Food Biz Kids: Goldfish Sandwich Snackers

Jan. 25, 2005
Our teenaged product testers try out crunchy, cheesy fish-shaped morsels.
Maddy Smith-Huemer, 7th grade:Goldfish Sandwich Snackers are great. The packaging is very easy to open and the front of the box is very colorful and exciting. Snackers are very cheesy and buttery. They have a cool shape and are extra crunchy. When you’re really hungry, these cheesy morsels are a perfect snack. They are a lot like Ritz cheese crackers though, so next time, they ought to be more creative with the product.Wendy Kocovic, 7th grade:Goldfish Sandwich Snackers taste really good – like a salt cracker with cheese in the middle. Even though they are really good, the aftertaste is really wired. The cracker is crunchy, but the cheese is very soft and mushy. The packaging is cool, but could use more colors.Jose Montoya, 7th grade:Goldfish Sandwich Snackers are cool and taste good. They are fun for little kids. The package is really colorful and will stand out on the shelf. And it’s helpful because you can reseal it. Linnea Lukatch, 7th grade:I like these sandwich crackers because they are like Ritz Bits, my favorite food. I love the cheesy goodness and crackery taste of these Goldfish. Put together, they do wonderful things. The sandwich is a great idea for families that like both.Brock Snider, 7th grade:These are awesome! They have a nice taste of cheese and Goldfish. The packaging is very good with a variety of colors, and you can reseal the package so the crackers stay fresh. This is a great product and should be in all stores. I will buy tons of it.Casey Griffin, 7th grade:The fun, bright packaging is deceiving [versus] the taste of the Goldfish inside. They don’t taste anything like Goldfish, but are very good. They are pretty salty and the cheese is very creamy. The package is also appealing because of how easy it is to reseal. I would say we definitely need these Snackers in the stores.Aaron Damashek, 7th grade:These are a delicious treat – a tasty yet rough cheesy sensation. It has an attractive box, which is easy to open. The box is also handy because it prevents the Goldfish Snackers from getting stale, a major problem. Although this product is good, I doubt it is needed. The cheesy cracker industry is dominated by Ritz [but] these taste basically the same.Tonia Doby, 7th grade:I think this snack is worth a try. It would really stand out on store shelves since Goldfish is a popular snack and these would be a hit. They melt in my mouth and are so smooth and creamy. These are a change from regular Goldfish. Nadezh Mulholland, 7th grade:Goldfish Sandwich Snackers have an addictive taste and are a tasty snack. There are some problems, though. The box is fancy and appealing, but the actual snack is not as good and delicious as the box makes them seem. Although Sandwich Snackers look original, they taste just like Ritz crackers. They are appealing, still, and not a bad snack for on-the-go. And they are simple to open and reseal.Madeleine Alder, 7th grade:I am a big fan of ordinary Goldfish; they have a nice clean cheesie taste. These Goldfish are disgusting. They might have cheese in the middle but to me, it tastes like salt. The packaging is very appealing and reseals well. The Goldfish company needs to come up with something new, not just copy the Ritz Co.Tatiana Deangelo, 7th grade:These Goldfish Sandwich Snackers are great. I love them. They’re crunchy, but moist; they feel smooth in your mouth and rough in your hand. This product would certainly catch my eye. It would go great with children’s lunches. You could make a great snack pack. You could also make a peanut butter variety. I don’t see a need for them, but I will definitely buy them.If you have a new product you want to test on our 7th- and 8th-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or 630-467-1300, ext. 321.