Even in Difficult Economy Consumers Still Buying Natural

March 26, 2010
Are Americans willing to pay more green to get more green?
Trend analyst firm Mintel is reporting in its latest research on green living that the environment continues to be a bug concern for the majority of Americans. According to Mintel, 35% of survey respondents say they would pay more for environmentally friendly products.Environmentally friendly has also included food and beverage, which saw a rapid sales growth of more than 24% from 2006-2008. As with nearly all sectors of consumer goods, natural foods experienced only a slight growth in 2009; however, sales are reported to grow nearly 20% from 2010 to 2012. According to Mintel's research, 21% of organic food buyers have cut down or eliminated organic purchasing, while 20% have switched to less expensive organic options. Nearly half (48%) are buying as much or more organic food than before the recession.

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