamon flavor, sweet, buttery flavor with a hint of cinnamon, made with 100 percent whole grain popcorn. It’s a good source of fiber and has zero grams trans fat per serving.

“These varieties are a whole new way to enjoy snacking,” says Stan Jacot, vice president of marketing, ConAgra Snack Foods. “We’re continuing to look for fun new ways for families and individuals to enjoy popcorn — whether as a great-tasting treat for family movie night or as a between-meal snack. And moms can feel good knowing these delicious snacks are also wholesome, helping them meet two of the 2005 Dietary Guideline
recommendations: to increase whole grain intake and reduce
or eliminate trans fats.”

Suggested retail price per two-count package of Shakeables is $2.69, and $1.99 for a three-count package of Act II.

Dora explores breakfast options

Minneapolis-based General Mills introduces Dora the Explorer Cereal, based on the popular animated Nick Jr. television series for kids. Dora is an adventurous bilingual Latina heroine, and General Mills licensed her because the character embodies and communicates many educational attributes.

Kids will adore the new star-shaped cereal, which combines a corn crunch with the flavor of cinnamon for a kid-friendly taste. And with only 6g of sugar and a good source of fiber (3g per serving), calcium and whole grain (at least 8g per serving), the cereal will have quite a few grown-up fans as well.

"Parents love Dora because her play-along adventures encourage kids to think, solve problems and make smart choices," explains Sherice Torres, vice president-hard goods for Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products. "We hope parents will be excited Dora the Explorer can also provide their kids with a smart breakfast choice that gives them energy for all their adventures."

Suggested retail price is $3.49.

Bigger and quicker pizzas

Schwan’s Consumer Brands North America Inc., Bloomington, Minn., rolls out two new varieties of frozen pizza: Red Baron The Big Baron Pizza (11 x 14 inches in size) and quicker cooking Red Baron Classic Crust Microwaveable Pizza.

Large enough to feed a hungry family or serve when unexpected guests drop by, Red Baron the Big Baron is 50 percent larger than the original Red Baron pizza, but is made with the same flavorful cheeses and meats. Ready in just 16 to 18 minutes from freezer to oven, it’s available in Pepperoni and Four Cheese varieties.

Due to demands from time-starved consumers, Classic Crust Microwaveable Pizza is ready in just 3 1/2 minutes. The square shape and round corners help to ensure a great microwave cooking experience. It’s available in four varieties: 4 Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme and Sausage & Pepperoni.

“Now, whether consumers crave something that is quick and convenient or a pizza that’s big enough to handle any situation, Red Baron products have them covered,” says Bryan Olson, director for Red Baron Pizza.

Suggested retail price for Red Baron the Big Baron is $6.79, and Red Baron Classic Crust Microwaveable pizza retails for $3.29.

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