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Trident Splash Peppermint and Vanilla

April 11, 2006
They came, they saw, they chewed, and then our 7th grade panelists concluded, "Peppermint and vanilla mix well."

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Brianna Spencer, 7th grade:
I love the package; it is very colorful and eye-catching. I think the outside is a little too crunchy in the first bite, but the blend of vanilla and mint together is perfect. And it is the perfect size for anybody who chews gum.

Dontrell Knighten, 7th grade:
The packaging is very blue and appealing. It is smooth when you take your first bite. You taste minty flavor until you get to the center. Then you taste this gooey stuff that really hydrates you. I would think athletes would need this for hydration.

Rachel Biechman, 7th grade:
The new Trident Splash Peppermint with Vanilla is OK. The package makes it seem like there is a lot of liquid in the middle. When I bit through half and looked, I saw this little drop. It tastes like toothpaste, so I would not give this to gum chewers.

Trident Splash
Peppermint with Vanilla

Cadbury Adams USA LLC, Parsippany, N.J.

Andrew Gillette, 7th grade:Trident Splash tastes really good and the juice splashes in your mouth. It tastes like mint and fruit and feels smooth. The only thing I recommend is to make the taste last longer.

Elsa McNeilly, 7th grade:
Amazing, cool blue packaging with simple-looking gum. The instant I bit into this, the gum lived up to its name. It splashed into a cool-mint refreshing flavor. Peppermint and vanilla mix well. It has a smooth texture. Gum lovers are sure to be pleased.

Christopher Eddy, 7th grade:
The packaging isn't too good; it looks just like any old gum. When I bit into it, I expected to taste a rush of vanilla, but it only tastes of peppermint. This is a complete disappointment; it's just like any other gum.

Samuel Rohde, 7th grade:
The package is nice and shiny. The texture is like any other gum, nice and chewy. It tastes like mint, and the smell makes your breath minty. I really don't get why it's called "Splash."

Deran Towns, 7th grade:
The gum is good. It tastes like peppermints, and it has like something gooey in the middle. It tastes really good, just like all other Trident gums.

Alberto Munoz, 7th grade:
Trident Splash Peppermint with Vanilla tastes great, but the packaging looks the same as the others.

Briana McCorkle, 7th grade:
Trident Splash has an OK package. The taste is really hot, but then it begins to sweat. It smells like peppermints and tastes like them. You don't need the gum, but if your breath doesn't smell pleasant, this is the gum for you.

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