Kellogg innovation unites yogurt with cereal

July 6, 2005

Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg Company is expanding its popular Special K line with the launch of Special K Fruit and Yogurt, which will be on store shelves nationwide in July. The new cereal is made with whole grains and features two different types of oat clusters: one of oats and fruit and one of yogurt-coated oats. Like all Special K products, Special K Fruit and Yogurt is low in fat and calories.

Special K is one of Kellogg's most popular product lines. The Special K Challenge, which highlights the brand's nutrition benefits, provides consumers with sensible eating and fitness plans that can help them manage their weight. Special K Fruit and Yogurt makes its debut during the summer months, when consumers can use the Special K Challenge to re-focus their commitment to diet and exercise.

"Special K Fruit and Yogurt gives consumers who are devoted to our Special K line a great new option," said Jenny Enochson, Kellogg's senior director of marketing communications. "We are particularly excited about launching in the summer, when we know consumers are looking for great tasting products that help them eat light."

The new product is the fifth item in the Special K line, which includes original Special K, Special K Red Berries, Special K Vanilla Almond, and Special K cereal for a Low Carb Lifestyle. A Kellogg's press release notes that all Special K products can be incorporated into the Special K Challenge weight loss program.

The program, which was tested by researchers at several universities and has been proven effective, according to Kellogg's, has shown that by eating two bowls of cereal a day, one at breakfast and one as a replacement for either lunch or dinner, participants can lose up to six pounds in two weeks. The plan is designed to deliver positive results in a short amount of time to give consumers the confidence and motivation to continue with a long-term healthier lifestyle. For more information on the complete Special K product line and the Special K Challenge, please go to

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